What is your personal "Running up that Hill"

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For people who get it, it helped someone to snap out of their darkness within.

We all have it, that darkness which we need to control, otherwise it will consume us. Choosing a favourite track/song/music is one way to keep that darkness within away. I wanted to ask, what's your personal favourite music tracks/songs which you listen to when life becomes critical or listen to just to gain more motivation?

That would definitely be mine. Listening to it while also thinking of all the good which happened to me not to long ago, making a new ~best~ friend, and new friends on top.

2022 was a disaster. I lost my mother early this year, had some family drama happen, but since September, life has gone upwards again, meeting new people and bonding with them.

Overcoming my online addiction and escaping it, I am barely on my PC now. I am mostly outside, meet with my new friends because they make me stronger, as well as this track on top.

A tip from me, go outside and get to know new people, meet them even if they're online friends, meet them. There are many awesome people out there who might help you out of that hole, like my friend helped me.

Anyways, I am just asking all to stay strong. Doesn't matter what happened, but all will be good at some point, I believe in it. Have a nice day/night/evening/morning folks.


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    First of all, my condolences on your loss, and well done for fighting on, especially with your online addiction.

    For me, I like a song which is quite heroic, a fair bit cheesey, and positive lyrics for a "running up that hill" song, and oddly 2 cartoons provided those moments:

    Stan Lee: The Touch

    Losa Lougheed: Run With Us

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    May sound weird given the content of the song but hammer smashed face by cannibal corpse

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    Thanks, it was quite a challenge, but I think I've managed to escape the dark, so all good :D

    Regarding the songs, not really my style but I can understand why they might help someone. They do give a certain feel.

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    Okay, will listen to it later. Is it some sort of Metal?

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    I do not really talk about is much but I grew up in a not so good household. We were financially well but my father was incredibly abusive with most of their aggression aimed towards me. They were really controlling and basically prohibited me from doing most things, even basic things. I was basically just treated as a pet by him, something for their own using. I cannot really dive too deeply into it, but they did some very illegal things towards me which eventually caught up to them and they were arrested.

    (My family did not really get involved with the abuse I faced because they too feared getting the end of it, I do not blame them after all I went through, and Im glad it was me who had to deal with all of that instead of them. I do not want people to over-react and think my family is full of horrible people when it's quite the opposite.)

    We eventually moved away which was heartbreaking because what little I had during that time was lost. I lost what little friends I had, as well as my possessions since we sold them to be able to afford a new place to stay as the old place we lived was way to expensive. And I started therapy and anti-depressants to deal with the trauma I faced growing up. There were also some "incidents" here and there that I do not really think I can talk about because of TOS and self-harm.

    After losing everything and being completely disconnected from the world for literal years due to a lack of internet and devices, I eventually managed to kind of bring myself back to the level of everyone else technologically (not really sure how to word it). Im still trying to catch up on media I havent been able to see over the years.

    One of the things that Ive always enjoyed despite the limited exposure was music, I remember stealing a radio from my sister's room so I would have some form of entertainment whenever I got locked into my room. It has always been something that has been in the back of my mind, since I felt bad for stealing it but at the same time, I basically had nothing or no one to really find comfort in.

    While not really much, just some songs Ive picked up over time that I really enjoy. I would have also put Professional Griefers by Deadmau5 as well but Im pretty sure it is really on the border of TOS and I rather not risk it. But these main two just give me a fuzzy feeling I cant describe, there is something about them that I love so much but just cannot put into words.

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    Drain You.

    It's been an endless fascination to me ever since I first heard it. I've yet to figure out why it entrances me, but it does.

    I have eluded to the fact that I have a lot of health issues before. When I was in high school, I scored very highly on my ACT's and SAT's, high enough to get a full-ride scholarship. I graduated right after I turned 17 and left for college when all the other guys in my class were 19. A lot of people thought I was brilliant, not the traditional smart but mad scientist smart. My ego ######### loved that trust me, even though I'd say "I'm only smart enough to realize just how little I really understand." My health issues got worse when I went off to school. It got bad enough that I was forced to drop out, I couldn't deal with school work and the pain/upkeep of being sick all the time. I'm still not sure what to do.

    But these things have given me the tendency to overanalyze, to overthink and to worry myself into a frenzy. Part of that's probably ASD and the other part is probably learned behavior.

    Regardless, whenever I find myself stressed, I find myself tapping or humming or blinking out the tune to Drain You. It calms me down. Reminds me of something, although I don't know what. Even when I'm not stressed, I'll still find myself absentmindedly tapping out the lyrics.

    The song is endlessly mesmerizing to me. The lyrics, the drums, all five guitar tracks, the doubled vocals, the bass, the rubber ducks in the chorus, the harmonies and the scream all help me more than I can say.

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    The playlist i listen to every day