Killer Concept - The Seraph

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I think a "biblically accurate angel" would be REAL fun in the entity's realm.

The Seraph - A Smiting Killer

The entity's influence reaches throughout all reality and beyond. Even the most venerated of beings are subject to its influence. Including an angel who has rejected its divine knowledge and sought its own path. The Seraph has no name. No age. Nothing. It simply Is, just like the deity that created it. What goes on in its soul is beyond the concept of humans, but one thing is for certain, it knew exactly what its deal with the entity entailed, and it wanted it.

A being with all knowledge of all of reality, yet exists outside of reality. Of all paths for it to take, the entity's was the most intriguing.

Physical Weapon - Wing Pierce. The Seraph strikes a survivor with its six pure wings, coming to a central needle point and jetting forward.

Killer Power - Divine Smite.

The Seraph is able to call forth three beams of light so pure it causes physical damage to the survivor. It can command the light in one of three formations: A straight line ahead of it, a triangle with the point facing away, and a triangle with the ends facing away. Press Activate Ability to summon targeting sigils, then either press the Attack button to strike or Activate Ability to swap between formations. To cancel press the Activate Ability 2 button. When not in Sigil mode, press Activate Ability 2 to swap which formation will show up first.

All Seeing Eye:

The Seraph can relinquish one of its infinite eyes to watch over an area. This will create a mini player on the player's screen that they will have to keep track of manually to notice if any survivors are nearby. The Eye can see the arena normally and survivors' auras in whatever direction it is placed in (within a set distance) and cannot be changed once placed. The auras will only appear on the Eye's point of view. The survivors can dismantle the eye in a short amount of time. At any point the Seraph can teleport to the eye, but it is similar to Freddy's teleport and has a visual shift when it is being done. There can only be one eye present at a time.


Holy War - The struggle between good and evil is eternal. Every 60 Seconds, the Obsession becomes Exposed for 5 seconds. Whenever the Obsession is Exposed, they can see the Killer's aura if they are within 30/25/20 Meters of them.

Messenger - Delivering the word of one's creator is an old habit that dies hard. After injuring a Survivor with a Basic or Lunge attack, the survivor will become a Messenger for 10/15/20 seconds. The next object the survivor interacts with will be blocked off by the Entity for 20 seconds. After the interaction begins, Messenger deactivates. If the object is a pallet or window, the Entity will block it after the survivor completes the action. If the object is a locker, the survivor will be trapped in the locker. If the object is another survivor, the effect will be shared with the other survivor and the timer will be reset on both. If the object is a totem, it will immediately be blocked once touched. This WILL work on hooks, but only if the survivor is able to sabotage with either a toolbox or perk.

Hex: Covenant - A negotiation with between eternal beings is one not so easily broken. The Killer is able to select one pallet, vault, or totem to be permanently blocked off by the Entity. This can be changed every 70/65/60 seconds. Hex: Covenant's totem is able to be blocked off.


Shorten recharge time on Divine Smite.

Add hemorrhage, oblivious, or deafen to Smite attacks.

A survivor struck by a Smite has their aura revealed for 3 seconds.

Receive an audio cue when a survivor is in All Seeing Eye's view.

Increase the aura-reading range of All Seeing Eye.

Increase radius of Divine Smite's beams.

Shorten All Seeing Eye teleport speed.

Increase the visual field of All Seeing Eye.

Iridescent: Grants the ability to rotate All Seeing Eye after placing it down.

Iridescent: Places Killer Instinct on any survivor within All Seeing Eye's view which remains for 3 seconds after leaving it.

Iridescent: Divine Smite has 1 formation, a massive sigil directly in front of the Seraph. However, turning speed is reduced when aiming the sigil, and there is a slightly longer delay between activation and the hit. Also increases recharge time.

Appearance: Pretty much just a big ol' floating eyeball with light behind it. Two hula hoops made of eyes revolve vertically and horizontally around the big eye, constantly rotating around the eyeball. It has six floating, white wings that come from behind it. The All Seeing Eye will be a smaller floating eye with a gold ring around its base and sits on a bed of light.