Chapter [***]: Lost to War (Original Ranged Killer Paragraph)

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Yes we’ve had a Russian character from WWII times, but Anna (The Huntress) isn’t directly part of the Russian Federation’s Army. I am no Creative Writer nor an expert on stuff relating to this. But entity be d***ed if I don't not share at least something to be proofs of Concept these days. well... actually... Entity be d***ed anyways he deserves it. Addon Names are still being made.

Isaak Popov is a man suffering from PTSD but he was not a good person during his time in service. His PTSD has manifested in a physiological reaction towards perceived threats. Rather than respond to this with the natural breakdown state that affects others, he responds violently.

Appearance: Tall and Gaunt. Clothing ripped and torn. Eyes are darkened over with a near-constant Scowl. Largest facial feature is Nose. He walks around with his head handing low and has a noticeable slouch.

His weapon is a small Bayonet that he has wrenched from his gun. He swings with wide slashes.

Power: Fragments of Pain

Press and hold the Power button to prepare a fragmentation grenade. You cannot cancel a prepared grenade. If you are stunned while a grenade is prepared the stun is longer and the grenade is dropped at your feet.

When thrown a Grenade will travel at a similar arc to Clown’s bottles but do not explode on impact with the ground or a survivor after 6 seconds from release the Grenade will explode wherever it is.

All survivors within a 8 meter range of the grenade when it explodes will be damaged and all survivors in a 20 meter range will be deafened for 45 seconds. Survivors can hear grenades anywhere on the map.

Dropped Pallets and Breakable Walls within 8 meters of exploding Grenades are destroyed. 

Standing within 10 meters of a grenade when it explodes will cause The Soldier to go into a Frenzy. While Frenzied you cannot throw new grenades but your movement speed becomes 4.6 m/s. Hitting a survivor with a basic attack will end Frenzy.

Standing in 4 meters of a Grenade when it explodes will stun The Soldier for 3 seconds. The Soldier enters a Frenzy when he recovers. (This is the increased stun duration to prevent multi stun)

You start the Trial with 4 and can only hold 4 Fragmentation Grenades. 

Refill stock of Fragmentation Grenades at Lockers.


Traumatic Memories

Your form reminds others of Pain long forgotten.

Survivors suffering from Exhaustion in your Terror Radius suffer from the Hindered Status Effect (15%). This effect lingers for 10/12/15 seconds after leaving your Terror Radius.

If a Survivor becomes Exhausted while in your Terror Radius the Hindered effect is stronger (25%) for 5 seconds.

Malicious Strikes

After hitting a survivor with a Basic Attack, Malicious Strikes activates for 20 seconds. 

While Malicious Strikes is active:

  • Your Speed during a Lunge attack is increased by 30/40/50%
  • Survivors hit by a Lunge Attack are inflicted with the Broken Status effect for 30 seconds

Malicious Strikes has a cool down of 40 seconds.

Hex: Sleepless Nights

Each time a Generator is completed one random dull totem becomes a Hex Totem.

Hex Totems holding Hex: Sleepless Nights emit harsh whispers in a 24 meter range.

Survivors inside of this range suffer from the following effects:

  • Running within range for 5/4/3 seconds inflicts the exhausted status effect for 6 seconds.

The Killer in this range gains the following Benefits:

  • Terror Radius is increased by 15%



Compacted Shrapnel:

Survivors Damaged by Grenade Blasts are inflicted with the Mangled status effect until Healed

Stun Grenades:

Grenades can No longer Damage Survivors, Stun The Soldier, or Destroy Dropped Pallets and Breakable Walls.

Increases Deafen Range of Grenade Blasts by 30 meters

Increases Time a survivor is deafened by 15 seconds.

Increases Frenzy Range of Grenade Blasts by %

Grants 100% Bonus Blood Points for Deafening Survivors.


Increases the time a survivor becomes deafened by 2 seconds.


Increases the Deafen Range by 4 meters



Survivors hit while in a Frenzy suffer from the Hemorrhage Effect until healed


Increases the number of Grenades able to be carried by 2

Increases the starting amount of grenades by 2.


Decreases the Stun duration of standing in a Grenade by 1 second


increases Throwing Speed of Fragmentation Grenades by 25%

decreases Throwing Arc of Fragmentation grenade by 15 degrees


Decreases Grenade Explosion time by 3 seconds



Reduces Reload Time at Lockers by 20%


Survivors hit while in a Frenzy suffer from the Mangled Effect until healed


Decreases the Stun duration of standing in a Grenade by 2 seconds


Survivors Deafened by a Grenade have their Aura revealed for 3 seconds.


When Frenzied you gain the Undetectable Status effect for 60 seconds

Very Rare


Increases the Damage Range of Grenade Blasts by 2 meters


Survivors in the damage radius of a Grenade Blast are inflicted with the Exposed Effect for 30 seconds

Survivors are no longer damaged by a Grenade Blast


During a Frenzy see the auras of any survivor within 8 meters of you.


Increases the number of Grenades able to be carried by 4

Increases the starting amount of grenades by 4.

Ultra Rare

Iridescent Grenade:

Increases all Ranges of the Grenade Blasts by 100%.

16 meter damages survivors

40 meter deafen range

16 meter destroys pallets and walls

8 meter Killer Stun Range

20 meter Frenzy Range

You can only carry a maximum of 1 Fragmentation Grenade.

Iridescent Grenade trumps all other addons

Iridescent Prayer Tags:

Prayers written on small papers. The Papers are lightly burned and Illegible.

Fragmentation Grenades are Silent outside of 16 meters

Survivors within the Deafen Range when a Grenade Explodes Suffer from the Oblivious Status Effect instead of the Deafened Status Effect for 45 seconds.


The reason I'm not being too accurate to how actual Grenades work is because, that would be OP and we can handwave it with "Entity Magic". I imagine this Killer to have a lot of tricks able to be pulled with his power.

As for the Perks.

Traumatic Memories was an idea from a friend that works well as one of the more simple perks.

Malicious Strikes is a new perk designed to function a bit better than it's old design. being a more consistent ability that a Killer can wield to its fullest. the math of the speeds you reach for lunges have you faster than everything but Nurse's Blink which is very fast but the distance traveled is still the same.

Hex: Sleepless Nights is meant to be a spin on Boons and how they work as our Killer has the same makings as a Survivor but was pushed so hard in life he became a Killer.

The concept has been in the works for about a year now so the choice of him being russian military was before any related controversies