Struggling skillcheck feels laggy

AcelynnBen Member Posts: 1,012

it feels so laggy, it was fine in beta for so long and now that its released it feels extremely laggy, it honestly makes you miss

pc - steam

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  • AykDanroyd
    AykDanroyd Member Posts: 223

    Yup I posted the same thing. I'm even getting skill checks while on hook for the first few seconds.

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,063
    edited November 2022

    Feels off while being carried and I'm getting a couple extra skill checks after being put on the hook. I'm on ps4.

  • theTARNavsky
    theTARNavsky Member Posts: 135

    I actually like this "bug", gives me more time between the clicks lol

  • thebequh
    thebequh Member Posts: 25

    Posted the same thing.. it's harder to get progress, and sometimes the struggle circle winds up stuck in the middle of the screen for the rest of the match. It's likely a bug. People don't even know if it's a feature, but if it's getting stuck on the screen and then gives you no other skill checks for the rest of the game, I'm going to say that it's a bug.

  • HaybaleMS
    HaybaleMS Member Posts: 21

    Same here with the skill checks. Very slow and still able to hit a couple after I am on the hook. Very slow.

  • Keellaeth
    Keellaeth Member Posts: 22

    It works for me since yesterday. I don't know they patched it or not but yesterday it's solved.

  • MrS1xtynine
    MrS1xtynine Member Posts: 1

    Having this same issue on Xbox. Almost impossible to struggle free now.

  • TheSpectre
    TheSpectre Member Posts: 46

    Same for me on series x.

  • Akayaofthemoon
    Akayaofthemoon Member Posts: 19

    The update with a bunch of fixes just came out today and this has still not been corrected. I’m literally playing killer which I don’t do often because the wiggle is miserably slow and clunky. Please fix this!! T.T