Can someone please explain what the issue is with Kindred as described in today's Bugfix Patch?


In the patch notes for today's bugfix patch, under "Known Issues" it says:

  • The Killer’s Aura does not properly appear while Kindred is active if the Hooked Survivor did not equip the Perk.  

Now, does that mean it's not working for the survivor that has it equipped if the hooked survivor is not using Kindred as well? And if so, what does it mean "does not properly appear"? Like is the aura not extending to it's meters length from the hook? Is it stuttering out? Is it not fully outlining the killer? Like what kind of vague issue are we dealing with?! I'm a killer main but planned on doing some archive challenges tonight when I get home and playing SoloQ, I ALWAYS use Kindred. Don't tell me I waited 2 weeks to have the cursor bug removed from PS5 only to have a new bug for Kindred aka one of the most valuable perks in the game for SoloQ.