Been playing red dead redemption 2 again

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  • Shaped
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    I play rdo ocasionally. Fun game.

    Shame they barely put any content into it compared to gtav.

    But it looks gorgeous and can be relaxing. Unless I'm chugging those t3 tonics and chewing minty big game in pvp unbalanced as dbd.

  • humanbeing1704
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    I haven’t played red dead online since launch was absolutely boring

  • Phasmamain
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    I put over 1000 hours into RDO (Only game I played more was dbd itself). Wish Rockstar hadn’t abandoned it tbh

    Story mode is a masterpiece though and definitely rockstar’s best work

  • tippy2k2
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    I could not get into RDR or RDR2. I tried! I played them both but for whatever reason I just couldn't get into either of them :(