Halloween Ends

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Is anyone planning to watch it tonight at midnight? Are you excited? Perhaps nervous to see how they'll end Jaime Lee's character arc? Halloween is by far my favorite horror franchise so I can hardly wait.


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    Mabye its me but i dont think highly of Lee's acting

    I have only seen 1, 3(we love 3) and the last 2.

    but i am excited to see this trilogy ended. and how they will end it.

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    Oh it's out tonight?

    I'll probably give it a watch. The last one was kind of bad but it was fun so that's acceptable.

    I wonder if I still have Peacock...

    I think I do? I think I get it with Comcast. So I guess it greatly depends on if I still have Peacock because I'm not spending money to watch it :D

    Edit: Evidently I do have peacock AND it seems I need to check it more often cause they also have Black Phone! That movie looked awesome so now I have two spooky movies to watch this weekend

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    I can't wait to hear how it is!!

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    No, like the previous 2 installments, i'm saving it for the 31th of October.

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    Kills was released half a month late in Japan, so I am looking forward to the end of the month.

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    Not tonight, but this Saturday's theater showing at 10pm :) I'm definitely excited to see the franchise on the big screen once again!!

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    I'll be watching it Friday night.

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    Haven't finished it but a warning to anybody who has seizure issues. There was a scene that may trigger issue.

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    What a weird movie. Whatever you're expecting from Halloween Ends I can guarantee you're wrong. I'm not even sure if it was a good movie or not. A very strange movie...

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    It seems to have split the fanbase right in half as I feel like every post on The Twitter I see about it, people LOVED it or they HATED it.

    I posted another thought about it in the thread that is in General after another poster gave their thoughts and I stand by them

    I think that poster was absolutely right that the movie was an interesting idea and tried to do something really different but there was no good payoff for that gamble. It's like they decided to do a huge gamble with the last movie only to chicken out at the end.

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    I give them credit for trying something very different. I don't know that it worked though.

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    I was pretty upset about it.

    You don't get to "try something different" in movie #3 of a trilogy. You try something different at the START of a trilogy.

    The whole movie was lackluster.

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    I thought it was solid

    My personal tier list of Halloween movies lol

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    Just came out of the theater not too long ago, and wow that was... interesting to say the least. One of those movies where I really enjoyed it until it got to the lame ending (lackluster imo).

    Oh, and spoiler warning just incase but..

    Michael wasn't even in his own damn movie lol

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    I seriously don't get why people are upset about this movie.

    Everytime I watched a new Halloween it was always the same procedure:

    Myers is myersing around

    Myers stalks people

    Myers starts killing people

    for some reason the main characters always win against myers which makes not much sense but ok

    for some reason it doesn't matter if you shoot him or stab him he survives no matter what

    and if you ask for some explanation why a normal human is able to do this and survive all of this: he's pure evil - that's all.

    It doesn't makes sense why he is what he is, it doesn't makes sense that he survives everytime, it doesn't makes sense why laurie and co beat him everytime but yea.

    For me it's just another classy Halloween Movie but at least Michael is gone now. But it seems like that they kept the door open 3 inches by teasing that his mask is still around within Lauries house. Maybe we will see some more lore in the net movie.

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    I watched it the other night and wow...is quite interesting.

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    It wasn't bad just felt like they had a random horror movie in mind and were like "if we make it part of this new Halloween trilogy people will go see it." Mikey and Laurie deserved a better finale movie than that.

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    Well it's the last one of this Trilogy (and supposedly Jamie Lee Curtis signed an agreement saying she will not play as Laurie Strode again).

    It seems very unlikely that this is the last Halloween movie ever.

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    I watched it last night and it was... Something. Not really good because Michael was barely even in it and the ending was very lackluster. It also kinda felt like a whole different movie.

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    Besides the new trilogy, I still haven't watched any movie after Halloween 5 (That movie is so bad it pushed me away from the franchise, I need to gather the strenght to finish the second trilogy before I continue), but come on, Halloween III is not that bad. Sure, is not about Michael, but Has a better story than Halloween 4 and 5 for sure.

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    Honestly, this movie left me extremely frustrated. I don't think it's all bad, I appreciate they tried to make something new, but the story ended up not fitting Halloween. It seemed more like something made for a standalone film. If anything, I think it could have worked quite well as a standalone, but it didn't work with the franchise's story. The beginning and the middle builds up an interesting story of its own, but wastes what could have been a more fitting conclusion for the franchise. Then the end ruins this interesting new story by trying to put more Halloween into it. And there's more, there's a lot wrong with this movie, actually.

    Corey was a nice character, but his story didn't really need the Halloween name or Michael Myers. He could be in a movie with another name and meet an original killer stablished by the movie in the sewers. Michael wasn't even needed as he barely appeared in the whole movie. Let's be real, after Halloween III, the franchise became about Myers. Isnt't it weird that this movie tries to follow his story (unlike Halloween III), but at the same time makes the movie not about him? That seems like something for a spin-off, not a franchise's final entry.

    Anyway, the movie tries to make the story fit into Halloween by presenting character lines that connect it to the events of the previous movies (tell, don't show?)... but the connection simply doesn't make sense. The introduction is pushed by a mean kid making a prank. There's some tallk about he being traumatized... but we never really see evidence of that, he seemed just like a spoiled kid trying to do really wrong things. Then we see a bunch of people blaming Laurie for some stuff she definitively didn't do and had little reason to believe they did. She didn't "taunt" or "provoke" a guy that was locked away from her for 40 years, and the "paranoia" she is blamed for was spread far more by Tommy and a bunch of other people in Halloween Kills. Allyson, of all people, should know that. But the worst one is still "they needed another monster after they lost yours". THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. Someone who killed a kid would be hated anywhere.

    Michael was presented in Halloween Kills as this manifestation of Evil that couldn't possibly be beat by brute force... only to look like a tired old man in Halloween Ends, to the point he was free but didn't go out for 4 Halloween nights in a row. So all of sudden the brute force HAD actually worked against him? Or he couldn't be beaten by bruteforce but the passage of time still did the trick? That's really anti-climatic for an old man who was tanking shots to the head and punching through doors two movies ago.

    But besides that, Corey was a nice new character who was being develop to become "the next shape" or something, so we expect that to pay off in the end, right? NO. It's almost like the writers got to that point and thought "oh yeah, it's a Halloween movie and we promissed a final battle between Michael and Laurie", so Corey is just killed right away and wasted. Michael is brought back on the last few minutes to an ending that just doesn't work well with the rest of the story so far, only to be killed (the fight was cool, sure, but nothing close to the one in Halloween 2018). And then, in a moment that seems quite absurd, the police simply agrees to make a procession exhibiting his corpse.

    That's another big flaw on the writing: Laurie was the only character who actually acted like an actual human being. Many of the others seemed to have a literary, even poetic view of reality, making speeches about how much Laurie and Michael were alike, making connotative comments about monsters and masks, and then having no problem in helping to drag the bloody and burnt corpse of a serial killer. Even the police agrees with something the law would never allow. Come on, all these lines and actions would make sense for Laurie, but not for any other character.

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    I really enjoyed it. I won't go into spoilers. I think second one was the weakest of the David Gordon Green trilogy, but still watchable fun. Red Letter Media did a good review of Ends (has spoilers). If you didn't enjoy it I recommend watching it as it might change your mind about it:


    I think it was the most creative. There are some great scenes in all three. I hope we can get the mask from Kills/Ends in DBD.