Cyberpunk Edgerunners

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Just watched it on Netflix. It is really good.

And like a lot of people obviously i got Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam and play it at the moment. And i like it.

The german version has an awesome synchro with a lot of movie voices.

Anyone of you played it?


  • Hoodied
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    I haven’t played Cyberpunk yet for…obvious reasons involving its launch

    but edgerunners is really good

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    I plan on watching Edgerunners once I finish the game

    I'm not sure how far I am into the game as I have no idea how long it actually is (I am 18 hours into it according to my Save File with some side stuff being done but I don't devote myself to doing every little thing).

    Like many I'm sure, I picked the game up dirt cheap months ago and just waited until I was confident the game was in a state of...not a dumpster filled with fire. I have a Xbox Series X so I had heard that it was mostly fine on that and PC but I still waited just in case. I had heard it got a lot better and the Series X Upgrade came out not terribly long ago so now seemed like a good time to boot it up finally.

    I have heard Edgerunners is very good. People who I know who have seen it have said you don't HAVE to play Cyberpunk to understand it but the show doesn't explain really anything so it helps a lot to have the knowledge under your belt.

  • Lx_malice
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    I tried watching the first couple episodes of edgerunners with my sister and we thought it was dumb and I found it to seem pretty generic. I already heard how it ends too so meh.

    Cyberpunk itself seems like it could be a fun experience though. I didn't have a ps5 when it released, but now I do and apparently the newer updates have fixed the game to make it less buggy sooo I'll probs give it a shot soon since I had originally wanted to play it anyways.

  • Ayamir
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    I watched edgerunners last week and I enjoyed it so much finished the whole anime in like 2 days.

    I was hyped about CP2077 but when the game launched well you know the story game was just broken and unfinished needed alot of patches bug fixes...and also the game was lacking some content the open world felt dead you can't even eat in a snack/restaurant can only purchase food and consume it from your inventory which is really lazy.

    They also promised us that the NPCs would react to how we dress for example if you dress like a Corpo agent NPCs will say some stuff like "F off Corporat" or use other insults,for some reason it didn't make it into the game and you can go outside naked NPCs dont even care or react which is kinda disappointing because Skyrim a 11 years old game had that feature where NPCs would react if you weren't wearing any clothes.

    Life paths are not really important you'll be playing as a mercenary doesn't matter what you'll take it will play a small part in the end of the game tho.(and have some dialogues choices but that's it and Nomad is relevant only in the badlands)

    CP2077 was way too ambitious but CDPR didn't have enough time I don't blame the devs with all the Crunch BS they've been dealing lacks some polishing.

    I hope the 1.7 patch bring the features I mentioned and I truly want CDPR to release a 2nd Expansion after phantom liberty.

    Still enjoying the game facial expressions are great combat can feels repetitive and some side quests are snooze fest but eh it's fine,game has great story and dialogue.

    btw Panam>Judy.

    And yes you should definitively watch the cyberpunk anime if you didn't it's a masterpiece and it's also the reason why CP2077 is back and top 10 games with most players on Steam rn.

  • Marc_123
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    But with the patches it got it is in a much better state now. Don´t got a lot of bugs yet.

    It crashes at the moment sometimes after map interaction. Seems a new issue with the patch.

    But overall it is really cool.

  • Marc_123
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    I am at over 40 hours in.

    I heard the main quest is not so long but there are tons of side quests and missions to do.