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If all the originals killers went into a death match which are the tops ones that will survive the longest/ win


  • BFunkP38
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    I would say the final 2 are Pinhead and Pyramidhead, with Pinhead taking the victory. But there’s a lot of play room in scenario making for it. I don’t see any of the killers who are alive in the traditional sense lasting very long though. Just imagine two chainsaws cutting in to Nemesis and spraying everyone with the virus, or Ghostface trying to con Legion into joining together because realistically they would be the physically least powerful of the whole lot.

  • tippy2k2
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    Either the Wraith or The Oni

    The Wraith because he can just cloak and let everyone kill each other before he just wanders in with a sneaky killing blow

    The Oni if Wraith is discovered because The Oni is a big boi and would be able to just soak up the damage while also dealing high damage right back. Short of everyone ganging up on him, I don't know if there's an original killer in the game that could go one v one against him.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    Either Pinhead or Pyramid Head.

    My money's on the Cenobite, but Pinhead would effectively have to disintegrate Pyramid Head, as I don't think it suffers from pain like anyone else.

    Also, of Pyramid Head is able to slash Pinhead with the Great Knife, even a Cenobite would fall. So Pinhead would need to attack from a distance. Close-quarters would favour Pyramid Head.