Chapter Idea: Alice Madness

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A questionable wonderland, made into reality by the Entity itself. Based on the licensed Alice series, which is a horror version of Alice in Wonderland.

New Killer:

Killer: The Red Queen

Name: Queen of red heart

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Dark brown/black

Eye colour: Green, sometimes red.

Power: Army of cards

Weapon: Tentacle Hands

Speed: 115%

Terror radius: 32 m.

Origin: Alice’s mind.

Picture is just for reference.


The red queen is a combination of Alice’s worst emotions made into a nightmare come true. Ready to torment the souls of those around her, and establish herself as queen of everything. Now brought to life by the entity to rain ever hell upon survivors.

Power: Army of cards.

The red queen comes with the ability to get close to a survivor and wrap her tentacles around them. Sucking up their emotions to progress her special ability move. During this process survivors can struggle free, or recieve help from other nearby survivors, to slow her down from powering up.

The grab will count as a hit regardless, so if you’re already injured and struggle free from her grip, you will be downed on the floor.

Once the Red Queen fully powers up herself from a survivor, she will be able to use her Trump card. With a swift press of her special ability button she’ll scream at the top of her lungs ‘’off with their heads!’’

As 3 cards will be summoned up from the ground. Two of the cards will function similar to nemesis zombies. Just roaming the map, until they either die by a pallet or get re-summoned by the queen's ability.

The third card called the Executioner, will be your way of turning the tide of the match. Controls from the Red Queen's get switched over to this abomination. While controlling the executioner, it will work similarly to Leatherface’s chainsaw, as he swings his scythe around, downing anyone coming near with no cooldowns, charge up or fuel. The executioner will be briefly interrupted when hitting a pallet (breaking it in the process) or bumping into walls and obstacles. It will not be stunned by pallets.

The executioner can be controlled for 35 seconds, before the power runs dry, and the Red Queen will need to power up again. The Red Queen will teleport to where the executioner left off.

(This killer is a bit of a combination of nemesis, myers, twins and leatherface admittedly, but could possibly still be fun. The cards from Alice in Wonderland are so iconic, that I couldn’t leave them out. How long it takes to power up is a little hard to determine, as I do not know how strong it will be in practice.)

Mori: Squeezes the life out of the survivor using her tentacles before opening her mouth gaping wide and swallowing the survivor whole.

Killer Perks: 

1. Hex: Chaos embedded.

While this hex is active. Any skillcheck missed by survivors will have harsher consequences.

If a survivor misses a skillcheck they lose 8% progress on that generator.

Missing a skillcheck while healing will result in 40%/50%75% progress loss.

Does not affect killer tools that use skill checks (pig trap ect)

2. Scourge hook: Perplexed machinery:

Whenever you hook a survivor on a scourge hook. All generator progress will be switched to a randomly selected new generator. The progressions will stay the same.

The generator with the highest progress will be revealed to you for 1/2/3 seconds.

3. Creeping Madness:

You become obsessed with breaking the mind of your victim.Whenever you hook a survivor, the obsession feels the consequences.

2 hooks: Blindness.

4 hooks: Exhaustion.

6 hooks Oblivious.

You can only have one obsession. If a new survivor becomes The Obsession, the status effects will carry over to them.

New survivor:

Name: Alice Liddell

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Dark brown/black.

Eye colour: Green

Origin: England

Picture is just for reference:


Alice went through traumatic experiences in her past. Causing her to lose touch with reality and entering her ‘wonderland’. Which turns out to not be as wonderful as it once was.She battles for dear life with the monsters in her head. Alice quickly found out there’s more to her mental state than just the horrors in her head. Now swooped away by the entity to a new nightmare. Alice will question her mental state even more than ever before.

Concept of how it could possibly look ingame.

Survivor Perks: 

1. Missing in the mist:

"Wonderland has become quite strange. How is one to find her way out?"-Alice-

By a press of the active ability button you may turn into a faint mist for 5/6/7 seconds. Gives the exhaustion effect. Breathing and grunts is raised by 25% when activated.

While you’re nearly invisible, scratch marks and sounds can still be seen and heard. The killer can also walk into you, as another means of knowing you are there. Cannot be activated near generators.

(This is a very controversial perk that I am willing to switch out. The idea is when you walk around a corner, you could pop this and confuse the killer for a second to walk past you. Some would inevitably see this as overpowered, unfitting or just useless. If it turns into too much of a heated debate I will switch it out for something else, but for now I like to think of it as a new type of exhaustion perk. Let me know your opinion)

2. Boon: Papilio ulysses:

"Is it mad to pray for better hallucinations?"-Alice.

While this boon is active. All grunts are silenced by 80%/90%100%, within a 26 meter radius of the boon.

3. Mind connected:

"Another day, a different dream perhaps."-Alice.

While working on a generator, you channel your inner connection with the realms between. Reveal the aura of one randomly selected survivor who is working at another generator for 10 seconds. Goes on a 20/15/10 seconds cooldown, before you see any auras again.


Alice comes with no shortages of cosmetics they could do. Some more fitting than others, but nonetheless great:

New Map: 

Wonderland of horror.

A chaotic combination of Alice’s wonderland mixed with the mental ward and depressing London alleys, made into one by the Entity. This map is mostly an outdoor map. With one small building for the asylum.

Closing Notes: 

I do not own this license. This is just a concept idea I made, since this is a chapter I would love to see come to Dead By Daylight. All rights go to the original owners.

Alice Madness is a horror game that came out in 2000 and 2011 with its sequel.


The old games have a specific style. These styles would likely have to change a bit, if it ever made its way into Dead By Daylight. Due to being a bit cartoonish.


I have never played these games myself, so apologize if I butcher any lore. (Planning to try it out soon) These games just caught my interest, and made me want it pretty badly. Plus I've been loving the idea of fairy tales/folklore being added to dbd lately. If anyone questions why Alice isn’t the killler. She’s just a normal human girl outside her own mind. No powers at hand, and she’s not really evil. Which is why she’s the survivor and why I think she fits just fine for this game.


Some adjustments might be needed for certain perks and powers. Let me know, and we can adjust it together. I struggled pretty hard with the killer. There’s not a lot of bosses from the games befitting of dbd, but I always wanna add a killer with these concepts.

I upload all my ideas first on steam.

As always. Wish you all a great day, and remember! We’re all mad here!