I was wrong, Self Care was nerfed too much

What I said in this post:

seems fair enough, but 35% is just too much. I still think 50% efficiency shouldn't be possible, so buff it to 43/45%.

45 seconds of Self Caring (41± with an average of 2 skillchecks) is just TERRIBLE.


  • Batman781
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    self care need to be .01% healing speed so new players wont destroy lobbies until they learn how to play the game.

  • not_requested49
    not_requested49 Member Posts: 1,980

    New players will still use it lol

    What would that make it, like 10 minute healing? Everyone will be dead by the time they're done healing XD

  • FFirebrandd
    FFirebrandd Member Posts: 2,445

    I still don't think it needed a nerf at all. It was used so much because it is comfortable and reliable. I would definitely take it getting rebuffed to 40-45% though.

  • JustAnotherNewbie
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    Self Care is a buff. You just think it's a survivor perk, when it was changed to a Killer perk. They can't code it to appear in the Killer perks yet because the client would crush.

  • fake
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    Am I wrong in thinking that if self-care is weaker than CoH, then Micaela sales will rise?

  • JustAnotherNewbie
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    Mikaela is pretty popular and she's only been around like 1 year. It's just that Claudette is free. And last week COH was in Shrine of Secrets.

    Also Mikaela's COH does require some map knowledge regarding totem spawns and if you're not that well acquainted with them it can be quite a time waster if someone just started using COH.

    And let's not forget that your own team can even give you a hard time if they start cleansing totems before you get to bless one.

    And I say this from my own experience as playing Mikaela or other times running Clairvoyance. I simply limit myself to 1 totem as I think it's a fair trade and try to make it to late game if I can to use Clairvoyance.

  • DudelPuma
    DudelPuma Member Posts: 329

    selfcare nerf beomce almost used in solo q, obviously in a swf you call to your mate "come to shack, let heal"

    selfcare wasnt any time a good perk but it was ok for solo q, bc you can heal yourself without anyone but bhvr say "hay lets destroy that Perk, what gone be used in solo q and help them a lot"said and done after all nerfs bhvr: "HUH ? why is the solo q unplayable now ? and in so many rounds dcs or survs they kill herself on the hook ?

    btw, bhvr before the nerf "we want to annoy perks that are often used (meta perks)", used, selfcare was never any good or even broken meta but bhvr nerfed it because it's used so often, then let's see bhvr selfcare is still in first place, if it's not hypocrisy then please nerf it again, or say you do something and then don't continue with it ? what about the "meta perks" like DH also still meta like scourge hook or other perks what's up bhvr ? why are all the broken perks, especially selfcare, not further nerfed ? we want answers !

    but hey it doesn't matter that people don't want to play dbd anymore because the solo q is unplayable and yes, dbd lives on the solo q you can clearly see how the numbers of activ-players are going down, including myself for almost 4 years I've been playing dbd and main solo q but there was never a time when matchmaking was so bad and not fun like now, almost every round someone kills themselves on the hook or dcing, enough is enough, bhvr take your time, slow down, don't rush solo q is just burning and the players run away from you not more

  • Mat_Sella
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    Self-Care can not be nerfed enough, i want to see 0 people using it. Take Inner Healing, for the love of Entity!

  • AssortedSorting
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    edited November 2022

    The only way to effectively nerf the usage of self-care (as no doubt it was only nerfed because it was "meta", not its strength, ffs....) is to nerf its agency: The Ability to Heal at any time.

  • CookieBaws
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    edited November 2022

    It's was done to promote CoH, CoH provided 50% speed just as Self Care, but you need to find and boon a totem. Guess what is easier and actually free? Right, just healing right away with a SC. so here you have a Self Care nerf.

  • DBD78
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    edited November 2022

    But the nerf was good for survivors since you see more medkits now, which is far stronger. Also CoH or Inner Healing. If you play and invest BPs you more or less can't run out of medkits. There is no reason to use SC or ask for buffs, it's still inferior.

  • Okonar_
    Okonar_ Member Posts: 499

    blame Mikaela 😂

  • Gandor
    Gandor Member Posts: 4,220

    I am half expecting devs will nerf both medkits and CoH as multiple killers are already complaining about them, but keep current self care the way it is.

    It wouldn't be 1st time

  • Akumakaji
    Akumakaji Member Posts: 4,851

    But she is just a couple thousand shards, nothing that you would have to dish out the big dough, a lot of players have 10s of thousands of shards that they don't know what to do with. I love me a good conspiracy theory, but this one here holds no water.

  • Batman781
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    edited December 2022

    i had a thought. make self 50% like it used to be and give back the med kit efficiency but when you use the perk you are always have bleed status. also, does anyone else realize the "botany buff" is actually one of the biggest nerfs survivors have ever seen?

    having to go from 33% more efficient medkits to 20% less they should have added that while using a medkit you gain an additional 50% healing speed.

  • Jensen
    Jensen Member Posts: 60

    Yes thats true. You can better use CoH. There you can heal yourself at 50% speed, and its a bonus for the whole team.

    I dont understand why Selfcare is on 35% and Circle of healing (where the whole team benefits) is on 50%.