How would people feel about a Siren/Hypnotist/Psychologist killer?

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I had the idea of a power.

It would work on stages like the doctor, but would be a bit harder to apply reliably.

The base idea is that every 30 or 45 seconds you could entrance ..say.. survivors 16-32 metres away in a radius around you.

These survivors would be stunned for a second (animation locked) and then walk towards the killer for 3 seconds per stage, of which stages are applied every time the respective survivor is entranced.

This means instead of survivors just holding W to move forward, they have to pay close attention. If theyre too close to the killer, they would need to consider running but accidentally being entranced.

This also however offers the killer little power in chase, so effectively the killer would watch a survivor, get to a suitable range, and use the power.

This leads to counterplay being moving TOWARDS the killer rather then away, as being entranced for 3 seconds may seem a minor inconvenience, this increases by 3 each time you are and there is no currently thought way of removal for stages. So if you are close you need to learn how to avoid the killer without getting too far away.

This is my idea for a killer power that would apply a hopefully new kind of pressure.

I am open to the fact other people likely have better ideas but i really wanted to see what people think of this idea

I have no current ideas for add ons or perks but i could definately see.. say.. range increases/adjustments as add ons.

Please feel free to reccomend changes or share a similar idea.

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