Chucky being a playable character?

Castiel Member Posts: 1
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I can’t hide the fact that chucky would make for a very interesting and solid killer… all these ideas I say can and should be used for profit by the developers for a future chapter!!

Name: the doll / good guy

potential powers: main ability grants him a powered rush or leap attack that leaves the survivor bleeding and maybe slowed or just a status effect, the second ability that would be interesting is the ability to jump into other chunky dolls u lay around the map??? Just an idea or even lockers????

anorher exclusive feature would be the ability to hide under pallets or behind gens to atttack the ankles or surprise attack!!!

if a passive would be considered I think the ability to jump into the body of a survivor at the last act of a trial would be amazing.. the survivors posture would change and stuff but imagine the love the game would get for “switching things up”.

all of these ideas are the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to my piggy bank of killer ideas.