Do you feel satisfied with your life?

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Been working on climbing that ladder irl for the past year and did so successfully sacrificing everything I liked to do in the process. I'm at a point in life where I make a very good living but noticed I really don't have the time to do anything else.

Even creating this thread is heavily calculated regarding my time.

I feel like my life is just... Fading away and I don't even get the opportunity to find people to enjoy actual life with.

Anyone feel the same?


  • The_Scarlet_Witch
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    nah, just can't find anyone to play survivor with.

  • GoodBoyKaru
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    Not really, but I'm lucky enough to still be at the stage where I can still decide what to do. I have a well paying job that doesn't have me in too much and gives me enough days off a week (usually) that I can spend time doing other things.

    I'm just concerned that it won't progress past this and I'll be stuck like this forever.

  • Smoe
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    Kinda but not really.

  • NoOneKnowsNova
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    Not really tbh

    I've watched myself cut off almost everyone I call close within the last year or two due to trust issues, especially within the last month, and I'm struggling to reach expectations my parents put on me.

  • Lekitzul
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    I'm struggling in some areas. In some areas I'm sad. I basically went to school right out of High School, and I focused on my degree. Took a break and worked at McDonald's, realized I couldn't live off of those wages, and went back to school. So I got my Bachelor's in Human Services, and got a fairly good paying job. But, I basically worked/school scheduled myself for about 6 years straight to get it. And prior to that I had been in the hospital alot. So I didn't have a lot of time to be social, date, etc. And just recently have been diagnosed with cancer. So I'm actually sad, I feel like I wasted a lot of time being serious/working/getting a degree and not making room for more emotional aspects of life.

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    All things considered, I'm pretty happy with life, is it perfect? nope, far from it, Autism and ADHD combined with a childhood that consisted of being bullied in school for 8 years straight with ######### all done about it by people in charge makes connecting with other people and simply focusing on stuff difficult, i pretty much cannot go to any big concerts or conventions due to social anxiety, and every so often i just wake up and feel like ######### for no reason.

    But, at the same time, i have a loving family, what few friends I have are unendingly understanding, i have practically infinite job prospects once I've gotten my degree, my hobbies help me focus and relax, my current job is relatively easy and only requires i be in one, maybe two or three, days a week, and i am incredibly fortunate to be able to wake up and say "Nobody is allowed to expect a damn thing from me" and have it be 100% true

    my unending sympathies to the people in the thread who are struggling, Life is messy, and sometimes we end up stepping in something unpleasant, sometimes we can clean it up, sometimes we can't, and sometimes we need someone else to help, and that's perfectly okay, You'll pull through, identifying a problem you might have is the first step to fixing it after all.

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    i just wish i escaped my robotic lifestyle for some time

  • Mooks
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    I am very sorry to read about that diagnose of yours and wishing you the best fighting it! Don’t be too sad about your past, you accomplished great things with your degree and job I am sure and you can be proud of it! Without that your emotionally aspects could have suffered anyways!

    Realizing you have cut off people you were close with is the first step to rekindle your relationships! Try to reach out, explain your situation, real friends will understand and help you! Depending on how severe your trust issues etc are maybe considering therapy or something wouldn’t hurt either?

    also -not sure how old you are- but don’t just live for the expectations your parents put on you if it was never actually your personal desire to begin with. You are living your life for yourself not for anyone else.

    reading this thread I guess I don’t have anything I can actually complain about. Though I do wish I had a more interesting job and well, health conditions could be better but also way worse

  • Lekitzul
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    That is true, I'm proud of it. But I like to tell people so they don't forget to nurture the emotional aspects of their life.

    But, since I also got that degree, I work with the population that tends to be homeless, struggle with addiction, or people from abusive pasts/households, and it's made me realize I'm very blessed with my parents, so I can't complain besides that. =)

  • Aurelle
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    Nope. I feel like I can't do anything right and that my life has no meaning. I don't even know what I want to do in life, which is frustrating because I've been thinking about it for years and can't find anything I'm good at or can stick to. Just want to get my life together tbh.

  • Lekitzul
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    Honestly, I found a lot of meaning in my life when I started focusing on my hobbies again. Like.... as a kid, I liked to draw, and dance, etc. And eventually I got taken up by things like work, school, etc. So, I started scheduling physical exercise for myself, and I had to find a way to make it more fun. So instead of hitting the gym, I now go to dance/Zumba, as well as Yoga and Tai Chi. Like, try to change up some stuff so your not doing the same old stuff, and you are focusing on more fun things. I have a hard time letting go and relaxing because I'm super hyper I HAVE TO GET THINGS DONE. But making myself do things like art, or dancing made me feel better. =)

    I also had to reevaluate what it meant to be be me, because I live in Kentucky where you are very gender-roles oriented, and children are a must for women. I'm child free by choice, and plan to eventually marry a woman. So I had to rethink what my future would look like without a husband and child. Think about what you imagine yourself doing if you think of yourself in the future, and its surprisingly enlightening. I didn't realize that I didn't imagine myself with kids until I tried that exercise lol.

  • tippy2k2
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    Satisfied is a strong word. Content might be a better word for it.

    I'm 36 years old. I have a house (something many of my peers can't say as the housing market has royally F'ed my generation). I have an established career (I don't love my job but I don't think about driving into incoming traffic on my way to work anymore), and I finally feel like my brain is in a healthy place (I've talked a few times about it but these antianxiety pills have been a life changer for me).

    Life could certainly be better and maybe now that my student loans are finally dead along with my happy pills I'll be able to actually focus on improving what I don't like about my life but life is always a work in progress. I know it's cliche but all you can do is take it one day at a time

  • Lekitzul
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    I feel you on this. I have a career now, and the fact that I have escaped the customer service crap was fantastic. Like, I actually liked working fast food but they wanted WAY too much for you for little pay. Same with my loan service job, and others. :/ At least I get paid more to deal with the BS.

  • tippy2k2
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    I was so happy getting to leave customer service. All of my jobs prior to this one were customer facing (and even in this company, I've had four jobs and I foolishly let one of those jobs be customer service; never again).

    Obviously most jobs still have some kind of a customer, even if it's an internal customer like my current job but I am going to do everything in my power to never have to work with the public ever again 😅

  • EvilSerje
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    I was very much before. Had so many plans, planned to open new project, buy a house, my travel itinerary was stuffed to the maximum. Until one sick f*** aka president of my country decided to cosplay one famous austrian artist. Now I don't know what will happen tomorrow, I tired live in constant anxiety and, frankly, can't guarantee if I will be alive in a month, or at least not in jail... Life year ago now look like unreal fairytale.

  • Yords
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    Idk, I haven't been able to do anything that I can be proud of yet. However I think that I am doing good. I have taken several steps towards self-improvement and really don't have anything serious to worry about. Except of course, my insecurities. Right now the only thing I am scared of is the life after high school. I am pretty nervous about what will happen.

    I hope you can figure out how to make time for yourself m8, so you can be feel satisfied and happy.

    Listening to piano music makes me feel better, maybe it can help put you at ease too.

  • Mooks
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    and also not helping is that all the closest gay bars are good 40+ minute drives from my house, so as a result, I've never had a boyfriend.

    just wanted to drop in and say that a (gay) bar is probably not the way you would want to get a boyfriend anyways. Not that it couldn’t work but it’s not really likely.

    don’t stress yourself over it. There are dating apps/platforms that really do help in meeting other like-minded people - you just gotta be careful to not run into scum and don’t try to take it too fast or let you get pressured there (as there are many people that just want one thing and nothing more)

    romance is not a race and sexuality isn’t something you have to decide at one point and can’t ever change, you need to go and find your own way without harming yourself or others (which apparently isn’t easy for many folks)

  • Lekitzul
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    Man I feel you SO much! =) Where I work now I am a case manager, so it's more like a case load where I meet with the same 20-40 people, so it's enough not to drive me crazy, but I can know them well enough to make progress. There sheer quantity of different people through fast food was frustrating, but we were expected to be so shiney and happy,

  • DoritoHead
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    Varies every day. I’m just constantly worried about not doing enough of what I enjoy or want to do before it’s too late for me to.

  • Ghouled_Mojo
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    I was once very successful. Let me just say this, make your money and then get yourself setup comfortable and make your life in such a fashion that all things are cheaper. Solar paneling. Water well with filtration if able. Get a good spot for gardening. Setup your certificates of deposit, ira’s, whatever works on your lifestyle, and then find something that will let you put your feet up and enjoy your life.

    At the end of your days you will miss those people. You will most likely not miss your job. Most of us won’t abyway.

  • ProGamerMD
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    I'm a nationally-renowned physician, have a very high household income, kid just got into multiple ivies, lots of accomplishments. But no matter how good life is, there is always room for improvement. Life is objectively good, but I'm never really satisfied and always thirsty for more. Whether it is new income streams, personal relationships, hobbies, interests, or even DBD win streaks, there is always the opportunity to improve, learn, grow, and become a better version of oneself.

  • Lekitzul
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    I agree with this, I'm starting to get to a "comfortable" level. I started buying everything in bulk, for example insurance if you do the yearly plan, I save 100 yearly for doing that, I just have to plan to put back money for that big payment. Same stuff for like phone, I pay Mint Mobile, pay 200 yearly for phone and it saves a lot of money to spend on traveling, which I love, just making swaps like that.

  • HugTheHag
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    Just starting out, finishing my last year of university. I'm tired all the time.

    I'm happy that I have found things I enjoy, I'm carving time out of my sleeping and studying schedule to do art, animation, and see some friends. I'm hoping it will get better once I won't have job + classes but just job.

    The position I should get to after my studies will already have a correct salary, and I'm a pretty stingy person, so overall it should be fine. I knew when I chose my subject of studies that I would not find fulfillment there but in my hobbies. It's just about the money and having time for things I enjoy.

    I just hope it works out.

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