Multiple scourge hook perks should have bonus scourge hooks on them map.

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Currently, running a build on any killer, for example Sadako that uses Floods of rage well, like Floods of Rage and Gift of Pain is unreliable:

  1. The Scourge hooks might spawn all or 3 on one side of the map, and none on the side where the are more generators. So, if you have 4 scourge hook perks you're screwed, because there's no way to get value from your perks most or even the entire match
  2. Scourge hooks despawn when a survivor is killed on them.
  3. For very large maps scourge hooks have to be perfectly positioned, and even if they are there can easily be multiple sections where you cannot reach them.
  4. You don't know where your Scourge hooks are at the start of the match, and you can only see them. Thing that is hard in indoor maps.

I suggest: for each extra scourge hook perk, you receive 2/3 extra scourge hooks.

Either this or improve the spawns of scourge hooks. Currently all other than Pain resonance are very unreliable because of this reason.

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