Dumb survivor perk idea that involves a knife (semi serious???)

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I really wanna see a perk that lets the survivor equip a knife but it has only a single use before the perk is disabled but you can do like really cool stuff with it. Wanna quickly pry open a chest? Use it for that in exchange to get your item immediately. Wanna parry a chainsaw swing like Leon in the RE4 remake trailer? Boom, use it for that and get a bit of distance whilst buying your team a couple seconds. (Mind you, it won't stun, it'll just act as a somewhat longer miss cooldown when you hit a surface.) Wanna quickly sabo a hook in a pinch? Sacrifice your knife for it and you just might save your death hook teammate at the end. hell, you can even hit the killer with it if you wanna try your luck. Why this? I was listening to Rules Of Nature and now I wanna see a survivor parry Oni with a knife by swinging it back at them. It's situational, sure but it has enough situations for its single use to provide benefits for whatever you may need at that time.


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    Wanted to add that you'll also be carrying it so to all the people who wanna run around with knives NOT just on killer (Basically me), you can do that. Become the Legion member you've always wanted to be!