Killer: Art

TR: 0

Speed: 4.0m/s

Weapon: Sharp Plate piece

Power: Artistic Genius

Special Ability One: bagged goods

Art starts the trail with his trusty plastic bag full of weapons. He Carrie's this bag around with him until he decides to put it down or get out a weapon. When carrying his bag his movement speed is reduced to 3.8m/s. With the bag you emit a 24 meter TR without it its 0. The bag when placed down continues to emit the TR. Once every 60 seconds Art can call his bag back to him instantly.

Special ability two: Sculptor

Upon opening the bag of goods you can select one of four weapons.

The saw-Inflicts mangled and hermorage

The mallet-hit cooldown reduced by 15 percent and inflicts deep wounds.

The hammer-destroy breakable and pallets 20 percent quicker

The knife-increased lunge 20 percent and inflicts broken which lasts for 20 seconds after being unhooked.

Special ability three: Forced Audience

Art starts the trail with four ropes.

Upon downing a survivor you can tie them up making them be put in a sitting position. During the tied state they cant move, they are blinded, incapacitated and their fov is reduced by 8 degrees. To escape they can wait for another survivor or attempt to escape. But it takes 20 seconds. If a survivor escapes they still have one health state and gain a stack a grand finale.


Upon reaching the second hook stage, have a stack of grand finale and art has his trusty saw he can activate grand finale on that downed survivor. He will mori them with his saw.


  • Dontyodelsohard
    Dontyodelsohard Member Posts: 31

    Yes! You also share the idea that Art the Clown should have a "Bag of Tricks" power. Because I saw before an idea that made him teleport around... I don't really like that all too much. I mean, the idea could be polished a bit more (not that I ever made it too far) but it is still the main idea.

    I wrote: "Primary weapon, a whip made with scalpels, scissors, and other sharp objects.

    Killer Power: Bag of Tricks

    Carrying a black garbage bag, the Art can make use of many implements to brutalize his prey.

    Horn: Honking this horn causes survivors to scream within a certain radius of Art

    Syringe: Maybe applying something to a downed survivor

    Plastic Wrap: Idfk, dude.

    Hacksaw: Weapon

    Cleaver: Weapon

    Hammer: Weapon"

    So I feel like we were on a similar wavelength here. I just wanted to pile onto this idea because say if it ever were to be in Dead by Daylight and he didn't carry a big, black, plastic garbage back of tricks I think that would be a real loss.

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    i was also tempted to add his little bicycle to his kit but i couldnt think of any stats.

  • Dontyodelsohard
    Dontyodelsohard Member Posts: 31

    It could be as simple as him pulling it out and making a charge-type attack with the drawback of not being able to attack, unlike most other charges. Even have it ramp up in speed the more he travels in a straight line slowing down if he turns (allowing him to turn quite freely, again unlike some charge attacks). Maybe even allowing him to spring off of the bike and make an attack but with a long stun penalty on a miss so it is risky... The issue is limiting the number of abilities he has, really. He has so many zany weapons, tools, and tricks from even just the first movie (haven't seen the second one yet) that he could just keep cycling for ages—that is if you use how I envision the bag where the Ctrl key cycles and the Power button (right click) uses the current item. Or your version where I imagine you would run out of buttons to choose your items, eventually.

  • The_Scarlet_Witch
    The_Scarlet_Witch Member Posts: 209

    With this idea that you have given me i will rework my concept.