Killer Idea: The Brood Mother

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{Killer Idea}

The Brood Mother

Weapon: Scythe Arms


- Web: Hold the ability button to cast a web over windows, door ways, narrow paths, Lockers, and Unused pallets. Survivors who run or fast vault through your web trigger your killer instinct while being hindered for 2.5 seconds. Maximum of 10 webs. Survivors addionally are inflicted with the webbed status.

     - If a survivor would be put into the dying state with the webbed status, can be cocooned. Removing a survivor from the cocoon removes the Webbed status.

- Lunge: Press the active ability button to switch to Lunge. Hold the ability button to leap forward attacking in front of you. Can break pallets and breakable walls.


- No Escape: Reveals the aura of the blacklock (hatch) when within a 32 meter range.

- Threads of Fate: Reveals the survivors aura for 2/3/4 seconds after failing a skill check.

- Arachnaphobia: Survivors within your terror radius receive:

  - Moderately more skill checks

  - Considerably more skill checks

  - Tremendously more skill checks

4.4 Movement speed

Medium Size

36 meter terror radius 

Add-ons (not in any order of rarity):

- causes survivors to scream when webbed

- increase web count by 2

- Reveals survivors aura for 2 seconds when webbed

- causes visual spiders when webbed

- slows action speed of survivors by 4% while webbed (lowers maximum web count by 4)

- exposes survivor when webbed (lowers maximum web count by 4)

Credits to original art: XiaTaptara (deviant art)


  • Holylock
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    1. Why does the killer move at 4.4 and have a terror radius of 36 meters?
    2. What does webbed status effect do?
    3. Maybe double the radius of "No Escape"
    4. Arachnophobia is a worse version of Unnerving Presence