{DBD Survivor} Jenine Walker


{DBD Survivor} Janine Walker

Chapter Name: Dived too deep

Lore: from the beginning Jeanine had always been fascinated by the deep expanses of the murky depths of the sea. At age 6 Janine had learned how to swim. At age 12 she went to her first fishing chip and caught an entire snapping turtle by accident.

And then she started getting into biology and more specifically oceanology. She was always in wonder with what the ocean floor could have held  

The first opportunity she got to maybe have the chance to explore the depths of the ocean first hand she jumped on it immediately.

It was originally supposed to be a one-month mission into the deep expenses of the sea.

The submarine had been nicknamed the SS Hadalpelagic, named after the deepest known depths of the ocean floor. But its real name wasThe Midnight Zone Explorer.

 It was never really that comfortable being in the base. The cramped spaces The way too small rooms and the endless research needed to be made. 

Janine had gotten to know all of the crew mates she was surrounded by she had made friends with most of them and the others just tolerated her 

The person that she found the most curious was her roommate Rachel she didn't seem to want to be there at all

But every time you have ever tried to prod at her roommate she would always struggle or get violent So Janine learned to stop prodding. The mission was originally just supposed to be one month.

But one month turned into one month in a week

One month in a week turned into two months

2 months turned into 4 months

And that turned into an entirely Unaccounted for year 12 endless months of Constant missions into the depths of the sea floor but Janine didn’t mind she loved the ocean so much that she was able to look past the monotonous cycle of seemingly useless missions. Every moment Janine had close to the sea was a good moment for her. 

Every small thing was fun for her 


They were onto something else entirely. The people that were guiding their missions had found something extraordinary. An undersea trench that was deeper and deeper as the mission carried on. Their missions wouldn’t stop until this trench was reached. Due to the seemingly unique signals coming from it. It could be a huge breakthrough As Janine had been told. The depths of the sea were so vast It was so much more extraordinary and huge than Janine expected. 

But as the days went on the crew became more weary of it. As if their submarine was riding closer and closer into something that was just too deep under the sea floor.

But Janine had made the best of it. She was a cadet, she was a diver and she always enjoyed going into the ocean depths. But that's when the orders came in 

"Go deeper they said" the captain said to a sturdy woman named Samantha Quinn. They were not used to getting such strict orders like this: No wiggle room, no things left up to interpretation.

"I wonder what they mean by going deeper?" Janine said she knew what they meant but how deep could they go there's nothing down there she's gone diving many times All there is at this point are microscopic fish and blue whales and maybe the occasional giant squid but nothing of note.

"We're not meant to question their reasoning. We just have to follow orders" Samantha said while paging in order to the crew piloting the submarine. 

Janine went back to her room and laid down as she tapped the bed above her "Did you hear that They said we have to go deeper" The crewmate above her groaned at their insistent roommate Rachel a woman that had a lot more authority over the crew she was Samantha's right hand woman "I don't care about that orders I just want to get this over with so I can go home I've been down here for almost a year and we've gotten nothing done a little study here and there we're not even allowed to go back to the surface." Unlike Janine, Rachel hadn't embraced the endless vast expanses of the ocean. Janine smiled Is she laughed at her fellow crew mate 

"Come on, keep your chin up. It only gets better from here. Maybe we should go on a diving mission together," Janine said with a smile as she stood on her bed and leaned onto the bunk above her. Rachel glared at her. "I don't need to keep my chin up I just have to get my job done then get out of here Why don't you Go somewhere else and leave me alone"

Janine was honestly upset by her response but at the same time she didn't expect anything less from her roommate. Janine obeyed Rachel's wishes and left the room she wanted around the base for a bit until she came to the moon pool. This was her favorite place to be. She was started when she heard a noise behind her and she quickly started around seeing another crew mate there, 

Jack Torrance. He's a can-do guy with a can-do attitude and he knows how to make someone smile. "Thought I'd find you here.. staring into the moon pool again huh?" Janine shackled as she looked out into the deep abyss of the moon pool "I think one of the other divers forgot to close the moon pull up That's why I'm here" Jack let out a laugh as he sat by Janine dipping his legs into the water "Right you are You know Samantha would have a cow if you did a little bit of diving without her approval." 

Janine smiles as she looks at her fellow crewmate "Are you cleaning those diving suits?" Jack looked off to the side making a fake shocked face "Now how on earth did those get there I mean I guess we could try cleaning them maybe from the inside if you wished" Janine laughed as she stood up she's done this tons of times millions of times and she starts putting on the diving suit "How did you even get your hands on these Samantha doesn't give away the key to these suits Willy " Jack chuckles as he looks at Janine "Do you want to ask questions or do you want to see how deep we're going down?"  

When they both got their diving suits on they both figuratively held their breaths as they both jumped down into the moon pool The tubes connecting to the ship started pumping oxygen into their suits As they stared into the abyss. *Oh my God Do you think we might be heading to the hadalpelagic zone of the ocean?" Jackal laughed "You think that we might actually get to the bottom of the ocean Now that's a laugh and honestly I'd be entertained to see what that would be like" Janine laughed as she looked into the glittering abyss 

The millions of microscopic organisms. Creating their bioluminescence to either attract mates or just know their way around "Why do you think they're telling us to go deeper?" Jeanine asked. Jack shrugs "hell if I know Samantha won't tell me anything I know there's more to the order than what she's telling us though."

The two of them drifted there as the submarine slowly lowered itself into the oceanic depths. "You know at this rate the pressure from the sea is going to crush the submarine…" jack laughed as he nudged Janine "Hey if that happens maybe we can use Samantha's inflated ego to get us to the surface" 

Janine snorted as she punched the side of Jack's suit. "That is so mean. You know there's microphones in these suits. She could be listening to us right now." And then they heard it a siren of sorts but it sounds more like a deep rumbling echo going through the depths of the abyss the crew have found themselves in. "Whales? That should be impossible, we're too deep for sperm whales to go?" 

Janine looked even more concerned because unlike Jack she heard it more clearly It wasn't a whale call It was more like a groan Janine let off a nervous chuckle as she started swimming back to the moon pool "We should head back It's not safe for us to be down here for too long" Jack looked at Janine with a sad expression as he started swimming towards her "Oh come on You can't be afraid of some weird sound The ocean is wide maybe it pod just swim above us and they all bellowed at once. That should create enough sound to reach down here". 

Janine let out a sigh as she still felt concerned but she didn't want to seem like a buzzkill "That does make sense but I want to get back to the moon pool so I can get some rest probably going to have to do another dive once we reach where mission control wants us to go exactly" 

Janine finally breached the moon pool as she looked around "Samantha hasn't caught us yet I guess we got off lucky" 

As they both look around they look forward and see the familiar face of Rachel "What are you two doing here I don't believe Samantha gave you two permission to be diving" Rachel said we'll snarl at her fellow crewmates. Janine let out a sigh of defeat as Jack groaned "Come on Like we were totally just observing if the ship was going down correctly you know" Rachel furrowed her eyebrow and looks at Janine "I'm disappointed that you went behind Samantha's back to do this Do not know how unsafe it is to be diving at this time the ship is moving down You could have gotten yourselves killed." Janine sighs as she looks at Rachel "I'm sorry but we just wanted to see what was out there We wanted to see if We could see exactly what we're diving for The orders are so strict and weird What else is there to go down for" 

Rachel sighs "We just need to follow orders there's no need to question things You're just a diver You're not someone who's meant to question their job" Janine holds her chest genuinely hurt. But that hurt turns to frustration as she pokes Rachel's chest "I may be a bit of an airhead and I may like to go with the flow but that doesn't mean I want to go into things blindly. You're one to talk. You're always questioning "Why are we even here?" "Rachel steps back surprised at her roommate's aggression. She's Not used to seeing Janine acting like this but she returns back to her stern demeanor "I will not tell Samantha about your disobedience Just please go back to your room you two. Janine's size quietly as she walks over to the lever beside the door of the moon pool

Jeanine Grabs onto a lever located beside the door and pulls it as some metal shutters start closing down the moon pool As a voice in the intercom says "moon pool closed" Janine's looks down disappointed as she looks at her wrist and clicks on the device "I closed the moon pool Samantha" The communicator went to static for a moment but then it came back online "Good job I Don't know why it took you so long but get back to your room and get some rest we're going to have a long day tomorrow" 

Janine nods as she looks at Jack "get some rest you. you need to keep that award-winning smile energized up" Jack laughs as he humoredly walks away "gatch ya. and good night Captain buzzkill Jack says as he bumps into Rachel while walking out of the moon pool. Janine looks at Rachel as she tilts her head "Come on Rachel We have to get some sleep tomorrow's going to be a big day" Rachel looks at Janine "I have to do a few more routine checkups so get some rest" 

Janine shrugs as she heads to bed 

As the night goes by Jeanine wakes up is she hears the sound of it again The weird bellowing sound The growling Janine size as she sits up on her bed she grabs the mermaid alarm clock located on her nightstand and realizes she's been sleeping for a solid 9 hours "Jesus almighty I can't believe I've been asleep for so long…I guess I'll be a well rested for today's missions" And then she hears it again The bellowing echoing growling. And then she looks into the bunk above her "Did you hear that Rachel I-" Janine  was caught off guard as she looked at The empty bed above her. Janine Assumed that Racheal was just off to the Cafeteria Racheal had a tendency to Skip meals to avoid dining with everyone. Janine sighs and stands up to turn on the lights but the lights won’t click on. Janine tilts her head as she looks at the device on her arm “The breaker room has been compromised?!” 

Janine stared at her device as she got numerous notifications all at once. All error messages and all of them written in a language she doesn't understand. Quickly Janine grabs her utility flashlight and rushes out the ship is dark and empty. Janine walked through the empty ship as she found the elevator and gets inside while contacting Samatha “Sammy come in Sammy the breaker room has been Compromised” the radio goes to static then she hears it the weird groan again but this time its not muffled by the vast expenses of the sea. Iit sounds like talking a unintelligible speech that made Janine feel light headed. She turned off her communication device as the elevator took her to the first floor of the submersible. as the doors opened she saw something outside the windows a huge presence was moving past the submarine as her radio went off “Janine!” Samantha Yelled as Janine jumped at the sound of her radio. Janine quickly held the radio to her mouth “What's going on Sammy why is everything so dark what happened” The radio went completely silent.

As Janine walked down the dark hall of the sea base she heard the sound of dripping and the familiar growl echoing through the base and she Heard the sound of a loud hissing. "Did a valve break? That's not good. I have to seal up the valves before we're surrounded by excess oxygen and suffocated" Jeanine quickly raced it down the halls as she found the oxygen room she saw that was completely sealed off Samantha's key card had locked it. "Samantha what the hell? I guess I have to go to the captain's room first" Janine rounded the corner so she could get back to the elevator and that's where she saw something else entirely.

She saw Rachel holding a harpoon in front of the elevator she was currently stabbing into the console of the elevator's keys causing it to spark and spitter. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Janine cried out immediately regretting making her presents known as Rachel slowly turned around blood coating her diving suit and face as the harpoon was dripping red crimson. "Rachel what did you do? Where's Samantha? Where's Jack…..?" Janine started to step back as Rachel stepped forward and began to speak "It spoke to me It told me about inconceivable things……. It wants me and it also wants you." Janine walked back "What are you talking about?! What wants me? What wants you? Why are you doing this?!" 

Quickly Janine turned around as she started running quickly she could hear the sound of Rachel's footsteps following her quickly behind. Jeanine quickly ran down the stairwell trying her best to keep up a quick pace. Janine got to the bottom floor of the submarine and started running to the moonpool When she was grabbed by the back of her hair by Rachel. "RACHEL LET GO OF ME!" Janine screams while kicking and flailing at her crew mate. Rachel held the harpoon up getting ready to bring it down onto Janine's stomach. But before Rachel could bring the harpoon down suddenly Janine saw Rachel convulse as electricity was coursed through her body As Samantha stabbed a stun rod into her back "JANINE RUN!!" 

Samantha yelled as she locked her arm around Rachel's neck and tossed her over her shoulder. Janine booked it and she looked behind her and saw Rachel smacking Samantha with a blunt end of the harpoon concentrating back on Janine. Janine ran to the moon pool and closed the door behind her. Janine slid down The doorway, her breathing becoming heavier as the air started filling with more and more unneeded oxygen. She'd heard the sound of Rachel yelling behind the door but she completely tuned out the words she was saying.Janine started finding it harder to breathe, Quickly she started putting on one of the suits and grabbed an oxygen tank and put it on her suit so she could breathe clearly. From the door she could hear the sound of the keypad being activated and she heard the sound of Rachel opening it and then Janine dived into the moon pool hearing the sound of Rachel's frustration behind her.

When Janine jumped into the moon pool instead of floating in an abyss her feet touched solid ground. She looked down Surprise "We made it…. Are we at the bottom of the trench?" Janine looked left than right confused about where exactly she was until she looked forward and saw an undersea cave. Despite the pitch blackness of The water she saw a cream colored glow coming from deep in the cave. Janine starts adventuring towards the cave hearing the sound of that familiar groan coming from it. Janine ventured closer in the distance behind her; she could hear the sound of another dive suit breaching into the water. 

When Janine went into the cave The water was thick and milky. Not exactly muddy it was white as if there was a fog under the water. As she ventures deeper into the cave suddenly she finds herself coming upon an incline going up. She got down on all fours and started crawling up the incline The stony path of the cave floor making it easier for her to climb. Above the surface of the water she saw an orange glow…. fire? Janine breached The surface of the water and looked forward to the fire in front of her as she crawled out of the pool expecting to be surrounded by an undersea cave and said she found herself deep in a forest…. With a campfire in front of her. 

And when it started to clear up she felt a weird warmth touch her face as an orange glow illuminated in front of her as she saw a campfire.


Braving the Abyss:- your Skilled at not panicking when all odds say your in danger and your confidence and cool mind spreads to others 

You have gained the ability to resist the urge to scream and you have the ability to see the Aura of Survivors who have screamed for 10 seconds but if survivors are in a 8 meter radius around you they won’t scream either

Text: “there's no point in panicking you fools we have a task at hand now get to work” -Samantha Quinn

Diving Deeper:- when you are in a dire moment the true strength and adrenaline kicks in. when needing to make a quick snap decision you have gained the strength to do so

When in chase you have the ability to click the active ability button when in 4/5/6 meters of a pallet or window vault. The survivor will lunge towards the pallet and throw it behind them or dash towards the window and vault over it

This will cause Exhaustion for 40 seconds

Text:”Just a little further! We can’t give up, it's not the end!” -Jack Torrance

{Boon}: The Voyagers heart:- Your heart beats louder than a drum and you’ve become in tune with the sound{Radius 35 Meters} 

When a survivor is in this Boons Radius they are able to see a visual representation of the Killer's Heartbeat. The Survivor will see a Red Pulsing effect happening in the direction the heartbeat is in.and this will reveal the heartbeats of Undetectable Killers .

Text: ”My heart is racing and its Exhilarating!!” -Janine Walker