New Killer Idea

Shanmao Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

I've always had a love for Scottish folklore. I myself have found a love for the Celtic monsters of legend, but during my research of tales made, I found one which talks about the cannibalistic killer Sawney Bean. Though the name sounds silly, the tale tells of this man is gruesome, as not only he, but his entire clan (that of 45 members) would hide out in a cave by the shores just south of Glasgow. Ambushing their targets, dragging them back to their cave to feast upon them, and repeating the prosses as they were never caught until one of their victims escaped and word spread to the King of their deeds.

The character themselves would be interesting. Seeing as they're human, they'd probably be slightly taller than a survivor, seeing them hunched over, creeping across the fields, weaponless, as they'd be a stealth killer. Similar to that of Myers in Tier 1, this Killer would always be in undetectable, having a speed of 110, and perks centering around survivors entering the dying state. As for special abilities, despite his wife and children being made into cannibals like him, having another killer with lackeys/npc's/switch-offs would be too similar to other killers already out (and too recent since The Knight). My idea would have to be that when you're in the Dying State, the Killer can do something special to you, marking you with their ability. (some insight/ideas would be nice to see as that might help this idea expand a bit).

This idea was really the prodigy of two things: First. I love Myers Tier 1 as I can scare the Christ out of people; since I'm always undetectable, but in that Tier I'm slower than dirt, forcing me to use "Play With Your Food" just to get a speed boost, and I lose it the moment I attack. Second. I have a love for my Scottish heritage, and while The Blight is also noted as a Killer from Scotland, He doesn't really look the part as his cosmetics are more... bri'ish, and is simply his place of origin instead of being a Killer based off a Scottish tale (and Sawney Bean is a horrifying figure that would fit the role of a Killer). But as the idea grew I started to like it more and more. So I'm hoping people like this idea enough for it to go somewhere; if not, that's fine, it can still hold up mental space in the back of my mind. Thanks for reading!