Spooky Month (Chapter Concept)

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New Killer: Bob Velseb, "The (Devil) Butcher"

Terror radius: 0 (Unaware) 32 (Aware)

Weapon: Filet Knife

Switches his grip of the Filet Knife when swinging to properly stab survivors in a sturdy grip

Footsteps are loud. REALLY loud.


Bob Velseb is a sinister killer, using his presence to disturb survivors and disrupt their normal actions, while also utilizing his personal perks, Hex: Tender Treats, Hide N' Seek, and Sinister Presence, to cause havoc amongst survivors, and gain special benefits.

Power: Cannibalistic Tendencies

You have a taste for human flesh.

Blood is highlighted in bright red for you, and survivors will always make injured noises, regardless if they are injured or not

While in chase, your footsteps get louder (even louder than they already are), and your red stain is slightly extended

"Did you know, the halal method produces more tender in fresh meat?" - Bob Velseb

Special Ability: Sickly Stare

Your presence becomes more and more known.

You start the trial undetectable.

Press and hold the power button to stalk.

Stalking survivors for enough time will make them "Aware"

Aware survivors will hear your terror radius like normal (32 meters)

Survivors who are aware will:

  1. Have a 6% reduction to action speeds (Repairing, cleansing, unlocking, sabotaged, healing)
  2. Randomly stop while doing an action to look around for 1 second
  3. Randomly get into chase even if the killer is not near them (Chase related perks will still activate for them)
  4. Randomly get difficult skillchecks that replace normal skillchecks

Survivors who are Unaware will:

  1. Have a 15% reduction in vaulting, pallet throwing, and unhooking speeds
  2. Not be able to hear your terror radius

While in chase with an Aware survivor:

  1. Gain a 4% Haste status effect
  2. Haste status effect is lost when injuring that survivor
  3. Bloodlust no longer gives haste, but instead makes your footsteps quieter (up until they are completely silent) and will also give the survivor increasing levels of deafness (Up until they cannot hear anything)
  4. Bloodlust is lost when injuring a survivor, but will be retained if chase is lost (however it will reset back to tier 1 if retained)

When in chase with an Unaware survivor:

  1. Chase music is toned down to a milder version
  2. Survivors immediately start chase with tier 2 deafness effect

Survivors who are aware will immediately become Unaware after 120 seconds of not interacting with The Butcher in any way. Interacting with The Butcher in any way will reset that timer. (this includes aura reading)

"Did you know if you eat a human brain, you'll get a disease similar to Mad Cow?" - Bob Velseb


Hex: Tender Treats

So many treats to eat.

After downing a survivor, a random dull totem is lit and all survivors become cursed with Tender Treats.

All survivors will now hear a faint terror radius at all times

Survivors who are injured with a basic attack while the hex is active will be inflicted with a 3% hindered status effect for 10/15/20 seconds

"Did you know.. many cultures consume blood for food... and that includes humans." - Bob Velseb

Hide N Seek

You don't mind playing a few games.

At the start of the trial, Hide N Seek activates for 30/25/20 seconds

While Hide N Seek is active:

You can no longer see auras of any kind, including generators

You no longer recieve loud noise notifications

Scratchmarks are no longer left by survivors

After this duration, Hide N Seek deactivates, and goes on cooldown for 40/50/60 seconds

While Hide N Seek is on cooldown:

Gain a 3/4/5% haste status effect while not in chase

Speed of breaking generators, pallets, and breakable walls is increased by 10/15/25%

Speed of picking up/hooking survivors is increased by 20/30/40%

All survivors become inflicted with the exposed status effect for 10/15/20 seconds after the deactivation of Hide N Seek

"Y'all don't know anything!... You can't escape from me... I will follow you until you are DE-" - Bob Velseb

Sinister Presence

You let your presence be known.

After downing a survivor, your terror radius is increased by 20/50/100 meters

Hooking a survivor will emit a fake terror radius that is 20 meters wide from the hook

"Maybe it's just a weirdo?" - Jaune

New survivor: Lila


Lila is a caring mother, using her personal perks, Close Call, Maternal Care, and Boon: Safe Space to help her team and ensure her own survival as well

Survivor perks:

Close Call

You sure have a lot of experience when it comes to danger

Gain a 15/20/25% increase in vaulting and pallet dropping speeds when within the killer's terror radius

Getting injured deactivates this perk and makes it go on cooldown for 30/40/45 seconds

"H-Hey! Want a candy?" - Lila

Maternal Care

When a survivor gets into a chase while you are within 5/10/15 meters of them, they gain a 5% haste status effect for 20 seconds

"Kids... you need to run..." - Bob Velseb

Boon: Safe Space

Survivors within the boon radius will be passively healed (at the rate of tier 1/2/3 self care)

If this boon is snuffed, it is permanently deactivated for the rest of the trial

This boon doesnt not make a directional noise and will overpower all other boon perks (Can only be used with effect)

Cannibalistic Tendencies' Add-ons:

Horn Headband: Common addon

"The headband of a costume, most likely stolen from someone"

Survivors who are Aware no longer suffer the action speed reduction

Gain 100% bonus bloodpoints in the Deviousness category

"Dude! What is your problem!?" - Costume Bob

Happy Fella Blob: Common addon

"An amalgamation of 2 burnt Happy Fella dolls, still radiates with the soul of a homicidal maniac"

Downing a survivor while they are Aware will instantly break any pallets within a 15 meter radius

"Hey! Hey kids! C'mon, i'm your Happy Fella! I'm here to make you happy!" - H. Fella (Dexter)

Mystery Meat Burger: Uncommon addon

Hooking a survivor will cause the survivor who has been interacted with the least to have their Awareness timer be fully reset

"You played Hide and Seek with him too, mom?" - Skid

Bag of Candy: Uncommon addon

Finding a survivor in a locker will cause them to scream, which makes all other survivors on the map scream as well.

"And if you win, you'll get more candy!" - Bob Velseb

Squeezed Lemon: Rare addon

Being stunned by an Unaware survivor will cause that survivor to become Aware

Being stunned by an Aware survivor will have that survivor's aura revealed to you for 5 seconds

"Ha! What're you gonna do? SEASON ME?" - Bob Velseb

Streber's Arm: Rare addon

Injuring a survivor will cause that survivor and all other survivors within 15 meter radius of you to become Aware

"....What..?" - Streber

Celebration Photograph: Very Rare addon

"A photograph showing a rather happy gathering at Boys and Grillz..."

Survivors who are Aware will now start to randomly see hallucinations of The Butcher hiding behind certain objects

Hot Bullet: Very Rare addon

Your lunge is increased by 20% when in chase with an unaware survivor

Breaking a pallet will cause all survivors nearby to scream

"Is he dead?" - Jack

Iridescent Cult Pendant: Ultra Rare addon

"Restored and new"

After injuring a survivor with a basic attack, all window vaults and pallets will be blocked for 15 seconds

Downing a survivor will cause them to become Aware

"Jesus ######### christ Jack!" - John

Broken Jail Bar: Ultra Rare addon

"This would never hold Bob Velseb"

All survivors start the trial Aware.

Unaware survivors will suffer from the exposed status effect for 20 seconds after becoming Unaware

Small Details:

Pallet breaking animation:

Bob bends over a stabs the Pallet with his knife 3 times, with the 3rd stab breaking it.

Generator grab:

Holds the survivor with his knife over their throat and pulls them off.

Locker Grab/Empty Locker check:

Stabs his knife into the locker and flings the doors open

If a survivor is in the locker, he throws them out of the locker with his knife and picks them up from the ground.

Post-Hook animation:

After hooking a survivor, Bob will lick all of his fingers on his left hand

Breakable Wall breaking animation:

Shoulder bashes the wall once, and then swings his arm into the breakable wall, breaking it


Bob lifts the survivor by the back of their shirt collar and then stabs them in the stomach, gutting them from the bottom up. He then tosses them to the side and licks his fingers. He stabs the survivors left hand, and pulls on it, tearing off their entire left arm and eating it. He then tosses the survivor's bone onto the floor near their dead body after eating the flesh off of their arm.

Made this as soon as I saw the new episode, if its a bit clunky its probably because i'm tired.

It's not halloween anymore, GoobyNugget.