Chapter Idea: Shadows from the past.

LancerCain Member Posts: 72

It would feature two old killers: Freddy and The Doctor as they were before the rework but with slight changes.

The Nightmare:

He will be almost as he was when he got released before the 2 weeks nerf, with this 2 buffs:

Not only him, but all Killers are able to pick up survivors when being healed.

Reduced transitioning time from awake to asleep.

The Doctor: He will have his old tracking power back but with a few tweaks.

Snapping out of madness will take longer.

Illusionary doctors will have hearbeat and stain and will run towards the survivors.

Illusionary survivors may appear as well, Auras of survivors being knocked down or being hooked may appear to try and confuse survivors.

They will share everything with their new versions, but their add ons will change their effects to old ones. When using old versions the colors of the characters will be paler.