Bayonetta has no right to be this good.

JustAnotherNewbie Member Posts: 1,863

I'm finally getting around to playing Bayonetta 1 (only a decade late) and it still holds up fantastically.

The only thing that's dated is those atrocious quicktime events that were all too common back then.

I recently started DMC5 and Nier: Automata and I definitely did not expect to like Bayonetta more. I just finished chapter 2 and the amount of stuff you can do this quickly is insane, so many other games have a much slower pace (namely DMC5). You really feel powerful from the start and doing crazy stuff. It's oozing with style everywhere, just an amazing game altogether. I think if I'd gotten the chance to play it back when it came out it would definitely have become one of my faves.