I'm convinced changes to matchmaking have been made

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The past day or two have been abysmal in terms of game quality - as survivor, I'm suddenly out of nowhere going against constant Nurse after Blight after Nurse after Blight with the odd Artist mixed in here and there and in 75% of games being tunnelled out or camped at 4-5 gens left

As killer, I'm suddenly going against consistently high prestige survivors (probably seen about 7-8 P100s in the past 48 hours) who are insane at looping, bringing map offerings, multiple syringes in games, hook separation offerings, multiple luck offerings and my god is it draining

No matter which side I play currently, the game quality is absolutely horrible. Anyone else experiencing the same or is it just placebo and I'm getting super unlucky right now?


  • Nirgendwohin
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    It feels like they increased the mmr gain if you win and decreased the loss if you lose.

    Also my queue times are not instant anymore, despite the fact survivor is at 100%. so they might also have tighten up the mmr range for lobbies.

  • Grumblephant
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    I honestly haven't had a bad matchup on both sides. I'm not a serious gamer, more casual so on Survivor I don't get sweaty meta build killers and on killer side, my last stressful match was 10 games ago on Midwich with Legion. So yeah, I can understand if you wanna play hardcore, this new MMR style sucks, but I think it works for casual players. I guess Good luck and do your best with what you're given?

  • Rovend
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    Yesterday i played against

    Nurse - Nurse - Legion - Spirit - Spirit - Nurse.

    I only escaped in the legion game🤦.

    This is what i truly dislike about the present matchmaking.

    You are constantly playing against the strongest killers with the strongest addons being decimated while barely touching the gens.

    Then you might have one normal game against some mid-tier killer like slinger or bubba or trickster where you can actually play and try to have fun.

    But the moment you win once against the mid-tier, you are back facing the sweatlords.

  • Nirgendwohin
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    I'm facing the same killers (person) over and over again this evening. I'm not happy about that.

  • Marc_123
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    Yes, this evening is a lot harder for me too. Strong killers.

  • sonata93
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    I agree. I loaded into a lobby with a 3-man SWF yesterday (I knew because they had matching usernames) and went against a Billy. The poor guy didn't get a single hook the whole game and only managed a couple of M1 hits. Once the end game screen came up he only had Billy's three teachable at tier one, plus a couple of yellow addons. In contrast, the survivor builds were full of Dead Hard, Off the Record, CoH, etc (you get the idea), as well as purple flashlights and med kits.

    I was playing my P11 Yoichi, and I noticed the other three were P15 (Meg), P22 (Yui), and P45 (Ace), whilst the Billy had no prestige. Now I know people will say "prestige doesn't equate to skill", but I heavily disagree; someone who's spent enough hours in the game to accumulate the millions upon millions of BP's needed to prestige to these levels will undoubtedly have experience and a good game sense. I mention this because I see this happen A LOT when I play killer. For example, I played my Wraith before who I only had at P1, and got stomped by the survivors who were all really, really high prestige levels.

    Honestly, it makes me miss the old ranking system. It had its flaws for sure, but I felt the games were far more consistent in terms of skill level. The new skill-based MM just feels so chaotic and random.