Let's Be Real

DashMonsta008XV Member Posts: 611

Being real means being, yourself,being happy with what you have,not being disingenuous, because you want some one to like you or a calling it how you see it not someone's opinion.Standing up for yourself.

I don't know if this is allowed,but mods lmk

So I want to create this thread so people can vent out their frustrations with things in life,but mainly dealing with your sentence must start with I knew you were fake when?

I knew you were fake when, you said Silent Hill was your favorite franchise,and I asked you who's your favorite character from the series but you couldn't provide one name from the first game which is probably the most scariest.Every Silent Hill fan knows that and now I've seen you twice and you never wore princess heart once ,but Fengs Re cosplay.I knew you were a liar and fake from that starting point 👎