Killer Concept: The Swarm

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The entity looking for new ways to torment its captors, tapped into their fears of insects and created, "The Swarm"

Appearance: (Best way i can describe it is the bug swarm from Resident Evil 6, minus the whole queen thing)

The Swarms insects would be able to cluster up to form a humanoid shape and be solid enough to protect itself.

Movement Speed: Med to High end.

Attack Method: Swarm clusters up to form a kind of semi-solid arm-like appendage that strikes.

Passive Skill: Would have higher base vault speed then other killers but being stunned by a pallet would last slightly longer.

Ability: Sends out a small part of itself out up to a set range, then it returns. Any survivor hit by this, will scream revealing their location. When used, The Swarm gets a slight movement speed drop until the insects return to the main body. Ability can be charged to send more of itself out to attack. If a survivor is hit by a full charge, they are dealt a damage state, and inflicted with Blindness for a duration. Longer the charge, the greater it's cooldown. Hitting a locker or lockers with this ability, will force any survivor inside to come out and apply Blindness on them for a duration. Hitting a locker or lockers with a full charge will make any survivor inside preform a rush action and applies the Exhausted and Blindness effect for a duration. (add-on ideas will be listed below)


Hex: You Can Not Hide

Interact with a dull totem to turn it into a Hex totem, if a Hex totem is already active, this deactivates the previous Hex totem, and moves it to this one. Hex: You Can Not Hide is deactivated when the totem is cleansed but can be reactivated upon interacting with another dull totem. (This does not reactivate other Hexes) Interacting with a blessed totem instead doubles the effected range of Hex: You Can Not Hide. While this hex is active, survivors that are within a certain range of this totem, will trigger a noise notification for the killer from the totem. Upon cleansing this totem, the survivor will scream, revealing their location.

The Light Calls

When hit with a flashlight from the front, the killer gains a stacking movement speed increase of 1% (max of 10%) for every .5 seconds the flashlight is shined. The movement speed increase will decay at the same rate after 5 seconds of not being affected by a flashlight. Flashbangs/firecrackers immediately give the max movement speed increase from this perk, which decay at the same rate 5 seconds after being affected by the flashbang/firecracker.

You Can Not Run

Chasing a survivor for a duration will activate this perk when the chase ends for 3 seconds. If the same survivor is chased within this time, they suffer from Blindness, and Oblivious for the duration of the chase. This effect persists 5 seconds after the second chase ends. If a third chase is started with the same survivor within this time, the survivor will be affected by the Exposed effect for the duration of the chase. You gain 50% more blood points from chases.


Hardened Shells: (common) Survivors hit by The Swarm suffer from the Broken effect for 20 seconds.

Rainbow Shells: (common) Granted Undetectable for 20 seconds upon hitting a survivor.

Mantis Arm: (uncommon) Hitting a survivor inflicts Deep Wound until healed.

Plated Shells: (uncommon) Survivors hit by The Swarm suffer from the Broken effect for 35 seconds.

Millipede: (rare) Increase movement speed by 5% for 20 seconds when hitting a survivor with a basic attack.

Army Ants: (rare) Landing a basic attack will also cause survivors within a 5 meter range from the hit survivor to scream, revealing their location.

Wasp Nest: (very rare) Any survivors that are within 10 meters of the killer for 5 seconds will have their aura revealed until they are out of the The Swarms terror radius.

Termites: (very rare) Hitting a locker with the ability will prevent that locker from being entered for 10 seconds.

Black Widow: (ultra rare) Hitting a survivor with a fully charged ability applies the Exposed effect for 45 seconds instead of inflicting a damage state. Increases the ability recharge by 100%, increases the range of the ability by 50%.

Dragonfly: (ultra rare) Ability must now be fully charged to use, increases range of ability by 50%, grants undetectable while charging. Hitting a survivor with a fully charged ability reveals their aura, as well as the aura of any survivors within 10 meters for 6 seconds.