So Poppy Playtime has an early access 1v6 asymmetrical game

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I just learned about it today. It's called Project: Playtime. I'm watching someone play it and I just wanted to talk about it since there's some interesting things the game does over DBD.

The survivor team has to solve these boxes which contain 3 simple mini-games. If the killer interrupts someone in the middle of doing a mini-game the progress is reset for that mini-game. Personally I kind of like this objective system, because there's more reward for interrupting the objective while also not just being a hold button for a long duration. Once you complete the minigames you get an object to deposit to create a toy. Once the survivors finish 3 toys, they can call the train for escape. I also believe if there's 1 survivor left, the train automatically comes as sort of a hatch mechanic.

Survivors take 3 hits to down and don't seem to have any way to regenerate health. Some areas slow down the killer, there are also doors you can pull off to temporarily close the path. Once you get downed the killer drops you into a hole and another survivor has to extract you. Killers can technically camp the holes for extraction, but since the only instant down mechanic I know of is being grabbed out of a locker, it's possible to extract someone while being attacked. There's also a limit to the number of times you can be "hole'd" so you'll die if you go down too much.


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    Saw your thread and looked into it on Twitch - and immediately got turned off by the aesthetics.

    i really don’t get why no one tries to do an asymmetric game like DbD/Friday 13th -without the initial tie to a license. You can learn so much from these games and the criticism/feedback they got… but somehow all these asymmetric horror game are repeating the exact same mistakes or have some weird design direction like this toy thing..

    edit: just realized this may sound way too harsh against this game, that’s not what I meant though. It might still be good for what it is and tries! It’s just not for me personally. And as I understand it, it’s a multiplayer spinoff for an already existing franchise, so there is already another target audience I am sure that enjoys this game!

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    I watched some, its basically just child games like Simon says and remember.

    Game looks good tho, but not a game I think will last.

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    I'm not trying to suggest that this game will be the new dbd. I just thought the way they handled the main objective is just a better system.

    Asymmetrical PvP is just not an easy game to get people to play. Despite DBD managing to last all these years, it's still hard on new players trying to play it.

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    I just thought the way they handled the main objective is just a better system.

    Im not sure its better, we will see how many people enjoy playing against it for long time.