Fan-Made Chapter rework: The Underground V3

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Was not happy with the last iteration of Howley's kit, had some new ideas to rework him and a lot happier with it. Redid the addons as well, now to draw and fix the other chapters.

New Survivor: Chelsea Eriksson is a free-running prodigy, focused on getting back at the Killer and vertical evasion. Her personal perks Trip Wire, Bull Rush, and Ledge-Grabber allow her to fight back if the killer vaults, vertically evade, or even charge into the Killer directly.

Trip Wire

Teachable Chelsea Eriksson Perk

Look at them, easily falling for some of the oldest tricks in the book.

After repairing 40/35/30% of a Generator, Trip Wire will activate. Performing a rushed Vault over a window will cause the following to occur:

• The Noise Notification will not alert the Killer

• You see the aura of this window for 60 seconds

When the Killer vaults this window while Trip Wire is active, they are stunned for 3 seconds instead of vaulting.

Bull Rush

Teachable Chelsea Eriksson Perk

You've dealt with oppressive forces long enough and know how to handle them.

Performing a rushed vault over a Window or Pallet into the Killer will stun the Killer for 3 seconds.

You become the Obsession.

Bull Rush decreases your chances of being the Killer's initial Obsession.

Bull Rush has a cool-down of 60/50/40 seconds.


Teachable Chelsea Eriksson Perk

Years of free-running are really starting to pay off.

Fast vaulting a window above a great height will allow you to grab onto the ledge for 6 seconds before dropping. Pressing and holding the action button will pull you back up over the window. Tap the action button to immediately drop to the ground.

Ledge-Grabber causes Exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds.

New Killer: The Animal, Paul "Howley" Scott is an internet-savvy hobbyist who cyber-stalks his victims under the guise of a friendly mascot. His personal perks Obsessed With You, Dark Web, and Hex: Always On Edge allow him to toy with his Obsession, find stealthy Survivors and keep those busy with objectives alert.


Height: Tall

Weapon: Burglar's Rusty Pry

Speed: 105%

Terror Radius: 48 metres (Only discernable while affected by the Blindness status effect.)

Lullaby (Whistling): Entire Map


Obsessed With You

Teachable The Animal Perk

I've been watching you for a very long time, did you really think you can escape me now that I have you?

You become obsessed with one Survivor. Chasing the Obsession for 9 seconds will hide their aura from other Survivors. Hitting your Obsession will damage 3 Generators with the most repair progress, instantly losing 6/8/10% progress. If the Obsession enters the Dying state, Survivors repairing Generators will be faced with a difficult Skill Check. Succeeding the Skill Check adds an additional 5% repair progress.

When the Obsession dies by any means, the most repaired Generator is instantly completed.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

Dark Web

Teachable The Animal Perk

I can hear you, I can see you, no matter where you are.

Every quiet action performed outside your terror radius will reveal the Survivor's aura for 4/6/8 seconds.

Hex: Always On Edge

Teachable The Animal Perk

Every thing that goes bump in the night is me.

A hex that manifests the fears of those affected by it.

While this hex remains active, every time a Survivor succeeds a skill check while repairing Generators, the following will occur:

• The Survivor will hear an approaching terror radius for 4/6/8 seconds

• A nearby locker will open and slam shut, creating a Loud Noise notification

Survivors that succeed Great Skill Checks will not trigger these effects.


General Killer Perk

Something about seeing those eyes... brings great dread.

Survivors that witness you within 16 metres will scream, revealing their location to you and interrupting any actions.

Ommetaphobia has a cooldown of 32/28/24 seconds for each Survivor.


Power: Incognito

The Entity creates a deep connection with you and the Lockers that surround the trial, connecting them through a dark network only accessible by you. Incognito starts with 3 charges, press and hold the action button to enter a nearby Locker, granting you the Undetectable status effect. While inside a locker, reveal the auras of lockers near Generators and Survivors. Pressing the special action button will instantly teleport you to the selected locker and consume a charge. Pressing the power button again or 6 seconds after consuming your last charge will cause you to exit your current locker.

Special Ability: Hacking

Staring at Survivors while inside a locker for 4 seconds will mark them as Hacked. Hacked Survivors are afflicted with the Hindered status effect and will have a 20% Action Speed penalty to Healing and Repairing for 30 seconds or until they enter the dying state. Hacked Survivors can enter a locker for 2 seconds to remove the effect.

Special Attack: Abduct

Pressing the attack button while inside a locker will cause you to lunge forward 9 meters, attempting to grab and pull a Survivor back into the locker with you. If the locker you are dragging the Survivor back to is occupied by another Survivor, you will injure the Abducted Survivor instead and will be stunned for 3 seconds.

Special Interaction: Abduction

If a Survivor enters any of the lockers you interacted with during a single use of Incognito, you will immediately exit your original locker, automatically carrying the Survivor.


Add-Ons for Incognito

Common Add-Ons

VPN Flyer - A mailed flyer for a safe VPN service used by the masses.

 - Incognito has an additional token.

Buggy Link - A clickable link that doesn't appear to do anything when clicked.

 - Reveals the Auras of Survivors that interact with Generators near lockers for 4 seconds.

Dirty Paw-Gloves - A pair of dull-colored, fluffy gloves covered in remnants of food and dust. 

 - Increases the range of Abduct by 3 metres.

Work Address - The address of someone's place of occupation with office and desk location.

 - Increases the duration of Hacked by 6 seconds.

Quik-Charj NRG Bar - A premium brand of energy bar with only a bite taken out of.

 - Reduces the cool-down of Incognito by 2 seconds.

Filthy Wired Mouse - A mouse with a broken left-click button that seems to be covered in something, hopefully just food.

 - Grants 100% Bonus Bloodpoints for Abduct Score Events.

 - Healthy Survivors are left injured inside lockers instead of you carrying them when using Abduct.

 - Injured Survivors can still be grabbed by Abduct.

Uncommon Add-Ons

Targeted Web Data - A collection of someone's data for personalized advertisements.

 - Incognito has 2 additional tokens.

Fan-Made Web Link - A link to a slow, buggy fan-site.

 - Reveals the Auras of Survivors that interact with lockers for 4 seconds.

Muddy Paw-Boots - A pair of dark-colored boots in the shape of large paws covered in dried mud and mulch from a flowerbed.

 - Increases the range of Abduct by 6 metres.

IP Address - The numerical label assigned to someone that recently connected to a public, unsecured network.

 - Increases the duration of Hacked by 12 seconds.

Stale Granola Bar - An old, half-eaten snack bar that has since dried up, found in someone's backyard.

 - Reduces the cool-down of Incognito by 4 seconds.

Rare Add-Ons

Unsecured Public Network - High-speed Wi-Fi that someone connects to during their lunch breaks from work.

 - Incognito has 3 additional tokens.

Social Media Links - The links to all of someone's social media profiles.

 - Your aura is revealed to Survivors inside lockers, but they will become exposed for 60 seconds when they leave.

Bloody Mascot Head - A well-made animal helmet that has seen repeated blood splatters across its fur.

 - Increases the range of Abduct by 9 metres.

Home Address - Someone's address written on the back of a photo of their front door.

 - Increases the duration of Hacked by 18 seconds.

Moldy Energy Bar - A fuzzy snack bar found inside someone's attic. 

 - Reduces the cool-down of Incognito by 6 seconds.

Very Rare Add-Ons

Stolen Passport - The missing passport of someone that recently went on vacation.

 - Incognito will always send you to Lockers near generators that are no longer regressing.

Extra Costumes - A key to a warehouse filled with costumes that aren't covered in dirt and blood.

 - Hacked Survivors that repair Generators are faced with continuous Skill Checks.

 - Missing these Skill Checks will cause an additional 2% repair progress lost.

 - Grants 300% Bonus Bloodpoints for Hacked Score Events.

Suspicious Email - A curious email someone opened that installed hidden drivers onto their home network.

 - Loud Noise notifications triggered from missed skill checks will grant Incognito a token and send you to the nearest Locker if used within 9 seconds.

Disheveled Package - A heavy, taped-up package someone found on their doorstep early in the morning.

 - 3 random Lockers within the trial will project an image of you or a survivor exiting them whenever Incognito comes off cool-down.

 - Grants 100% Bonus Bloodpoints for Incognito Score Events.

Bugged Smart-Home - The spoofed smart-home device someone ordered last week.

 - Exiting Lockers that contain Survivors will call on the Entity to trap them for 18 seconds.

Ultra Rare Add-Ons

Sublet Room Key - The key and advertisement for someone's sublet room.

 - Hacked Survivors will project your terror radius to Survivors suffering from the Blindness status effect.

Stolen Keepsake - A sentimental object taken from under someone's bed.

 - Survivors within 16 metres of a locker when you perform an Abduct special attack will suffer from the Exposed status effect for 30 seconds.

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