New Exhausted Perk Idea: Cat Leap and Item Perk

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I'm sorry for my English.



When you are near a window or pallet use the ability button 2 to jump 50% faster, you exhausted for 40s.

-The extra speed works on all jump types (Slow, Medium or Fast) slow hop still no noise signal.



When you Rescue, Protection Hit, or Stun The Assassin, you gain 3 seconds where you don't spend charges from the item.

- Can stack up to 9 seconds.

-You can spend the seconds on any item, whether it has 0 charges or is from the ground or a chest. (the perk indicator is similar to the Clairvoyance perk)


What do you think? It is possible that a key with the addon to see the killer's aura will be a little strong.

Thanks for reading :D

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  • Cassiopeiae
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    I think being able to vault faster without having had any sort of sprint beforehand is quite fair so good idea imo.

  • FilthyLegionMain
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    Dedicated exhaustion perk to faster vaults, count me in.