The Wurm.

Killer idea. Name: The Wurm. Power: Burrowing Pains. Press the power button to travel 30 meters in the direction you’re facing within 4.0 seconds, going through objects. Your vision goes to black during this time. The path you took has spikes rise from the ground 1.5 seconds after you emerge. Survivors that cross the spikes suffer from Oblivious for 30 seconds and Incapacitated for 15 seconds. Spikes last for 26 seconds. The maximum cooldown for a 30 meter burrow is 15 seconds, which can be reduced down to 12.5 with the best add-ons. Your power has no cooldown, but burrowing without the max decreases the distance. If spikes rise under a survivor, they take one state of damage and suffer from no status effects. Every time you down a survivor with your power, your next burrow is faster and the spikes last 8 seconds longer. These spikes are stronger, and have a different visual. These spikes wrap around the survivor, trapping them for 13 seconds unable to move, perform actions, or be interacted with. Hitting the survivor grants them a larger speed boost and hits them out of spikes.

Iridescent Add-on One: Thorny Back. All of your burrows are now the stronger version of the them, but have an increased cooldown to 18 seconds and now also include the status effects. The time needed to perform and come out of a burrow is increased by 15%.

Iridescent Add-on Two: Mutations. All of your burrows are the weaker kind, and have their cooldown reduced to 12 seconds. The time needed to perform and come out of a burrow is reduced by 30%. Status effects are now applied in addition to hit with Mangled and Hemorrhage , and the distance has been reduced to 15 meters. 

Using these two add-ons together creates a cooldown of 16 seconds, with each burrow switching effects between the two add-ons. Visual change on the power to tell which is happening. 

The Wurm’s perks are punishing in very specific settings, but often have slight uses.

Strengthened Spine: Reduce the duration of stuns by 35%, which stacks up to 75% with enduring. Each time you are stunned, gain a token. Whenever a generator is kicked, the perk activates for 4/5/6x seconds. The generator is blocked for this time, where x is=to the # of tokens you have. Each time you kick a generator with three or more tokens, lose one token.

Territorial Edge: 1 chest, 2 totems, 3 pallets, and 2 windows are removed from the trial. Totems on the map are blocked for 8/14/22 seconds whenever a boon is snuffed, created, or hex is destroyed. Two random generators, which are permanently highlighted in white, are blocked for 4/8/12 seconds every time another generator is completed.

Rock Solid: Destroy breakable walls 20/25/30% faster. Gain a token each time you break a wall. For each token, the % instantly lost for kicking a generator is increased by 2% per token. Vault windows 3/5/7% faster per token for 8 seconds.


  • The_Scarlet_Witch
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    I don't know what to think about this power tbh, it would probably be the weakest killer in the game by a long shot. Of course you may argue because of the effects it entails but the width of said spikes would be very narrow plus survivors could simply go around.

  • Firstly, the idea of the power is make good predictions which down survivors. 30 meters with a cooldown of 15 seconds is really good distance while not being too oppressive. This one probably makes more sense to me because I can visualise it, but it's a combination of mobility, map pressure, and chase pressure.