How Do You Feel About MMR After 1 Year

pizzaduffyhp90 Member Posts: 901

It's been a year and almost 1 month since SBMM was finally added into DBD.

So how do you feel about it after 1 year?

How Do You Feel About MMR After 1 Year 35 votes

You love it
e1ixMarc_go_soloNoOneKnowsNova 3 votes
You don't mind it but, still think it could use some work
GRIG0jesterkindLekitzulOTS 4 votes
It's Average
Moonman157dugmanhastarkisAverageAshEnjoyer 4 votes
You Hate it
rhaOnryosTapeRentalsWalterBlackkisfenkinArbmos1998FreddoUistreelfakebm33QwQwAurelleVeinslayAraphexKrose 14 votes
Bring Back Old Matchmaking
pizzaduffyhp90humanbeing1704SunaIIanuDragonMasterDarrenFilthyLegionMainTheArbiterkizuatiOkonar_xni6_Stroggz 10 votes


  • pizzaduffyhp90
    pizzaduffyhp90 Member Posts: 901
    Bring Back Old Matchmaking

    The system still needs a lot of work and changes.

  • Uistreel
    Uistreel Member Posts: 634
    You Hate it

    Wouldn't be surprised if they told us they had accidentally turned it off a year ago and no matchmaking system was currently in place

  • Araphex
    Araphex Member Posts: 672
    You Hate it

    I somehow get matched with really good killers at my skill level but really crappy teammates. One or two survivors always die before 4 to 3 gens are left. I always end up getting hatch, which doesn’t increase mmr. I played for several hours over the weekend and won maybe 4 matches by getting out the exit gates. One was because the killer let me out that way. So I’m stuck with the same batch of players who I generally run into n a weekly basis. Unless you’re in a SWF, you have little to no chance of increasing your mmr as a survivor. Until they change how mmr is gained or lost, this is a never ending cycle of bad teammates in solo q.

  • kisfenkin
    kisfenkin Member Posts: 609
    You Hate it

    It is worthless. If I could wait one minute longer and get a match with a killer/survivors that aren't so new they don't even have the perk slots unlocked yet, that would be great. Instead it is instant queues on survivor because the killers are waiting too long for matches.

    I offered my advice before they did MMR, because the rank matchmaking was not a fair system either. Give weight to all the perks items and addons, and then add the survivors together and divide by four to match with a killer of a similar weight. It is definitely a better system than what we have now or had then.

    The problem is that if they ever actually did this they would still use the thing that is broken from MMR, where it will just ignore everything and toss you in a match because you've been waiting long enough.

    I remember waiting 30 mins for matches, and other than the number of books I went through doing that it sucked, but I am patient enough to wait a few more minutes if that means the game will be more fair.

  • QwQw
    QwQw Member Posts: 4,532
    You Hate it

    It sucked then and it sucks now.

  • fake
    fake Member Posts: 3,250
    You Hate it

    I love this system.

    If I am matched with a good survivor or killer, I am good enough to match.

    If I am matched with a bad survivor or killer, I am as bad as they are.

    I love this system that forces me to give convincing reasons for questionable matches. I love this system that is hidden and completely invisible to the disparity between players that was highlighted in the rank matching system.

    I need to play better. If I do, my allies will be better players too.

    But there are times when I think I shouldn't play better. It's hard when your opponent is a good player.

  • Cybil
    Cybil Member Posts: 1,164

    I'm not sure how to feel about it. I've grown used to my solo teams sucking and my killer games being a flip of the the coin. I don't even try to win half the time now. As survivor I'll gladly sacrifice myself for my team and as killer I prioritize my tome above all else.

  • dugman
    dugman Member Posts: 9,714
    It's Average

    It’s better than the old Rank system, but no system is going to avoid mismatches since there are too many reasons for the matchmaking algorithm to ignore player ratings when making matches (e.g. friends with widely different ratings in a swf, people dodging lobbies at the last minute that need a backfill quickly, players on the outliers of MMR having people players in their bracket to go against so end up in whatever match has a spot). So while I think the MMR rating itself is pretty accurate there’s a lot of times where matchmaking effectively ignores it entirely and you get random results.

    (And no, switching to the old system wouldn’t improve anything, the old system had even more mismatches than the current one.)

  • Stroggz
    Stroggz Member Posts: 489
    Bring Back Old Matchmaking

    I can sink myself and play vs new players. So I don't mind it. Also I do not have any "carrot" for me to wish to play on my MMR level -- its just stressful and unrewarding.

    So bring back old matchmaking with grades meaning something.

  • jesterkind
    jesterkind Member Posts: 6,654
    You don't mind it but, still think it could use some work

    It's had some ups and downs, but it's consistently been better than the old matchmaking.

    As with all matchmakers it needs constant upkeep, and this one has some rough edges to smooth out, but I remember rank based matchmaking so I can't be too mad at it.

  • Lekitzul
    Lekitzul Member Posts: 495
    You don't mind it but, still think it could use some work

    It makes me sad some days. XD As a Killer, I'm barely good enough to not go against potatoes. But honestly, I seem to just get bullied the better I get. But I don't consider myself a really good killer. :/

  • DragonMasterDarren
    DragonMasterDarren Member Posts: 2,693
    Bring Back Old Matchmaking

    It legitimately feels like it doesn't ######### exist sometimes

  • humanbeing1704
    humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 8,616
    Bring Back Old Matchmaking

    Bring back old matchmaking or other ways to gain mmr its an embarrassing system

  • xni6_
    xni6_ Member Posts: 504
    Bring Back Old Matchmaking

    i remember back when you could run gimmick perks without gen defence and still win. honestly tho id trade 10x worse mmr for old billy back...

  • NoOneKnowsNova
    NoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,782
    You love it

    For the most part, my games are much closer. Before mmr almost every Billy and Clown game (my two mains) would always either be me getting completely stonped or destroying the other side, no where in between.

    Now however most games go right to the end, which while some may find stressful, others like myself long for those games that are as insanely close.

    The only complaint I would say I have is in a swf it takes the average MMR of all four players, not the highest players MMR.

  • AverageAshEnjoyer
    AverageAshEnjoyer Member Posts: 427
    It's Average

    i get a 4k one game and the next game i get people who just installed the game.


  • Arbmos1998
    Arbmos1998 Member Posts: 157
    You Hate it

    MMR just doesn't work when a game isn't being balanced for top or even above average players. If you are playing Killer in High MMR it can be a stressful boring experience as you just get constant SwF's all running the same strong perks (Meta hasn't changed) and are determined to rush gens in 5 minutes. Then as Survivor in top MMR it's just Blight's and Nurses for the most part who Slug, Tunnel and maybe even use Nvidia Filters for advantage. Lastly top MMR is where all the cheaters are because they just don't lose games, even subtle cheats are becoming more common you just have to hope for them to expose themselves.

    Another problem is your MMR isn't even determined by your performance it completely ignores all that and goes off Kills/Escapes which means this causes players to play more selfishly if they want to increase their MMR. You could be a terrible player but as long as you escape or secure 3 Kills you gain from it. Doesn't matter how you do it. (As long as you don't take hatch"

    If this game is considered a "Party Game" not to be taken seriously then why does it have MMR?

  • Sheridan_LT
    Sheridan_LT Member Posts: 417

    The problem is that it kinda results in games where you either get matched with the absolute best, strongest players or some of the worst and newest. If it judged skill by in-game performance, I think it would result in lobbies where you might just get matched with Blight after Blight after Nurse after Nurse even when you LOSE.

    The current system works because when you lose to a Nurse, you instantly get a much easier Killer.

    I think a system that forces Blights and Nurses into high MMR only and makes in-game performance decide your MMR could work, but then BHVR has to stop pretending Blight and Nurse are balanced right now and then you have a problem.

    Judging by in-game performance could just result in people going on severe lose streaks and deciding to intentionally not do anything at all.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,615
    You love it

    The games have been vastly better than the horrible matchmaking before this came in. It's also trying to get the best balance of time waiting and "wins", which I do think needs looking into, but it has been so much better than it was before.

  • Aurelle
    Aurelle Member Posts: 3,611
    You Hate it

    Still hate it. It's still messy and broken.