Oh wow, BHVR supports ethnic discrimination now?

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"Monkey from monkey country"

"Another stupid Russian"

"So are you Russian? Then everything is clear"

"I hope you turn to dust with your country"

"Subhuman from the undercountry"

I receive such messages literally every day when I play dbd, simply because I am from Russia.

Moreover, my friends from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus also receive such messages on a regular basis. Simply because they have some inscriptions in Russian in their profile too.

Of course, most often these are people offended by life with a narrow worldview, who simply do not like to lose, so I do not hold a grudge against them. They will get smarter with time. Maybe.

The day before yesterday I received another such message in the post-game chat:

I don't waste time on such stupid dialogues, so I just left, after which I received a message in my profile "I took a screenshot, enjoy the consequences"

"Funny, there were only your chauvinistic statements in the chat, but you still decided to threaten me. If anyone should be responsible for something here, it's only you." - I thought then.

And imagine my surprise when I go into the game today and see this:

Imagine, Instead of banning THIS PERSON, they banned ME lmao

It turns out that we are for equality and against any harassment, as long as you are not Russian. Is this what reality looks like behind all your beautiful words, BHVR?


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