Chapter First Fog

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Introducing two of the oldest faces, back in the trial, the entity applauds in the first seat! Welcome back.. Let's see who it is!

The Alchemist: Vigo

This Centuries Old Alchemist gifted with Alchemy and Arcane knowledge can change the trials to his favor and injure survivors in the Process

POWER: Blighted Alchemy

,, Having been so long in the Fog and expirementing with its, ingredients and arcane knowledge the Alchemist gained dangerous Control over the trials''

The Alchemist starts with 5 Potions and 5 Syringes with different Colors and effects that strengthen him, while damaging survivors and environment alike. He can refill it with stationary Alchemy brewing Tables or By injuring the Survivors for 2 Potions and Syringes.

Green: the Alchemist can throw Poisonous potions to inflict the Hindered status effect.Survivors that stay too long will lose 1 health state/ become deepwounded in the process

The green syringe: gives the ability to travel great distances in a feral rush or feral dashes with addons

Blue:damage generators over time and make survivors dizzy the longer they stay on the Gen, the more difficult the skill checks and the regression becomes

Blue syringe: damaging Gens makes them lose 10 % progress or more. And you damage them a bit faster.

Addons can affect the Gens differently

Red:on direct contact damages survivors and can break or block palettes, walls and vaults

Red syringe: become feral and gain faster vault speed as well as faster breaking and recovery.

Addons can make you jump over palettes or become boosted for 10/15 seconds and making the survivors exposed

(your suggestions for more colors and effects)

The alchemist cosmetics:

head: a collection of mask that can be earned by making scientific breakthrough (idea: challenges to unlock different masks) for example, screaming head, gas mask, and so on.. They are hidden under a hood similar to blight

Torso: an practical mantle, meant to store various things mixed with the proper protection ( he has an alchemist mantle mixed with some gloves and so on)

Weapon: Alchemist tools: the alchemist uses proper tools to cut him his ingredients.. Sometimes ingredients request fresh meat and blood

Mori:the alchemist injects himself with his current syringe, the survivor looks at him from the ground confused and screams as the alchemist begins to drain the blood from the survivor with an alchemist knife and a syringe. The survivor crawls from blood loss and vigo gives him an arcane mark that kills the survivor.


Alchemy in the Fog : your knowledge of the trials and your creativity has gifted you the favor of the can lock up to 3 Gens at the beginning in cages. Survivors can't work on these Gens. when 2/3/4 Gens are done, the 3 Gens become unlocked but every time the killer kicks or regresses them They regress x seconds faster and 5/7,5/10 percent progress gets Instantly regressed.

,, with the proper knowledge of these devices I can maybe use them to find a way out'' - vigo before his transformation.

Enhanced individual: your researches in the fog have enhanced your Body which the entity Gladly approves. you gain 1/2/2 stacks. Press the ability button (x on PlayStation, E, on PC) to gain a dark sprint for 2/3/4 seconds at 150%. You can't attack while in sprint.

(maybe a distance travel perk for killers, as written you can't attack its only for distance)

,, I copied the methods some of these monsters travel the realms, so I can reach my goal faster. I hope this compound works with as less side effects as possible '' - vigo as a survivor before his transformation.

Blood-bounty/Blood Magic:

The thrill for blood and reward has gifted you the entitys bless. After downing 4/3/2 survivors 2 random Gens regress 15 %percent instantly and you can see the auras of 1/2/2 survivors for 3/4/5 seconds. You gain a 10/20/25% bonus bloodpoints post trial

,, Some of these Monsters see something in blood that I can't, some were bounty hunters as far as I know. Maybe I can use it in my researches? '' - vigo before transforming.

Lore: originating from the same Terra world as the auris keeper (observers title) vigo the alchemist was an invented researcher in his thriving world. The mixup of arcane and alchemy pushed their civilization in an golden Era. But it wouldn't last long when dark thoughts befell their world and the council. A dark portal ripped open and unleashed claws and monsters that befell their world. Many fled into other dimensions, others got ripped apart. He chased confused after the auris keeper but he realized too late that the auris keeper ran straight through the portal. He found himself nearby a camp fire before the first trials began. After the trials he realized where he was and what that horror meant so he dug up his old researches and secretly plotted while surviving and dying trial after trial. His last trial, he opened a portal into the void and disappeared from the entitys curious eyes. Done. Hidden from the entity he searched a way through this dark collection of forgotten people, monsters and worlds, he scavenged what he could and opened more portals, his use of the arcane was a bad idea,when the entity found him again ,tempering with the void, it threatened to suck him dry and discard him like the rest he saw, vigo made a deal that the entity couldnt resist.,, inject yourself and we have a deal'' frightened vigo injected himself, and promised to hunt down the arcane gifted and everyone else so it can never happen again. The fog lifted as vigo pulsated with different colored alchemy.

SURVIVOR: Benedict baker

A gifted and old survivor that makes good use of the fog to heal himself and hide him as well as others.

The Arcane clouds: after doing situation x you can throw a gas cloud on the ground that heals you and mates for a short time. When the killer goes through the fog he suffers for x seconds from blindness

Ritualistic measures: after repairing x seconds a generator you can transfer its progress to instead heal you

Boon shadow eyes: you can bless a totem to see the, 1/2/3 furthest gens/ and totems/and chests. 1 gen reveals the other survivors aura to you and a random mate