New Chapter:A rituals calling-New Killer:The Marrow beast-New Survivors:Dr.Unknown+Lucy Katzer

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New Killer: The Marrow beast

A big black furred canine like creature who can transfer between a bipedal and quadropedal stance. Works around marking survivors and making tgem the obsessions to hunt them down one by one.

New survivor: Dr.Unknown

A member of S.P.A.R.O security whose identity has forever been revoked. Wears a lab coat with armored vest underneath, dark black jeans and thigh/shin gaurds with heavy black duty boots. A fairly average build with dark black hair that is short on the back and sides while longer on top swept over to one side that goes as low as his cheekbones. He also wears an extravagant earpiece in the right ear and has a visor over his eyes. The labcoat features the S.P.A.R.O insignia on the right shoulder.


Protect the bystanders

Whenever you are hooked you can see the aura of the killer and all survivors while on hook. You can press the active ability button to grant all injured survivors 0.5 seconds of endurance and if they were to be hit they still gain the speed boost. This will then go on cooldown for 50/40/30 seconds.

Contain the threat

While in the killers terror radius and they are in a chase with a survivor including yourself, You gain a token every 30/20/15 seconds of the chase. All tokens are reset when put in the dying state.

5 Tokens: You gain a small speed burst after vaulting.

10 Tokens: Gain the effects of endurance when hit once while injured. (This cannot activate again until you are hooked)

15 Tokens: Pallet stun duration increased to 2.5 seconds.

20 Tokens: Press the active ability button to break into a burst of speed that stuns the killer for 1.5 seconds if you collide with them.

Eyes on me

The obsession can see your aura and you can see theirs within 8/15/24 metres. If the obsession holds the active ability button while next to you for 15 seconds they can make you the obsession instead of them and pass on any negative effects. Revealing the obsessions Aura to the killer for 20/15/10 seconds.

New survivor: Lucy Katzer

The leader of a distant village. Average in height with a curvy build and distinguished features. Dark red hair with a braid from each temple joining at the back of the head into a bigger braid laid over lower back length hair. Bright blue eyes. Wears dark brown hiking boots with black cargo trousers and a black leather crop jacket over a red crop shirt.


A fair trade

When unhooking a survivor the hook will be blocked for 20/30/40 seconds. Your aura is revealed to the killer for 30/20/15 seconds and if you were healthy gain exposed for 40 seconds.

Boon: Hallowed ground

Press and hold the active ability button while near a dull or hex totem to bless it and create a boon totem. Soft chimes ring out within a radius of 24 metres. Survivors within the boon's area of effect benefit from:

Gain a free chance to escape from hook with a 6/9/12% higher chance of escape. This can only apply to each survivor once during the trail and lingers permanently after gained but dissapears if the boon is snuffed or destroyed.

Survivors are cleansed of all negative statuses after lingering in the boons radius for 35/25/15 seconds except Exhausted and Exposed. Healing speed is reduced by 10/8/6%.

A villages eyes

While interacting with a Generator/Totem for 60/55/45 seconds you gain a Token(Max 1). Press the active ability button to have the entity block a Generator or totem for 30 seconds. If the killer interacts with one of the objects after it is un-blocked their aura is revealed to all survivors for 6/8/10 seconds and the object is freed of these effects.

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