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If BHVR made new mori for each killer but to get them you would have to pay for it in the store would you do it?

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    Personally for me no. I guess it would be better once they get that Mori finisher as the animations will be more often seen in general though, and the idea of customizable/buyable Mori animations is cool I guess

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    I would not

    But I'm sure there are plenty of people that would so I'm honestly kind of shocked they have never done anything like that. Especially given how creative you could get with some of the killer powers.

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    No way

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    Yes <3

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    They'd have to be amazing for me to even consider buying them, and even then it'd most likely still be a no.

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    If the mori looks good and I play the killer a decent amount, I don't see why not. However, every killer should have a good mori first before they bring out new moris to the store. This means, in my opinion, that Trapper and Wraith need newly updated default moris before they put new ones for them into the store.

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    Yes. As long as they're like 100 auric cells each or come in packs and not too expensive

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    Maybe for shards.

    Maybe the odd one for auric cells if it's my main and it's a particularly good mori. But price? Maybe 400AC tops?

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    Especially with the planned changes to Moris, I would not. If that goes through, then you would barely ever see them and be paying for something you only get to enjoy once in a blue moon, or you'd have to completely alter your playstyle to see it.

    Without the Mori changes, I'd still say no, though I'd get a bit pissy if the Mori animations were made shorter and more advantageous to use. Paying to get shorter animations that technically gave an advantage to those that paid for it would be a huge bummer. If they could be earned through in-game methods and not just through opening ones wallet, though, I'd be a BIT nicer about it, though paying to get any kind of gameplay bonus is still a no-go. And ya, I know that licensed characters have that issue with perks. I'm not a fan of that.

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    Yeah, probably.

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    I've been saying they should do this for years.. I guess they don't want even more money...

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    No I wouldn't. Next year DbD might just mori itself.

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    Something similar to cosmetics

    If they were available for shards and auric cells, I'd probably save up my shards.

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    Give Trapper and Wraith real Mori's, we can discuss anything else afterward.

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    Not for USD, but for High amounts of BP or some Irishards yes.