Killer Concept - The Banshee, An Opera of Fear

Scythe629 Member Posts: 11

I want another floaty (Nurse-Esque) killer so here's what I've come up with. This is just a concept, so there's not too much detail.

The Banshee - An aura based killer.

A talented, Italian Prima Donna who was hated for buying her way into fame, even though it was her parents who provided her with everything. While she lives up to her name, she had a certain audience that felt she was privileged in the business and was handed her success. As a cruel way to "show the man," they assaulted her on her way home one night, dislocating her jaw and leaving her for dead. Then she found the fog, yadda yadda.

Physical Weapon: The prop severed head of a victim of Hannibal, used by The Banshee to bludgeon survivors.

Power: Prima Donna

  • The Banshee can set up to 3 vibration receptors throughout the map (sort of like tuning rods).
  • The Banshee can release a scream towards one of these receptors which will bounce the sound off of the other two. Any survivors within a certain distance of a receptor has their aura revealed for a prolonged duration.
  • Being affected by any scream applies Hearing to survivors.
  • Being screamed at directly by The Banshee applies the Oblivious status effect
  • These vibration receptors can be dismantled by survivors, but it would take about the same amount of time as a hex totem.


  • Reverb: If a survivor's aura is revealed, any other survivors within 10/15/20 meters of them have their auras revealed as well.
  • Hex - On with the Show: Gain a Haste effect of 2%/3%/4% for 5 seconds after breaking a pallet.
  • Lights Up: When blinded by a survivor, gain a token. Each token allows the killer's next Lunge Attack to have a 20%/40%/60% decrease in cooldown time.


  • Increase duration of aura visibility
  • Increase range of aura visibility
  • Increase time to dismantle receptors
  • Replace Oblivious effect with Exposed when directly screamed at OR if a survivor is struck within 5 seconds of being directly screamed at they gain Deep Wound
  • Survivors affected by indirect screams working on generators get a tough skill check
  • Aura visibility extends to vaults and pallets

Fun things/Thoughts:

  • The idea is that her power revolves around finding survivors, so her perks revolve around chasing them.
  • I want the scream to sound kinda like Snow White in Shrek The Third
  • When she's charging up her scream, her left hand would raise into view super floaty and gracefully, then flex outward as she releases it.
  • Outfit definitely large and poofy, ripped and flowy.
  • Dislocated jaw allows BIG SCREAMS
  • Chase music would include violins and flutes

I'd really appreciate any critiques! I'm looking for what sounds cheap and what doesn't seem good enough, any reworks, story suggestions, possible physical weapons, and range of the vibration receptor scream, add-ons, anything else you can think of. Thank you!