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Killer: Ávila Zyra “The Keeper”

Chapter Name: Call of the Housekeeper

Weapon: A Large Steel bell


Lore: Ávila Zyra was a lower class person who lived in Guadalajara, Mexico in the early 2010s They were tight on money and struggled to make ends meet Ávila Took care of 2 kids and had a sister that had a baby and desperately they both needed to make ends meet

So Ávila Decided  to swallow their pride and take up a job as a housekeeper for a high class citizen and his family. A gray haired silver fox named Joseph Alihandro, his Wife Tamika Alihandro, and their 5 month old son Kyrie.

The Family was relatively normal for the most part except for the fact that Joseph seemed to focus a lot of his energy ordering Avila around out of the other 5 maids around the big house he had a special bell that he would ring when wanting their assistance. Joseph was cruel to Ávila and would often force them to do demeaning and humiliating tasks just for the hell of it. Ávila  knew Joseph hated them because of how they identified but they couldn’t do anything about it.

Unlike her husband Tamika wasn’t as abusive and oftentimes would stick up for Ávila and stand up to her husband.

But Tamika wasn’t without her flaws on a lot of the days Tamkia would be so lazy that she couldn’t be bothered to watch her own son, Ávila didn’t mind this task though, they loved the young boy and he reminded them of their own sons. Ávila bonded with the child with the other maids and butlers and got to experience all of his firsts with them while His parents were busy shopping or doing business deals.

 All of the earnings that Ávila made went to their family in town and they never got a cent of it. Soon Tamkia got suspicious about the fact she never saw Ávila spending their pay on themselves so they started asking questions about why she never saw Ávila buying themselves new shoes, jewelry or anything special for themselves.

Ávila was honest about why and told Tamkia that they were giving all they earned to their family which needed it, and was honest that they got this job to help their family all they could, Tamkia was sympathetic and promised to give Ávila more money to send back home. 

Slowly Tamkia and Ávila formed a relationship, A romance. Ávila felt like they had met their savior, a person who cared, but their dreams were dashed when one day they overheard Joseph arguing with Tamkia over the extra money that was subtly going missing. Tamika swore that it wasn’t her but Joseph wasn’t buying it. 

In desperation Tamkia Broke down crying claiming she saw Ávila stealing from the safe and was giving the money to their Poor, Impoverished Family. They were also trying to gain Tamikas trust so they could bring their sister in and steal all of Joseph's Riches. 

 Ávila was crushed and Joseph was furious about the lie. The next day Ávilas nightmare had come true. They saw her sister and 2 sons at the entrance of the mansion being lectured by Joseph, Ávila ran up Mortified and Joseph snapped telling Ávila that he was going to have them and their sister arrested for thievery and conspiring against him. Ávila needed to think of something and was desperate as they pleaded to their master that they would do anything. 

Joseph stood silent and got a devilish idea and told Ávila he wouldn’t go to the authorities and even give their family a room in their home if Ávila worked with no pay and no breaks. Ávila cared deeply for their sister and sons so they sadly complied. 

The next few months were hell for the Housekeeper. Countless tasks and duties, sometimes the other maids would try to give Ávila time to rest but then they would hear it again…the bell… the constant ringing and ringing of the Damn Bell. even Tamika began ringing the bell. Ávilas only moments of joy was seeing her sons playing with Kyrie and the moments they had to play along with them when Taking care of Kyrie

But then it was back to the constant ringing of the bell. But it only got worse when one day Ávila found their sister ringing the bell. It came to a surprise until they saw Joseph snickering and then Ávila Found themselves doing tasks for their sister. 

It never let up, it never ended. They heard the constant ringing of the bell. The peace that being with Kyrie was broken when Joseph gave a maid the job as the nanny making it so Ávila would never have to watch him again. Ávila heard the bell ringing over and over in their head a constant piercing ring any time they finished a task it would ring again. 

Ávila would hear the ringing when they tried to sleep at all times even when Ávila knew no one was ringing the bell and then Ávila snapped when they found Their Master Joseph Sleeping with their sister. The man their sister knew mistreated them.

 Silently Ávila waited for their sister and Joseph to sleep and silently went into the room and grabbed a large Steal bell used to Tourture Ávila for countless hours and Smashed it into Joseph's head repeatedly. Ávilas sister woke up horrified and tried to scream but Ávila grabbed their sister and Beat her with The bell as well. 

Tamika heard the commotion and ran over and when she locked eyes with Ávila she was mortified as she ran to Kyrie's room, scooped up her baby and rushed to the room of Ávilas sons and locked herself inside to call the police. Ávila full of malice rage and fury banged and pounded on the door. When everything went silent for Tamika. When Tamkia opened the door the Infuriated Housekeeper was gone 

All that was left was a Steel maids bell laying there.

Waiting to call for the next command.


  • Speed : 4.6m/s
  • Terror Radius: 28m
  • Lullaby Radius: 35m
  • Height: Medium

Power: Masters Task- The Keeper has tokens and has the ability to spend their Charges by taking 3 seconds to place a trap they have the ability to place a trap on a Vault or Pallet tokens are replenished when the trap is dispelled by a flashlight or triggered by a survivor

A pallet or vault will stay infected for 20 seconds 

When a survivor interact with the vault or pallet they will be inflicted with the “Housekeeper” status effect

the survivor will start hearing the ringing of a maids bell the ringing will slowly speed up and become more piercing the bell will stop ringing when in chase they will also see the aura of messes around the map and a total of 6 messes will appear and they will respawn 6 seconds after being done 

2ndary Ability Keepers Calling- the Keeper has the ability to instantly teleport to a mess around the map (with a 13 second cooldown) The Keeper also has the ability to do the task of the mess herself to gain a 15% haste for 6 seconds

[New Effect:Housekeeper] When a survivor is effected the survivors icon will have a bell ring over their icon The bell icon will swing back and forth and swing faster and faster the longer the survivor is under the “Maids calling effect”

While under the effect the survivor will see the Aura of Messes around the map highlighted in white (scattered trash, piles of dust, dirty walls) the survivor must venture to these locations and complete 2 out of the 3 tasks that the survivor can see the aura of 

(unaffected survivors cannot do tasks) 

If the survivor fails to complete 2 out of the 3 tasks within 120 seconds the survivor will Scream and die 

  • Animations:
  • Pallet Break- The Maid will ring the bell and the pallet will shake and shatter
  • Wall break- The Maid will ring the bell and the Wall shake and break
  • Pallet Stun- The maid will put her arms up
  • Damage Generators- The Maid will lift her dress and pristinely lift her leg and kick the gen
  • Vaulting- The maid will lift her dress put her leg over it 1 at a time
  • Cleaning weapon: The Maid will ring and shake her bell clean


Underworking or Overworking- Your effort isn’t enough whether you put the most or the least amount of work into something

This perk starts with 2 tokens and a token is spent when kicking a gen and Tokens are Gained when Killing a survivor by any means. When kicking a gen that gen will become affected for until its complete.

 If a healthy survivor jumps on the gen they will be inflicted with Exhaustion and skill check zones will be smaller.

If an injured Survivor jumps on the gen they will be Inflicted with blindness and will be unable to do Great Skill checks and when failing a skill check the gen will regress by 6% more


Imperturbable- When under the pressure of failure Your senses and abilities become more honed and You become more focused on your set of skills

For every gen that is complete you gain a token for every token you gain Your other three perks efficiency and effect will be increased by 5%

And the cooldown will be decreased by 5 seconds 

When the exigates become powered on all perks cooldowns are reduced to 0 seconds. 

And the efficiency of all of your perks are increased by 100% for 67 seconds

Cleaning time{Hex}:- those not doing their part are bringing the team down if your not working start working

When a gen pops all survivors who are not on a gen become exposed until they start working on a gen for at least 3 seconds this will not affect the survivors who were working on the popped gen

Add Ons

(add Flavor Text below the add on)

Common Addons {2}

  • Bunny ears- window Vaults will be infected by Masters Task for 40 seconds 

Description: “a pair of cute bunny ears for my outfit they smell like Flowers”

  • Cat Ears and Tail- Pallets will be Affected by Masters task for 40 seconds

Description: “a pair of cute cat ears and a tail to make a cute outfit”

Uncommon Add Ons {4} 

  •  Bloodied Necktie- survivors who pass through un-thrown pallets that are under Masters task will Scream 

Description: “a pristine well done necktie that takes a level of mastery to do perfectly.” 

  •  Torn Waist Bow- When Putting Masters task on a window vault that vault will be blocked off by the entity when vaulted 2 times 

Description: “a beautiful waist bow that keeps the dress from getting in the way”

  •  Blood Spotted Long gloves- the cooldown of Keepers calling is -3 seconds

Description: “long gloves that go up to the elbow. Mustn't touch the masters belongings with my undeserving hands”

  • Blood Spotted White Glove- you can do tasks 23% faster

Description: “use these gloves to hold your tray and hold them steadily without falter” 

Rare Addons {4}

  • Masters Meal- decrease the time a survivor has to do 2 tasks by 6 seconds

Description: “A Tray holding a delicious meal for master underneath”

  •  Perfectly Set Table- Survivors under the influence of Masters Task are unable to leave the trail if they try they will die instantly

Description: “everything must be perfect everything must be done perfectly to a T” 

  • List of Duties- When hitting a survivor with you basic Attack force them to do 1 more task (you are only able to add a total of 2 extra tasks to a survivor) 

Description: “your duties and tasks are limitless what a life to live forever to serve”

  • Broken Cradle- You can put Masters Task on Lockers 

Description: “it's a cradle for masters baby inside its sleeping soundly forever” 

  •    2 Wine Glasses- when 2 survivors heal and 1 of them are under Masters Task the other survivor will be forced to do 1 task

Description: “a wine glass for master and the Mesdames a nice date they will have, Yes indeed”

Very-Rare Addons{3}

  • Red Armcloth- When a survivor is infected by Masters task they are unable to see the auras of tasks for the first 5 second

Description: “first day on the job your given no clues on what to do your just given your cloth and put to work”

  •  Old Broom- When doing a task all survivors that aren’t doing Gens have their auras revealed for 5 seconds 

Description: “everyone must do their part and do work”

  • Masters Bell- All Survivors start the trail being under the influence of Masters Task

Description: “All hands on deck! We need everyone to pick up the slack. This place is a mess!” 

Iridescent Add ons {2}

  • Iridescent Serving Tray- When the exit gates are Powered on they are blocked off all survivors become infected with Masters task and must do all tasks in the trial before the exit gates are allowed to be opened

Description: “we live to serve and we do not rest until we are done serving”

  •  Iridescent Washboard- If you do a task within 13 meters of a survivor infected by Masters Task they will scream and become exposed 

Description: “i can’t believe everyone saw this mess and didn’t do it unbelievable”

Mori: The Keeper will approach the downed survivor and the survivor will stand and turn summbling back from the keeper. the keeper will ring the bell and lunge at the suviror pinning them down while clawing at their chest tearing it open while digging their hands in. when done the Keeper will take off their elbow gloves tossing them to the side while putting on a new pair

Praise The ENTITY

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