Chapter concept with 3d models: A light in the dark chapter

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Hello everyone! recently decided to create some concepts and continue to practice my 3d modeling skills. And here what i did. (models not as far as perfect as in the game, but at least could be a concept art).

Killer: Warden

Killer's Power: Overtorture

Basic modifications of your body maybe not very advanced, but enough to use basic and effective tortures on your victims.

Press primary ability button to unleash a light torture on survivors, making them blind if light will affect them directly in eyes, and make it less effective if survivors evade a flash.

Press your secondary ability to unleash a sound torture inside your terror radius and make your victims unable to hear anything for some time. That ability will allow you to do a silent approach to them.

My thoughts: Blinding skill suppoused to be a loop counter since at small/mid pallet loops survivors have direct eye contact on killer and vice verca. Sound torture suppoused to work as a stealth ability, but little better, because standard untetectable status still can give away a killers position (nemesis footsteps, executioner blade sound etc.) this one designed to eliminate even this giveaway.

Combined active skills suppoused to be a chasing power. First you soundshock survivor and start chase, and if survivor need to know where killer is, that person need to turn around...with a risk to be blinded.

Killer's perks: 1) Scourge hook: Old ways of torture

Survivor being unhooked from this scourge hook suffers a red skill checks on generators. Hitting a normal skill check will regress generator for 2/3/4% and hitting a great skill check will not recieve regression and not give any additional progress.

This effect exist until survivor lose a health state.

2) Chain reaction

When a healthy survivor fail a skill check on generator, other generators being repared will explode recieving 3/5/6% of regression

3) Observation

You can see survivors endurance status effects after being in chase for 12/10/8 seconds. Red aura shows that survivor is exhausted, and more it become normal, than less % of exhaustion debuff remaining. Observation effect will dissapear after the end of chase.

Killer's backstory:

Preston Wallton was a troublesome boy iven from a childhood. Small thiefts and regular fight was an ordinary occasions in his early school years. But he wasn't an ordinary trouble maker, he was also an examplary student, with favorite subject being history. So a lot of his deeds was ignored, after all it wasnt something bad.

Turning point in his life became at 17 years, when he got his first jail sentence. It was just 15 days. Nothing special at first, but it was a special 15 days. Warden of this jail was very into his job. He thought that just sitting here wasn't enough to correct people's bad behaviour. He loved to turn light on and off at night, and hit iron bars with his baton, or valk around with his boots with steel plates, making disturbing noises. The idea was to tell this rascals, that this place is not a resort between their deeds.

Time goes on, but even in his meaningless life from 3 days jobs and small crimes in between, Preston found few hour in a week to read and watch some historical videos. Especialy he prefers ancient times and Spanish inqusition times. He was fascinated by unique torture devices, like Greek bull boiling torture. It was very clever and effective, but too complicated in his opinion. Some tortures are more simple and no less effective...

Finaly that time comes. Preston has nowhere to go, but in a military service. In 2028 a 22 years old troublesome guy join's a US army. After 2 years of service he stayed in army and became his violent world tour. For the sake of holy democracy of course. He didn't care why though. He has a roof, or tent above his head at night, regular food and good payment after all, other matters doesnt matter at all.

In one of the combat encounters Preston's group take some captives, that certanly posseses valuable information. Local interrogator tried all of his best tortures, but all was a waste, captive almost died, that unacceptable! And that was his moment. Preston voluntereed to asist in interrogation. He remembered one of his jail times with that warden, and tried exaxt same trick with a light, not a special light torture that CIA uses, just a simple one. Captive suffered from epileptic revived...and another one... He succeeded in his task.

Now he is asistant interrogator, a nightmare for prisoners of war. later he become main interrogator in his division. Even members of CIA comes to his chambers of blood, trying to exchange methods of torture, trying to teach him of some electric impulses, made by missing doctor long time ago. Preston didnt like it, too complicated.

Than this night happens. It was darker than ever, with a black fog around. Preston got a new very important prisoners, they possesed very valuable info for their troops. Of couse he succeeded. But in a moment everything goes wrong. Prisoners of war started a prison break. Trained soldiers are more dangerous than regular humans. No one knows where they get explosives and 2 guns, how did they gather info about arsenal. This all doesn't matter. All that matters now, is a almost dead body of Preston. Suffered from explosion, without hands, part of his face is melted, lungs too. He almost dead...with a valuable information.

Thats where modern techs come to shine. CIA made researches of human augmentation for a long time already. Now they have a body. It's a chance not only to create a first cyborg and get more money for research, but also to save that info he have. Knowing the story of the remains on their table, they made augmentations they thought he will like.

it was a success.

there is a CIA secret facility where they keep prisoners. Some old people says that previously it was a old Penitentiary. Owner of this facility was brutally murdered by some headhunter, or something like that. It become empty and abandoned, until long hands of one goverment organisation takes old building for their needs. Kind of similar to its roots. And in the walls of this prison appear new warden. Half metal monstrosity with a spotlight instead of one eye, loud dynamics in his mouth and neck, and metal boots...everyone hears every step ot this creature. Every step inflicts fear in everyone hearing this, even his own personel. Thats how it goes for years and years...

And this night happens again, with even more dark fog around. Prison break happens again, this time with help from outside this time. Massacre begins. Explosions, shots and fire everywhere. Warden goes berserk. Didnt use firearms he tears everyone with his metal hands. Destroyed their skulls and rip bones from bodies with simple moves. Even when one of his arms broken, it didnt stop him. Preston deattached it from his body and started to swing it like a weapon. Bloodbath continues, until darks fog appears everywhere, consuming everyone and everything.

After fog dissapears there was a slaughterhouse. it was a miracle how this not very big building has this much of people inside, or it was outsiders? Doesn't matter anymore. Main concern was dissapearing of a valuable prototype, dissapearing of warden.

Survivor: Jesus Alvares

Survivor's perks: 1) Martyr

Being obsession in a chase gives others a gen speed repair increased for 2/3/4%.

After being killed or sacrificed by any means, other survivors received a 5% gen repair speed buff.

Increase chances to become obsession.

Only 1 Martyr buff can be applied in a game.

2) Beacon of light

Every 40/35/30 seconds all survivors see auras of each others for 4/5/6 seconds.

3) Attonement

You will have 4 tasks to do at the game, for compliting a task, you will recieve small buff. Doing all of the tasks will buff your existing buffs from this perk.

1 complited task will reward you with reducing volume of your footsteps by 30/35/40% and 50% if all tasks complited.

2 complited tasks will reward you with additional 5/6/7 seconds for your hook stages. 9 seconds if all tasks complited.

3 complited tasks will reward you with ability to pick yourself up for 8/9/10 seconds 1 time, after this you will be downed again. after complition of all tasks gain 1 additional usage.

4 tasks will improve previous buffs.

Tasks to do: fully complete 1 generator, rescue 2 survivors from the hook, rescue other survivor from being carried by killer and cleanse 1 hex totem or 2 dull, or 1 hex 1 dull.

Survivor's backstory:

Jesus Alvares was born in a poor family in Mexico. From the early age he started to do shoplifting, pickpocketing and drug selling for cartel. And as every kid, who has this start of his life, he s goal was to be a part of a Kartel. He wishes himself a easy life, full of luxury, money and women. All of this, that he saw in movies and heard from thuggish adults in his neighborhood. 

Well...part of his wishes was heard and kartel takes him under its wings. Of course for a long time he just complete small errands and still sell drugs on the street. Almost everyone who did this tasks end up in jail early or get a fatal shot from rivals, and thats what almost happens, Jesus takes 2 bullets in a chest from a hit&run from rivals. During that event, he protected his high rank with his body. Few hours later he was in a underground hospital. Everyone expected him to become another waste. 

But he survived.

His deed didn't gone unnoticed. From now on he became more trustfull member of a kartel and started to collect income from street waste, such as he was before. Still no owned house, luxury or anything he wishes. At least food and cloth was little better. Jesus watching high ranks riding expensive cars, drink expensive alcohol, surrounded by not one, but two or more women, thats gives him a hope that one day he will have all of this. No hard work again, no poor life again.

Years passed. Jesus became a warden. His new task was to look after the chemist's at their cocane factory. They was located in deep forest, separated from the whole civilization. All workers was almost as slaves, as prisoners. Only difference was TV, better food and women once or twice in a month. Jesus realized, that all he is doing, is for nothing. He participate in slavery and poison creating just for few people above to has all what he wants. And he realized that even he is a trusted member of kartel, a warden, he is almost same slave as this workers he looks after. He cannot leave this place, he cannot leave kartel.

One day, with some of the workers and his fellow thugs under his command, who also was dissapointed in life they choose, he start to planning the escape. He has access to weapon storages so it was easy to arm his allies. Only thing they needed is a boat to escape in other country. So they wait for next shipment.

And this special night happens. This night was darker than ever. There was a fog, unusual dark fog. Jesus and his rebels attack other guards and take over a boat that came for their powder. In this massacre fell a lot of people, a lot of his fellas... and he got another fire wound. In adrenaline rush he still fight, even with a hole in his stimach. When the boat was taken, he fell unconscious. 

Boat arrived to Brazil. Some people died from the wounds. Their bodies now rest in ocean.

But Jesus survived, again.

Rest of surviving group moved to Argentina. They were desperate. All gold, powder, guns that they have, was sold on the way. Food almost gone, same for water. Wounds still hurts. 

Four desperate souls walks to nowhere on a road of redemption.

Finaly road leads to small village in the mountains. It was recently founded near discovered coal mines. Few more hands was needed here to build and farm, and those four strangers come in handy.

Thats how their new life started. New country, new home, new names. Jesus became known as Juan.

Jesus participate in a building of church. During this he found himself new friend, father, mentor. He became studying christian religion and help in any way possible in church, attoning his sins of the past. Later he found a love and get married, have a children. Interesting turn of live, for a long time he chases luxury in a thug life, but found happines in small village.

Time goes on. Padre passed away, Jesus became a padre himself. Padre Juan. 

Life goes on. Jesus continued to be a servant of god, being their beacon of light, helping people, curing their souls, still helping village with builds and farming. He is beloved member of their community. Everything is perfect.

Until one day.

Some strange people starting to appear in village. Gathering at church during processions. Jesus didn't care about it, he thought that they are real religious people. And later there was a showdown.

One morning Jesus woke up and was on a way to his church. In front of it there was a lot of people with guns, gathering villagers together. One of them start speaking. He reveal that their beloved Padre Juan has a different name, that he was a part of a kartel and was involved in drug stuff. And reveal how they found him after all these years...His friends that run with him startel to do shady buisness again...and have all their buisnes talks in his church. And they recognize his tatoos on arms. Kartel never forget.

This time there wasn't a massacre, no one wanted unnesessary attention with another country. they needed just to punish traitors. Sinse Jesus become a religious man, they decide to crucify them.

There was a unusual night. Darker than ever. Same dark fog again. When the sun showed up, fog dissapears. Revealing 3 corpses and one empty cross. Jesus was nowhere to be found. Shocked villagers had a different thoughts. Some thought he was punished more brutaly for his treason to kartel, others thought that he was ascended, like a martyr from old books.

some additional pictures of them could be found at my artstation page

Hope you enjoed reading all of this)