Hellraiser (2022) no spoilers in post FYI

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I wanted Hellraiser (2022) to be good. I pleaded for it to be good. I got into the movies late but I was a huge fan of Hellraiser 1 and 2. Just wanted to get another good movie out of the series since everything I've heard is that basically 1 & 2 and the only things worth watching. And the movie absolutely nailed it

Hellraiser was excellent. It actually reminds me of the Candyman remake where it's kind of a detective movie as the main character tries to figure out what the hell is going on and kind of accidentally leaves a path of destruction behind her as she doesn't understand what she is doing. So there's a good chunk more killing and deaths in this movie than there were in the original movies. I also really like that The Leviathan Cube played a much bigger role in this movie as it was almost it's own character where in the first one it was just a box used to bring The Cenobites around. This movie was everything I wanted and I'd strongly recommend it.

I am so happy that this movie turned out so damn good and if you enjoyed the original movies, do yourself a favor and hop onto The Hulu and give it a watch.

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    I'm not much for redesigned character, but from what I know this is a different canon that's from the book? so I give it a pass.

    Was a very enjoyable Watch, even though I don't like most of the Hellraiser Movies

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    I've watched every single hellraiser film thus far, and I have to say, hellraiser 2022 is the only movie, that ACTUALLY explains what the F**k is going on, genuinely had no idea how the lament configuration actually worked, or what it's purpose was until watching this one, I knew what happened once you used it but like the notebook with all the different configurations, that makes so much sense dude! genuinely loved it, I jumped out of my seat once I saw a new hellraiser movie was released, but yeah, great movie, better than the first 2

    that's controversial, but ion care, I stand by it, this was better lol

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    Yes I just watched it. Ive been a fan for like 20ish years and its up there with the first 2 for me. It would have had an argument for best if it wasnt so slow and there was more meaningful horror/action in it. I think it had the best hellraiser plot.

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    I was surprised at how unviolent it was. I kind of expected them to try to raise up the gore and blood being a direct to tv sequel but for the most part, the kills were mostly off screen. Even the kills onscreen weren't particularly gory.

    My understanding is that this interpretation was supposed to be more in line with the books where the original movie cut or changed it (like Pinhead I guess is supposed to be kind of genderless and the Lamination Cube is more complicated like this movie rather than just being a "summon sex monster" button)

    At the very least, I don't think it's too controversial to put this movie right up there with the originals. I also really liked how the puzzle box worked here and was more of a character than in the original. I also appreciate that it was more consistent here (I saw HR 1&2 back to back and what always bugged me was in 2, the box reacts to who wanted it opened and not who actually opened it according to Pinhead. But unless Kirsty was WAY freakier than the movie explained, she accidentally opened the box in the 1st movie so why would they target her?).

    In this movie, whoever got the poke got the summon. Pinhead don't care if you opened the box to get poked, you accidentally got poked cause the blade was out, or if someone stabbed your ass with the blade :D). Not the biggest deal in the world but the consistency was nice.

    The only part that bugged me and maybe you (or someone else) has an explanation is...

    Why after Riley was poked, why did Pinhead not snag her then and there. I know they wanted her to use the box to keep getting sacrifices but it's not like she's the only person who can use the box. They are aware that Voight was still alive so worst case scenario they know the box will stay in play since he will use it on people as he stabbed Nora in the back with it...

    The only thing I can think of is basically Pinhead caused the poke by scaring Riley so maybe that means it doesn't count but at least according to Pinhead, she could have taken Riley at any point she wanted to and sexy demons don't seem like they would care about the "honor" of tricking her into getting poked.