Chapter Concept-BBC: Oddbob The Clown

Killer name: The Jeggorabax

Aliases: Elijah Spellman, Odd Bob the Clown, Jeggorabax entity.

Height: short, average and tall

appearance: clown form/odd bob

Speed: 4.6m/s

TR: 24m


The entity began its reign of terror when it first crashed into earth, waiting in dormant till the fear of the people of weserbergland had freed it. The entity transformed itself into the pied piper who promised the towns people to get rid of the plague infested rats. The mayor offered a reward for his actions, once he had done his task the entity was not given what he was promised and thus took the towns children away. Feeding on the fear within the hearts of the parents, although it seemed hopeless a traveller from the stars had come to the town freeing the children from the piper, but the traveller had returned to the piper with his reward he had vanished. Over the next 7 centuries, the entity continued to kidnap children and feed of the fear it had caused. Now known as Odd bob the clown and elijah spellman, in 2009 he set up Spellman's Magical Museum of the Circus in London in order to steal children from the city. However, the traveller from the stars disciple Sarah Jane prevented his plan and when he was about to become imprisoned once more a dark cloud devouring him. The sounds of generators are heard as two men are working on one. A large laughter and giggle is heard throughout the trail, and in the heart beat one of the survivors turned towards where they thought it was coming from looking back his heart beet increased, he was alone.

power: Ringmaster

passive: the void

hooks are replaced with void openings, openings into the dimension where victims of the piedpiper are fed upon. they work exactly like normal hooks just a skin change.

special ability: object of power

The obsession starts the trail with a ticket. The peidpiper begins the trial with eight tickects stored in his inintory, he may place one or more tickets on a single generator, one ticket recharges every 120 seconds. Survivors if they want to work on generators must take a ticket. Only survivors with tickets can see the pied piper, he can onl hurt survivors with tickets or if all survivors don't have tickets. The pied piper within 3 meters of a generator causes it to be blocked for survivors but he can kick it.

SPECIAL ability two: Grand disepearnce

You have a secondary inintory for your gateways, you start the trail with four and one token is recharged every 15 seconds. hold the active ability button for 1.5 seconds and release to place a gateway. Gateways are marked a-b and then c-d. The ability only works if two gateways are placed. Once placed, they activate. Touching a gateway will cause you to teleport automatically to the other one. They fade away every 30 seconds.

SPECIAL ability three: magical museum of the circus

Active for 30 seconds.

Once your power gauge is full you may activate this ability, you may either wait 5 minutes passively or claim fear from survivors by suprise attacking them or by chasing survivors with tickets.

The power alters the reality and colour spectrum of the trial. The colours of the trial of altred with a red, yellow and blue colours along with circus music and laughter/giggling in the background.

Once full you may activate it. All survivors gain a ticket and you deploy a specteral form of your self which will follow survivors, they disappear and reappear behind obstacles. You also gain the ability taken which automatically activates, during this time you have a small lunge and can't take health states of survivors.

Special attack: taken

Upon hitting a survivor they are taken into the void immediately. very close range attack. .