Eternal Horror - Chapter Concept

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New Killer: The Devil

An Incapacitating killer, which can immobilize Survivors and lock them up with no place to run using his power, Shade of The Vale.

His personal perks, All Eyes on You, No Hideway and Athazagoraphobia, make him able to mimic Survivors, see what they see and pressure others while in chase.

Name: Matthew Lavoie

Gender: Male

Nationality: French Canadian

Power: Shade of The Vale

Power Attack Type: Special Attack: Orb of Dread

Weapon: Switchblade

Terror Radius: 32m

Speed: 4.6m/s

Height: Average


An occultive techniques that can bring dread and fear from another world and open the gateways for the Black Vale.


Press and hold the Power button for 1.5 seconds to immediately throw the Orb of Dread at the direction you are looking. (it means that if you look down, it'll go down, if you look up, it'll go up.)

The Orb will roam at 20 m/s speed and go through objects.

When the Orb hits Survivor Successfully, Your power gauge will charge up and the Survivor becomes Startled.

STARTLED: Survivor won't be able to move for a given period of time, deactivates when a survivor loses a health state.

  • Initial Startled: Survivor gets staggered for 3 seconds.
  • Subsequent Startled: Survivor becomes Hindered (8%) for 10 seconds.

After Throw, you receive cool-down of 1 seconds.

While the Orb is still roaming, you can instantly teleport to the Orb's location by looking at it. It will destroy it and consume a certain amount of charges.


When your Power gauge is full, press and hold the Active Ability button for 3 seconds to initiate Lockdown.

Lockdown causes to create a 24 metre radius Sphere that will deny any survivor to get in nor out.

Survivors in the Sphere suffer from Subsequent Startled effect for as long as they are in it.

Lockdown lasts for 20 seconds.

Power Gauge:

Capacity: 100 Charges

Passive gain:
Number of injured or dying Survivors in Trial:

0 Survivors: +0.3 Charges per second.

1 Survivor: +0.6 Charges per second.

2 Survivors: +0.9 Charges per second.

3 Survivors: +1.2 Charges per second.

4 Survivors: +1.5 Charges per second.

Active gain:

Successfully putting a survivor into the Injured State: +35 Charges

Successful Orb of Dread Attack: +20 Charges

Teleportation to Orb: -25 Charges


Common Add-ons:

1. Destroyed Flip-Flop: A rubber Flip-Flop of the cult's victim, which was the tourist, they had it when they were going to abandoned mansion.

  • Increases the Sphere range by 6 metres.

2. Stained Tissue: Tissue found in Matthew's room, it's stained with blood.

  • Decreases the Sphere range by 6 metres.

3. Triangle Drawing: A simple triangle drawing that haves various meanings.

  • Decreases the Initial Startled duration by 1 second.
  • Grants 100 % Bonus Bloodpoints for Shade of the Vale Score Events.

4. Used Ticket: A ticket that Simon used to travel to Canada.

  • Increases the Lockdown duration for 5 seconds.

Uncommon Add-ons:

1. Bloodied Pencil: A pencil which Simon recently sharpened, it was supposed to be used for the sketching, but it was used for self-defense instead.

  • Increases the number of Charges added to the Power Gauge for injuring a Survivor by +35%.

2. Club Invitation Poster: The Club Invitation Poster of the occult club that was pinned on the wall in school, it was decorated with crow feathers.

  • Increases the number of Charges added to the Power Gauge for hitting a Survivor with the Orb by +50%.

3. Forbidden Chronicles: The notes that were on the Simon's desk, those are lists of missing people and theories about The Black Vale.

  • Decreases the nurmber of Charges consumed by 40%, after teleporting to the Orb.

4. Hacked Phone: Phone of the cult's victim, which was the popular influencer. It was sending disturbing messages, due to Paranormal Activity.

  • Increases the Subsequent Startled duration by 2 seconds.

5. Leather Suit: A leather suit, decorated with metal spikes, it's very heavy for it's wielder.

  • Survivors suffer from additional 2% Hindered, when Survivor suffers from Subsequent Startled.

Rare Add-ons:

1. Antidepressants: The container of the antidepressants that was supposed to help Matthew, it was opposite.

  • When initiating Lockdown, all Survivors within your Terror Radius scream, revealing their location to you for 3 seconds.

2. Blingy Necklace: Simon's Necklace with a Jigsaw piece that he keeps almost all the time, a symbol of Simon's Aspergers.

  • After teleporting to the Orb, gain the Undetectable Status Effect for 15 seconds.

3. Energetic Drink: An energetic drink that makes you energized, but then you drop dead like a sloth.

  • Increases the Initial Startled duration by 1 second.

4. Rusted Knife: A rusty knife of the cult's victim, which was the school jock. It was used to threaten others.

  • While Survivor is injured and gets Startled, they suffer from Haemorrhage and Mangled Status Effects until healed.

"Like a predatory beast, it can smell and track blood."

5. Slice of Gateau: A slice of the Gateau with a note next to it.

  • Increases the Passive Charge rate for when Survivors are injured by +50% per second.

"For you... Simon. - Your Best Friend."

Very Rare Add-ons:

1. Bloody Skull: The Skull covered in fresh blood, Simon fell into despair.

  • Increases the Orb roaming speed by 10 m/s.

2. Exclusive Comic Book: The last part of the "Eternal Horror" that was perfect to end the story, but it was never published, causing to make a huge cliffhanger.

  • When the Orb hits Survivor Successfully, Survivors drop their Item they may be carrying.

3. Simon's Sketch: A perfect sketch representing "The Entity" as a spider-like creature.

  • After teleporting to the Orb, gain the Haste (10%) Status Effect for 10 seconds.

"There's something more evil watching us from beyond and I know what it is, it's coming for me." - Simon Rutkowski

4. Valueable Sketchbook: The Sketchbook of Matthew's sister, a reminder of the day before she disappeared.

  • While Survivor is Startled, their aura is revealed.

Ultra Rare Add-ons:

1. "Expose The Evil": Simon's journal that describes every journey in The Bleed, when Matthew read it once, it changed his perspective to the world.

  • While Survivor is Startled, they suffer from Exposed Status Effect for 10 seconds.

"What is this..."- Matthew Lavoie

2. Iridescent Pen: A reflective pen moulded from The Fog itself, which writes with very shiny ink.

  • When the Orb hits Survivor Successfully, all Pallets and Vault locations within 16 metres of that Survivor's location is blocked for 10 seconds.

"Dreams come True." - Simon Rutkowski



You always try to be like your favorite idol.

When you hit the Obsession, All Eyes on You activates and that survivor stops being the Obsession.

While All Eyes on You is active, you are granted with Undetectable Status Effect.

When another survivor loses a Health State, that survivor becomes the Obsession, then All Eyes on You deactivates.

All Eyes on You goes on cooldown for 55/50/45 seconds.

"Notice me, Please notice me..."- Matthew Lavoie


Your sensitive personality fulfills you with anger to those who expose you.

Whenever your aura is revealed, the aura and location of survivor that revealed your aura is revealed to you for 2/3/4 seconds.

"Heh... Who will save you now?..."- Matthew Lavoie


Your fear is being forgotten. Their fear is not forgetting you.

While chasing the Survivor, Athazagoraphobia activates.

While Athazagoraphobia is active, the following effects are applied to all Survivors within your Terror Radius:

  • Increases the Rotation speed of Generator Skill Checks by 50%.
  • Increases the Trigger odds of Generator Skill Checks by 10%.

Athazagoraphobia remains active for 6/8/10 seconds after the chase has ended.

"I can't... I can't let you win, not on my watch!"- Matthew Lavoie

New Survivor: Simon Thaddeus Rutkowski

Simon Rutkowski is an popular Comic Book Artist, which desperately wants to solve the disappearances of his fellow Comic Book Artists.

His personal perks, Artful Dodger, Inventorious and Protector, allow him to outrun anyone after cleansing a totem, carry both items at once and protect his teammates by risking his own safety.

Gender: Male

Role: Comic Book Artist

Nationality: Polish



You always go out from every tense situation and you don't want to remember it.

After cleansing a Totem, Artful Dodger activates.

While Artful Dodger is active, gain 3/4/5 % Haste Status Effect.

Artful Dodger deactivates when losing a Health State by any means.

"I can see my own problems, but it's none of your business."- Simon Rutkowski


Your hoarding lifestyle has its pluses.

While having an item, Press the Active Ability button 2 to store it, or equip it.

While having an item and you have stored one, you can switch between them.

You can only have 2 items at once.

Increases the item efficiency by 6/8/10 %.

"I always make sure that everything comes in handy."- Simon Rutkowski


You risk your own safety to help those who are in danger.

While Healthy and in 16 metre radius of the Injured Survivor, Protector becomes active.

Protector shields that survivor from going down the next time they take damage.

Survivors can only be shielded by one instance of Protector after triggering it, until being put into the Dying State.

After Protector has been triggered, your aura is revealed to the killer for 5 seconds and you become injured and suffer from the Broken Status Effect for the next 30/25/20 seconds.

Protector has a cool-down of 90 seconds.

"See, I'm not that guy who doesn't give a fu(k."- Simon Rutkowski

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