Can't see, feels like I was blinded by a CSGO flashbang

Thralfazuz Member Posts: 165

Went to Polls, out of curiosity, but when I see the options to vote, I can't see the text, the button is white and the text is also white, I don't know if that just happens to me or is it bugged?

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  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 21,967
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    Unfortunately this is a bug that's been raised to our hosting company, there's nothing I can do on my end to fix this I'm afraid (I have tried). It's a waiting game right now for when they will do an update to it - and unfortunately with this being the holiday period, I do not expect it to change until sometime in January :(


  • jajay119
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    Same for me. As the poll grows it turns black to show engagement but the choice to have white on white wasn't a great idea.