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Killer: The Bio-Exorcist


Wandering aimlessly in a desert, he carefully glances at the sand around him waiting for any sign of life to make itself known (not wanting to repeat the experience of being digested by a sand-worm.) Then he is forced to a stop by a door with a fog emanating from its bottom clearance, “That almost— frightened me!” He thought. Awestruck by this feeling, and yearning to know who’s behind it, he enters the door both excited and a bit jealous that someone might be better at haunting than him. “I’m the Ghost with the most!” He exclaimed, “No one bio-exorcises better than me!” He finished as he barged through the door. He was greeted immediately by the scent of pine and the smell of both smoke— and the living. “It’s Showtime!” He announced finally.


Name: Unknown

Height: Short

Movement speed: 4.4 m/s

Terror Radius: 16

Weapon: Snake Hands



Your power grows as you torment and Haunt the survivors. Once your power gauge fills your tier increases. Each tier increases the haunt requirement to fill your power meter by 8%. Increasing your tier rewards you with three tokens.

Haunting is automatically gained by looking at survivors without them looking at you. You may also gain double the haunt for a limited time by ending a chase after gaining an injure.

(Survivors are given an audio cue and a screen border effect when looking at the killer for more than a second)

Ghost With The Most: 

He doesn’t have any rules. You begin the game with three tokens. A token is spent with the active ability button, after using a token you suffer a stackable movement speed penalty of 1% for every token used during the cooldown phase (5 seconds). Using a token grants a random effect: the effects for tier I include a fake projection and audio of, a generator that’s almost done, a survivor performing an action such as healing or repairing or the killer near a random survivor, (which is shown as an aura to you in white); tier II, complete invisibility, stun or blind cancellation (automatically triggered); tier III, is able to posses another survivor and play as them with all of their actions for a limited time. During this time they may blow up a generator (regressing it by 8% instantly), break a pallet that’s upright, take away another survivors health state by swiping at them (any of these actions will instantly take you out of possession).

You can only trigger the powers of the current tier you are in.

It’s Show Time!:

Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse! Tokens in excess of three are automatically used for this power instead of Ghost With The Most. Anytime a survivor performs a conspicuous action they are revealed for three seconds via a loud noise notification (similar to the perk Rancor).


1:  Lawless: Hitting a hooked survivor will pause their sacrifice progression for five seconds, during this period the aura of the gen with the most progress is revealed to you. This perk has a cooldown of five seconds.

2: Scourge Hook: Repugnance If an injured survivor rescues another survivor from a scourge hook they become afflicted with the broken status effect for 80 seconds.

3: Hex: Double-Feature Whenever a survivor is afflicted with a negative status effect, reset it once more after it would time-out.

Addons: 4/5/5/4/2


Tacky Bedsheets: Reduces amount of haunt needed to tier-up slightly.

Take-a-number card: Reduces your movement speed penalty slightly.

Box of Live Insects: Gain a slight amount of haunt from total generator regression.

Shrimp-Arm: Takes survivors slightly longer to stop haunt when looking at the killer.


Sand-worm carcass: Gain a moderate amount of haunt whenever a generator is completed.

Bio-Exorcism Poster: Reduces your movement speed penalty moderately.

Shrunken head: Takes survivors moderately longer to stop haunt by looking at the killer

Handbook (For The Recently Deceased): The haunt tier requirement is now 16%, however gain a stackable 25% more blood points for each tier-up (BP are awarded post-game).

Art” Amalgamations: Haunt can now only be powered by chases that end in injures, however double the haunt that is gained (does not stack).


Pinstriped-Suit: Reduces amount of haunt needed to tier-up considerably.

Magistrate Remains: Gain a considerable amount of haunt whenever a totem is cleansed or boon’ed.

Witchdoctor’s Powder: Survivors that become possessed via Ghost With The Most have tiny heads (and high pitched voices) but can perform two actions before un-possessing.

Miniature Neighborhood Replica: Reduces your movement speed penalty considerably.

Engraved Tombstone of Beetlegeuse: Takes survivors considerably longer to stop haunt by looking at the killer


Stretched-Noose: Ghost With The Most can no longer progress pass tier I, but using a token increases your speed instead of slowing it.

Bloody-Razor Blade: Bio-Exorcist becomes disabled, instead increase your movement speed by 2% every time a chase ends in an injure. This effect is reset when a chase ends in a down.

Box of Open Household Chemicals: Cannot progress past Tier II, both effects of Tier II are permanent and tokens become disabled at this tier.

Ex Wife’s Ring(-Finger)Haunt can now only be powered by chases that end in injures, however quadruple the haunt that is gained (does not stack).


Harvard Business Degree:

Traveling extensively. While in Tier III It’s Show Time! Will instead make the next survivor you down mori-able. If the survivor dies by your own hand from this addon your tier will reset back to tier I.

The Exorcist” VHS:

“And it keeps getting funnier every-time I watch it!” Removes your movement speed penalty, and tremendously reduces haunt needed to tier-up