[PC] Trapper can glitch himself on command.

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How to reproduce:

-As trapper, place a bear trap as close as possible in front of a hook. Then, hook a survivor on that hook.

-The hooking animation will stop midway, as you get caught in your own trap. The survivor will slide backwards and eventually stop, hovering in a random spot around the hook.

This can cause several issues, first and foremost the rescued survivor being in a different position once unhooked. Furthermore, survivors may not know how to react to the floating survivor, and that can matter if they have to make a run for either the normal position (which works as normal) or where the floating survivor actually is. The floating survivor may also step into another trap immediately after being rescued, as their position is shifted.

Worst case scenario occurred to me on the new map, the Decimated Borgo. In it, I was rescued and managed to get stuck into the hook. There was no way to interact with me, so the killer had to open the exit gates in order for me to die to the endgame collapse. I wasn't able to replicate it on any other map, but it is extremely incapacitating and gamebreaking once it occurs.

I made a video where I share footage of how to replicate it, as well as screenshots of my POV inside the hook, as well as screenshots of how the glitch looks from the Trapper's perspective.

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