What Did The Community Think Of Haunted By Daylight?


Now that the Halloween event, Haunted by Daylight, is nearing it's end (5-6 hours left by the time I am making this post), how did the community feel about the event? Was it a good or bad event? If there were things you would change about the event, what would you change?


  • Sava18
    Sava18 Member Posts: 2,437

    Found myself just playing normally after the first couple hours of it.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
    Chocolate_Cosmos Member Posts: 5,471

    It was good. I wish there was just a bit more skins to collect from doing the event objective since you can get all rewards in first day of the event. Also BP bonus from event was nice too!

  • sulaiman
    sulaiman Member Posts: 3,214

    to me, it was a great event. First time in weeks that i had teammates that actually did gens instead of just running around. Yes, a lot of them were not hyper effective, but still, gens got done, and matches felt way closer, even if you lost.

    Also it showed a lot about killer players, because, if they caught someone at a rift, they would wait until the survivor transfered his load before they downed him. This was true for all my matches except 2, and i played a lot during that event.

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    Simple but effective

  • NoOneKnowsNova
    NoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,784

    It was nice ^^

    Didn't change up the game all that much but it didn't have to. Came with some nice free cosmetics and a super cute spider charm :3

    Only complaint is that they announced limited time skins alongside it but oh well guess we can't always get amazing things.

  • Droneinthrwind
    Droneinthrwind Member Posts: 92

    The only issue is that many times I wasn't unhooked because main objective points went for doing gens.

    Also felt bad when you get chased for 5 gens, win the game for a team and get nothing in BP department and everyone else walks out with massive BP bonus while leaving you on a hook to die.

    I hope next event gives bonuses for unhooking people. What would be lovely.

  • Trishmartinez
    Trishmartinez Member Posts: 5

    Yeah I agree you should keep the rifts. That was nice having a new objective.

  • Barbarossa2020
    Barbarossa2020 Member Posts: 1,370

    Alot better than the snowman crap im expecting soon.

  • etms51
    etms51 Member Posts: 606

    this event is the best event of Halloween, and It is funny

  • Bedslamb
    Bedslamb Member Posts: 72

    loved it , especially the steam punk make over of the gens , enjoyed having the side mission of harvesting & depositing Rift Energy

  • Gwinty
    Gwinty Member Posts: 981

    I was a fun event and I think they nailed it.

    The side objective was interesting and doable for both sides, the aesthetics were good and the side effect (speed boost) was also quit fun to use. Also the event tome gave some nice bonus fragments and good skins.

    BHVR nailed it here. Good event, 10/10 would deposite energy again.

  • LordRegal
    LordRegal Member Posts: 1,547

    It wasn't overly crazy but it didn't need to be. The objectives didn't feel like you had to throw the game to do and didn't rely on RNG (thank you anniversary crowns/masks) and the flavor was interesting. The haste from putting in energy wasn't major but it felt like a way to ensure you weren't penalized for stopping to do it. Plus it was honestly nice to see how there was an unwritten rule that a survivor putting energy in mid-chase was accepting a loss of the chase as long as they could get their energy put in first. Most general collab I've seen from both sides in a long while.

  • Grigerbest
    Grigerbest Member Posts: 1,334

    That was fun, I've had a really good times.=)

  • Venusa
    Venusa Member Posts: 1,466

    It was pretty fun and interactive. You didn't have to go out of your way to participate and progress in the event. It happened with ordinary gameplay. The visuals and sound effects were also good. I enjoyed it!

  • HellDescent
    HellDescent Member Posts: 4,883

    Boring. You only interactions this event were smashing a pumpkin and holding a button to interact with a void for a few seconds.

  • OtakaChan
    OtakaChan Member Posts: 181

    I enjoyed it a lot. Granted there were some games stacked against me and tunneling was nuts, but the side objectives, and relearning how to play on a whole different platform have been a welcoming challenge. Given we all will have ton of bp offerings left from the event, will these be usable again next year or will it be a new bp item altogether?

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 9,002
    edited November 2022

    I think it was mechanically the best event yet, improving on things from past events.

    For example, not needing to escape as a survivor in order to acquire the event cosmetics, and having a too-and-fro mechanic that rewards good play habits, like stunning the killer and making multiple hooks/downs, plus providing all players with a decent side-objective, while also encouraging survivors to work on gens.

    The event offerings themselves were personal instead of shared, which (sadly) made it more 'fair', due to the complaints about "others getting benefit for my offerings" from the Anniversary event.

  • Nathan13
    Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,639

    I thought it was a fun event.

  • Anniehere
    Anniehere Member Posts: 1,257

    It gave a slightly different atmosphere, somewhat fun.

    But I got bored of the event pretty quickly. I didn't feel like it added anything to the gameplay itself, It felt more like I was wasting unnecessary time on something that may give me good effect, but for what exactly (?)

    But compared to previous events, this was the best event we ever got.

  • Nazzzak
    Nazzzak Member Posts: 4,981

    I enjoyed it. I didn't even really have to actively search out the voids, they'd generally pop up in my vicinity at one point or another during the course of the games. So it wasn't like some big distraction that would potentially cause people to throw the game. I thought it worked well, they did a good job

  • AssortedSorting
    AssortedSorting Member Posts: 970

    Secondary gameplay was fun and balanced (will be interested to see if they tweaked the snowmen at all with the Winter event if it comes around again)

    Tome lore was cool.

    Cosmetics were cool.

    Methods of unlocking cosmetics weren't that clear (No UI to show what was available to get), Cosmetics in the tome were more of the same, and there wasn't very much choice, just get everything in the same timeframe.

  • Laluzi
    Laluzi Member Posts: 5,812

    I really enjoyed it; it was a great event. The cosmetic obtainment method was probably the most balanced yet and didn't really favor survivors or killers (where previous means have been very killer-favored and demanding of survivors), and the cosmetics we got were cute, especially the candy weapons. Swamp Creature Hag was awesome. The rifts encouraged good gameplay for the most part and were a nice distraction without being too much slowdown. I loved all the bonus bloodpoints we got and it made the game feel very rewarding - I'm not looking forward to going back to normal now.

  • darkcloudlink
    darkcloudlink Member Posts: 326

    I didn’t like it. I thought it broke a lot of small elements of the game for me as a survivor. Listening to hear if a stealth killer was near was harder because of the void sounds coming off the generators. The placement of the rifts was often really bad, I would either have to wait a long time for them to spawn near me or I’d have to travel half across the map to try and close it - only for it to despawn in my face. The offerings were a waste of bloodpoints. I ended up with 530 of them on a single character, even though I used one almost every match. I was forced to spend over a million bloodpoints on something I’ll never get to use again. I would’ve rather spent it on stuff that I can actually use in my matches. I also despise limited time cosmetics because they promote FOMO, and that has no place in a game that isn’t free to play. The event was overall a HUGE miss for me.

  • mischiefmanaged
    mischiefmanaged Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 372

    I thought it was one of the better events.

    I really enjoyed that participating in the event didn't feel stressful and didn't involve completely sandbagging your team.

    In previous events, the objective for the event was always tangential and didn't actually involve anything with the core gameplay loop. If you played the game normally, you wouldn't complete the event. If you went out of your way to complete the event, it largely involved throwing a game or getting lucky with random spawns. For survivors, you also had to escape or play as a specific character which could feel stressful.

    I also really enjoyed the Rifts as a random thing that happened in chases. As killer, you could grab a Rift right before a chase started and get a huge advantage. As survivor, the same was true. But, it was mostly limited to once or twice a round so it didn't feel game breaking. I really enjoyed it.

  • HoodedWildKard
    HoodedWildKard Member Posts: 2,013

    Enjoyed it. Nice cosmetics, loads of extra BP is nice. Just sucks that the dowsing rods don't have a use anymore.

  • danielmaster87
    danielmaster87 Member Posts: 8,685

    Event was good. Limited time tome was too short but also monotonous.

  • BrightWolf
    BrightWolf Member Posts: 398

    It was a fun event, if a little buggy. It kind of proved to me at least, that DbD needs more server locations in some countries so to ease the burden a little.

  • VicRatlhead
    VicRatlhead Member Posts: 75

    Really liked it. Loads of BP. Only downside is now I'm saddled with 70+ dowsing rods I can't use because I was getting them faster than I could use them.

  • fengminenjoyer
    fengminenjoyer Member Posts: 62

    I always enjoy these events with their own tomes and side objectives, gives me an incentive to play which i really need since these past few months have been really rough with how awful the tunneling and camping got. Even if i dont care much about the cosmetics themselves, im a sucker for mission/challenge accomplishments so it keeps me hooked. I liked the speed boost thingies it actually came in handy at times.

  • Orochi
    Orochi Member Posts: 183
  • JakeCannon
    JakeCannon Member Posts: 542

    Twas cool not too crazy but not nothing . little side objectives that help each side and limited skins was cool too.

  • Tying26
    Tying26 Member Posts: 3

    Probably one of the best events they've had recently, wish we could use the blighted serum outside the event though.

  • Dem34888
    Dem34888 Member Posts: 48
    edited November 2022

    That was cool event and it was the reason why I came back to play this game again, but it's unfun after it's gone, 'd wait for the next event

    ATOMIC_ACE_PUGG Member Posts: 359

    I have no idea why the developers are so stingy about double bloodpoints to the point we only get 4 days especially when you get all these new survivors and Killers but either way I had fun stayed up all night and day playing with no sleep during double bloodpoints.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,958

    It was one of their best events, enhanced by the fact they brought back many ideas from previous Halloween events and put them altogether.

    More of this, please!

  • Hex_Llama
    Hex_Llama Member Posts: 1,789

    I liked it. Having an extra tome with (mostly) simple challenges; free cosmetics; extra task to do that involved a little strategy but wasn't super difficult; pumpkins to kick -- I will miss it now that it's gone.

  • oxygen
    oxygen Member Posts: 3,291

    Simple, straightforward and with a little bit extra (the speedboost for delivering to a rift) on top of the points as well.

    Good event that was both non-intrusive and without the more wacky griefing potential of "I'm gonna throw the match to sabo event hooks" or "I'm gonna leave chase to catch and facecamp the glowy survivor I see 52 meters away instead" from events in the past as well.

  • MrPeanutbutter
    MrPeanutbutter Member Posts: 1,586

    I enjoyed it

  • catkillsmouse
    catkillsmouse Member Posts: 244

    It was intresting. Normally when I play like dum dum dee do gens but with the energy dum dum dew8 void thingy Ooooo Killer missed me because of them So now it's like hmmm new playstyle.Great event liked the rewards and stuff challenges are always fun.

  • gilgamer
    gilgamer Member Posts: 2,209

    Pretty good, did what it needed to do, added a little something to spice up a match while also rewarding people for interacting with it. Nothing groundbreaking but solid all around.

  • IlliterateGenocide
    IlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 6,000

    Its alright, got done with it quick. But a nice change of pace

  • HarlockTaliesin
    HarlockTaliesin Member Posts: 763

    Indeed. I just played my first few matches since the event ended, and they were so boring by comparison. The event gave a nice side objective that was also supportive of the main objective, and even if you lost you still got some nice points. Now that it's back to the same old routine, I really don't feel motivated to play. Think I'm actually going to call it way early tonight and maybe play some this weekend.

  • Akumakaji
    Akumakaji Member Posts: 4,966
    edited November 2022

    I miss it already. I got really used to the gameplay loop of downing and hooking survivors, while respecting paletts as not to lose my precious void energy. Also I gave survivors regularly a small breather when I broke chase to deposit my points. 75-100k BP on average was a very nice throwback to olden BBQ times and I finally managed to P3 every killer and survivor.

    I know that P6 would be the next logical step, but ugh. Thats daunting and I will probably just do that to selected characters that I like to play or that are licensed and so don't have many cosmetics. I think I will now enjoy the freedom to just build up a comfortable stack of add-ons on my favorite killers, so that I will never be wanting for anything.

    But the ending of the event is mostly felt in the way people play now. When I get palette stuned I don't think "dang, now I need to down you to get my 3 void energy back!", but its just "huh. Okay, I will run that way, then." ^^"

  • Satelit
    Satelit Member Posts: 1,377

    I like that it didn't impact gameplay too much.Unlike the Christmas event snowmen that gives survivors free health states.

  • TheMetalOne
    TheMetalOne Member Posts: 20
    edited November 2022

    I liked it.

    Though, it feels good being able to get hit with a pallet without losing void energy anymore.

  • DashMonsta008XV
    DashMonsta008XV Member Posts: 611

    It was nice but,that damn doorbell sound effect.