Killer idea. The Revolutinonary.

The following idea was inspired by the comic "V for Vendetta." However, it could easily be adapted to not be a licensed killer.

(V for Vendetta X dbd!) Killer idea. Name: The Revolutionary. Power: Servant Of Anarchy. Begin the game with Undetectable until you hit a survivor. 115% move speed. 1.2 second lunge. 24 meter terror radius. Press the power button to place down a bomb. This bomb ticks quietly and has a countdown of 50 seconds. You can place a maximum of 5, with a 8 second cooldown for them. When they explode, any nearby survivors take damage. Any nearby generators, chests, totems, or exit gates are blocked for 14 seconds. By pressing the secondary power button, all bombs explode, and highlight any survivors who were hit. By manually detonating all bombs, switch to smoke bombs. These inflict survivors with many debuffs. If they are hit, they begin coughing profusely and suffer from the following for 28 seconds.  Oblivious, Incapcacitated, 4% Hindred, and Blindness. They cannot see further than 20 meters during this duration, but lighting remains unaffected. Visually, everything seems less defined and more grey/smoky Both bombs can be thrown or manually placed. Manually placing it causes less noise to be made, but takes longer. Throwing takes a short distance, but requires a 1-2 action of detonating to be effective.

Iridescent Add-on One: Roses. Whenever a bomb explodes, it leaves a rose in it’s place. This rose is corrupted by the entity, and slowly grows to a 12 meter circle. Any survivor in this circle has their aura revealed for 4 seconds and suffers from the Hindred status effect,8%. Only 5 bombs may be on the map at a time. Flavor text, “May I see your face again? It’s… beautiful.”

Iridescent Add-on Two: A Nation’s Throat. Removes ability to use smoke bombs. You detonate bombs that are in your FOV. Increases the sound of the bomb. Survivors who get caught in the explosion go into the Dying State. Survivors do not hear the bomb if they are within chase or if you are Undectable or they are Oblivious. Flavor text, “Larkhill, 1993. I was there, commander Prothero.”

The Revolutionary’s perks rely on repetitive use and patient play style. They are useless if used incorrectly.

Orchestrated Ideals: Each time a survivor completes a generator, the 2 furthest other generators become trapped, and are highlighted in white. The next time you hook a survivor by any means, the 2 generators explode, resulting in a -15% regression and Incapacitated to all survivors working on a generator for 18 seconds. The survivors who last worked on the affected generators suffer from Oblivious and Blindness for 30 seconds as well. 

The Voice Of Fate: Each time you begin a chase, you call upon the entity to block the nearest pallet. Each time a survivor vaults a window within your terror radius, they suffer from the Hindred 3% status effect for 3/4/5 seconds. Each time you are stunned, your next breaking of a generator, wall, or pallet is increased by 15%.

Yellow Curfew: The helpless only hope for protection. By breaking a pallet, gain a token. Press the interact button while in chase to block all pallets within 32 meters. This requires 2 tokens. This has a 1.8 second use delay. All generators outside of 40 meters are blocked. Both of these last for 16 seconds.


  • pimin
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    I looked at basically all of the killer concepts you've posted.

    this one catches my eye because the Power is well made and feasibly possible (I've made and seen a very good number that push a few boundaries on the design team) regardless. I don't want to rag but your perk design for this could use some work.

    you said these perks are meant to be used receptively but all of them, sans Voice, have a use limit by technicalities. (Map design and Survivor Skill)

    Orchestrated Ideals: This is a complicated perk.... it works... but only 5 activations per match (if even) it's like a combinations of Pain Resonance and Eruption, and while that isn't a bad thing on it's own it feels like it's shoehorned in....

    The Voice of Fate: This one reads like 3 unrelated perks stacked on top of each other. I know they technically have a connection by all being at least somewhat chase related... but it just doesn't work. The first effect feels like a Hex (and very strong one at that) how long is the pallet blocked for(?), the second is underwhelming at best the hindered effect is really small, and the third is where this perk currently shines.

    Yellow Curfew: This one... feels like it could be something much better and worse than it is. I can see where this would work. I don't know how to explain a vision for this perk but I can show you a fair-ish description for it. besides the actual effect though it being an activated ability kinda spits in the face of a Killer Perk if that makes sense. Usually activated abilities sit firmly in Killer powers but I'm not against it inherently (the only one I've seen or kinda consider one is Hex: Pentimento). it needs to be done right though and this perk is almost there. the vision I see for this perk is below:

    "Gain a token every time you break a Pallet. Press the Action button (E) to consume 2 tokens and block all objects within 16/20/24 meters for 16 seconds."

  • Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. The goal for Orchestrated Ideals is that it's something the killer has to utilise to make effort out of. You have to push them towards the affected generators to get the effect. Because, let's be real, the effect is incredibly strong. I could have been more specific about this, but here's the notes. 1: No more than two generators can be affected at once.

    For The Voice Of Fate the idea is to get survivor resources out the match faster. The pallet would only be blocked for about 8 seconds, which should be shown like how dissolution is shown to the survivors. This perk trys to make the killer more opressive in chase, but I do suppose it could be an issue on certain killers. I'll try to think of a remake and get back to you.

    Regarding Yellow Curfew, your suggestion to me seems like a weaker version of undying blood favor or end-fury. Yellow curfew is a perk that has to be used with information, because if the blocked gens weren't gonna be worked on anyway, an healthy survivor can just run to a faraway loop and circle black. The idea of blocking all objects would include generators and totems, which could be nice for very niche scenarios, but I fail to see how you would use it outside of chase, as 16 seconds isn't enough for slowdown in this meta.

    Again, thanks so much for the real feedback, if you have anything else to say lemme know!

  • I mean if you want my discord to talk about it feel free. YungGeezer#0410

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    As a killer main I like The Voice of Fate a lot, but it does have a couple issues. For one, its a little bloated. This one perk does 3 different things, which is already a lot for one perk, and two of those things contradict each other a little. This perk gives you a bonus if you get pallet stunned, but also has an effect that stops pallets from being dropped.

    I think it would be good to have this perk just do one of these things. The blocking a pallet at the start of a chase is a very powerful ability on its own, especially on killers with instadown capabilities. You could have a cooldown time on it be the variable that changes with tiers.

  • yeah you make some good points. I have already changed the perk slightly, but I think it does too much at once. Thanks for the feedback! If you're interested in more, here's the link to whole document.