cross-over chapter: whispers of an old god

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a warcraft cross-over chapter concept featuring the denizens of ny'alotha, i could not easily find a character that would somewhat fit dbd but still bring something unique to the game, but im just writing this for fun, i have not thought about balance or how possible it is, just a fun concept cuz my mind was running wild with ideas. so tell me what you think! (also yes i know the power is way too long)

killer concept: the prophet

Skitra, the faithful insectoid prophet of N'zoth, has followed what he believed to be his master's whispers into the fog, eager to feast on the minds of those unfortunate enough to get within his senses, his words will make survivors lose concept of reality.

his power is called 'shatter reality': what can you trust when your own perception of reality betrays you...

special ability: illusion. start the trial off with 4 stacks, use ctrl to place a mirror image of yourself, any survivor that's in your terror radius will be able to see it, or if they're in a chase with one, a survivor entering a chase with an illusion it will slowly fuel your power and cause the illusion to chase them, if the illusion hits them, they scream revealing their location, and are affected with oblivious, along with filling your power a moderate amount. stacks are restocked upon hitting an illusion with your basic attack. illusions automatically disappear upon hitting a survivor, the same survivor cannot be hit by a 2nd illusion within the span of 10 seconds, illusions cannot be placed within 24 meters of each other

"reality and illusion meld into one" -Prophet Skitra

special ability: shred psyche. a ranged ability, use your right mouse button to charge it, if you hit a survivor, you damage them, get a moderate amount of progress on the gauge, and create a copy that starts walking away, if that survivor does not touch the copy, it screams, revealing the auras of all survivors within 20 meters of it and affecting them with oblivious status effect for 10 seconds, along with providing a significant boost to your power gauge.

"your minds smell so delicious!" -Prophet Skitra

special ability: visions of N'zoth. when your power fills up, shatter the veil between worlds, welcoming the void with open arms into the entity's realm. Visions of N'zoth can be tiered up 3 times. obelisks will also spawn throughout the trial, interacting with this will add a slight boost to your power gauge, a survivor can also interact with an obelisk to become immune to the effects of visions of n'zoth for 30 seconds, obelisks have a respawn time between 30 and 60 seconds, spawn in random locations, have a maximum of 3 active a time, and emit a faint directional humming when within 10 meters of one

"my vision shall be made real, complete the circle, open the way" -N'zoth

tier 1: during tier 1, the sky shatters revealing a tentacle filled future, terror radius no longer changes based on distance, and whispers can be heard in the background.

"watch as my empire consumes your reality, soon all will be one..." -N'zoth

when tier 2 approaches, an effect gets added, survivors are afflicted with paranoia, if another survivor enters a 5 meter radius of them for 10 seconds, their mind gets blasted, making them scream, wounding them, and giving them incapacitated for 5 seconds. if a survivor is already wounded during this, they get deep wounded but cannot be downed

"Behold my betrayal... and yours" -N'zoth

phase 3 completes the circle of the prophet's master, during this all illusions are also replaced with faceless, who start patrolling the map, and are able to damage or down survivors upon a hit, however, your maximum illusions is decreased to 3, and cannot be summoned within 32 meters of one another. during this the whispers also echo through the survivors their minds louder than ever before, giving all of them the oblivious status effect.

"through your flesh, my black empire is reborn...your world, is MINE" -N'zoth


the first perk is called 'shattered reality': you know the truth about this reality, and so you know how to twist it. when downing a survivor, displace the aura for other survivors, making it be off by 10/15/20 meters until someone gets within 5 meters of the fake aura

"so easily confused!" -Prophet Skitra

the second perk is called 'solitude in madness': open a locker to turn it into a fake, giving it a white aura. any survivors that enter a 5 meter range of a fake locker scream and are afflicted by oblivious for 10/20/30 seconds, you have a limit of 3/5/8 lockers before old ones start disappearing. if a fake locker is triggered it will disappear and be removed from the trial for permanent/120/90 seconds

"are you certain any of this is real?" -Prophet Skitra

the third perk is called 'betrayal': when damaging a generator, create a fake copy of a random survivor to make the generator appear undamaged and as if the survivor is working on it (the generator's aura appears in white). if any survivor touches a generator affected by betrayal, they suffer from incapacitated for 10/15/20 seconds, and you see their aura for 5/10/15 seconds. this effect cannot occur twice, has a 40 second duration, and 60 second cooldown

"your eyes betray you!" -Prophet Skitra


doctor: K'thir (ultra rare), take upon the garments of a servant of madness, and spread the sensation. this includes a mindflayer esque tentacle face, black hooded robes, and a spiked bat similar to the claw of n'zoth (not included in the picture)

knight: Lich king (legendary), there must always be a lich king. this includes the famous spiked crown with a blue gem, silver skulled armor, and the famous runed frostmourne.

oni (shares looks with faceless in prophet's power but with a weapon): N'raqi (ultra rare), a brute born in void, wielding the fury of its god. this includes the tentacle covered face with angry eyes, black metal shoulderpads, and a spiked sword with red runes (not included in the picture).

that's the concept! tell me how you found it! do you like the idea? does it sound fun? it doesn't sound balanced. what would you change?