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Posting just the perks from my fanmade chapters here for easier reading. Wondering what kind of builds can come from some of these with the perks currently in game.


-Turns out Marvelous Engineering wasn't so marvelous, removed hook interactions and changed the token costs to fit.

-Boon: Ghost in the Machine now has a cap and can no longer complete generators.

-Reworked Sins of the Many to block generators, increasing as the game progresses.

-Changed Condolences to Dead Man's Hand,

Survivor Perks

Marvelous Engineering

Teachable Magdalene Springer Perk

Hundreds of instruments and it fits so easily in a pocket!

Successful Great Skill checks grant Marvelous Engineering a token, up to 3/4/5 tokens. Tokens can be spent on several things through the Special Action button for the following effects:

• Spend 1 token to increase the Generator's repair speed by 50% for 5 seconds.

• Spend 2 tokens to open a chest instantly.

• Spend 3 tokens to instantly repair 10% of a Generator.


Teachable Magdalene Springer Perk

It's a quiet life out here, too quiet some days.

Whenever there are no healthy or injured Survivors within 48/36/24 meters of you, your aura is hidden from the killer.

Durable Generator: Restoration

Teachable Magdalene Springer Perk

The crank turns to move the pistons and they keep running reliably, incredible!

At the start of the trial, a random generator is changed into a Durable Generator:

• The aura of the Durable Generator is revealed to you in white.

When this Generator is repaired, you gain 50% increased healing speed for the remainder of the trial.

Every injured Survivor that helped repair this Generator will gain 50/75/100 % healing progress.

Trip Wire

Teachable Chelsea Eriksson Perk

Look at them, easily falling for some of the oldest tricks in the book.

After repairing 40/35/30% of a Generator, Trip Wire will activate. Performing a rushed Vault over a window will cause the following to occur:

• The Noise Notification will not alert the Killer

• You see the aura of this window for 60 seconds

When the Killer vaults this window while Trip Wire is active, they are stunned for 3 seconds instead of vaulting.

Bull Rush

Teachable Chelsea Eriksson Perk

You've dealt with oppressive forces long enough and know how to handle them.

Performing a rushed vault over a Window or Pallet into the Killer will stun the Killer for 3 seconds.

You become the Obsession.

Bull Rush decreases your chances of being the Killer's initial Obsession.

Bull Rush has a cool-down of 60/50/40 seconds.


Teachable Chelsea Eriksson Perk

Years of free-running are really starting to pay off.

Fast vaulting a window above a great height will allow you to grab onto the ledge for 6 seconds before dropping.

Pressing and holding the action button will pull you back up over the window.

Tap the action button to immediately drop to the ground.

Ledge-Grabber causes Exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds.

Durable Generator: Tough as Nails

Teachable Mohab Nazari Perk

At the start of the trial, a random generator is changed into a Durable Generator:

- The aura of the Durable Generator is revealed to you in white.

Every time this generator is damaged, the initial repair progress lost is reduced by 30/40/50%. Whenever this generator is regressing, it loses repair progress 50% slower than normal.

When this Generator is repaired, your grunts of pain are reduced by 50% for the remainder of the trial. Your grunts of pain are not reduced while affected by the Exhaustion status effect.


Teachable Mohab Nazari Perk

Whenever you are rescued from a hook or unhook yourself, Entombed activates for 30/45/60 seconds. Entering a locker while Entombed is activated will force the entity to hold the doors shut, preventing the Killer from interacting with your locker. Pressing the special action button will cause the Entity to release your locker prematurely, allowing you to exit but will deactivate Entombed.

Booby Trap

Teachable Mohab Nazari Perk

After repairing 30% of a generator, Booby Trap activates. Enter a locker and press the special action button to trap it. Pressing the special action button while outside a locker will activate all trapped lockers within 60 meters, opening and slamming each locker, creating a Loud Noise notification and stunning the killer if they are too close. You can trap 1/2/3 lockers at once.

Weathered and Ruggedized

Teachable Reuban Campbell Perk

Hindered effects on you are reduced by 30/40/50 %. These effects are extended to all other Survivors within 8 meters of your location and will linger for 8 seconds.


Teachable Reuban Campbell Perk

Foraging activates when cleansing a totem. Picking up a Survivor from the dying state when Foraging is active will give that Survivor a Makeshift Medkit. If the Survivor is not empty handed, their item will be placed on the ground before them. Makeshift Medkits act as Basic Medkits but are limited items that disappear at the end of the trial.

Durable Generator: Hard Reset

Teachable Reuban Campbell Perk

At the start of the trial, a random generator is changed into a Durable Generator:

• The aura of the Durable Generator is revealed to you in white.

Every time this Generator is damaged, all Survivors working on other Generators are faced with a difficult skill check. Succeeding these skill checks grant 3/4/5 % repair progress. Missing these skill checks will not alert the killer or lose additional progress.

When this Generator is repaired, your repair speed is increased by 5% for the remainder of the trial.


Teachable Deaglán Mac Thaidhg Perk

Your use of herbs and techniques refresh those you heal. When healing other Survivors, the following takes place:

The Exhausted status effect recovers 50/100/150% faster for the Survivor being healed.

You recover from negative Status effects 100% faster.

You and the other Survivor's Auras are hidden from the Killer.

Boon: Ghost In The Machine

Teachable Deaglán Mac Thaidhg Perk

A boon that requests the aid of spirits. Press and hold the Active Ability button near a Dull or Hex Totem to bless it and create a Boon Totem. Soft chimes ring out within a radius of 24 metres. Blessing a totem with this Perk will cost the Survivor a Health State. Generators inside the Boon Totem's range benefit from the following effects:

Generators regress 25% slower.

1 Generator not regressing will gain 1% progress every 10/8/6 seconds up to a maximum of 95%.

You can only bless one Totem at a time. All equipped Boon Perks are active on the same Boon Totem.

Shrine of Blood

Teachable Deaglán Mac Thaidhg Perk

Through careful sacrifices, you grow ever stronger. When every other Survivor is injured, dying, or hooked, you will heal one Health State after 24/18/12 seconds. Shrine of Blood has a cool-down of 60 seconds.

Increases the odds of becoming the Killer's initial Obsession by +100%. The Killer can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

Durable Generator: Lightbringer

General Survivor Perk

At the start of the trial, a random generator is changed into a Durable Generator:

- The aura of the Durable Generator is revealed to you in white.

When this Generator is repaired, all Survivors that assisted with its progress will have 5/10/15% increased repair speed and the haste status effect for the remainder of the trial. 


Killer Perks

Sins of the Many

Teachable Baroness Perk

He will protect his loyal faithful.

Everytime a survivor is put into the dying state by any means, the furthest 2 generators are blocked by the entity for 5/7/9 seconds.

Everytime you hook a survivor, the duration generators are blocked increases by 1 second.

Dead Man's Hand

Teachable Baroness Perk

What hand your dealt with, will kill you in the end.

At the start of the trial, 2 survivors are given Aces and have 2/4/6% increased repair and healing speeds. Also, 2 survivors are given Eights and have 4/8/12% reduced repair and healing speeds. You will not be able to discern which.

When a survivor holding an Eight is put into the dying state, the most progressed generator will spark and lose 5% progress. When you hook a survivor holding an Ace, any generators not being repaired will begin regressing for 15 seconds. Killing a survivor will reshuffle the remaining survivors' cards.

Hex: Deed to the Land

Teachable Baroness Perk

Keep out! Trespassers will be drawn and quartered.

A hex that lays claim to the surrounding lands. Whenever a Survivor is hooked, all vault locations within the trial are blocked by the Entity for 6/8/10 seconds.

When this totem is cleansed, all vault locations are blocked by the Entity for 24 seconds.

Obsessed With You

Teachable The Animal Perk

I've been watching you for a very long time, did you really think you can escape me now that I have you?

You become obsessed with one Survivor. Chasing the Obsession for 9 seconds will hide their aura from other Survivors. Hitting your Obsession will damage 3 Generators with the most repair progress, instantly losing 6/8/10% progress. If the Obsession enters the Dying state, Survivors repairing Generators will be faced with a difficult Skill Check. Succeeding the Skill Check adds an additional 5% repair progress.

When the Obsession dies by any means, the most repaired Generator is instantly completed.

You can only be obsessed with one Survivor at a time.

Dark Web

Teachable The Animal Perk

I can hear you, I can see you, no matter where you are.

Every quiet action performed outside your terror radius will reveal the Survivor's aura for 4/6/8 seconds.

Hex: Always On Edge

Teachable The Animal Perk

Every thing that goes bump in the night is me.

A hex that manifests the fears of those affected by it.

While this hex remains active, every time a Survivor succeeds a skill check while repairing Generators, the following will occur:

• The Survivor will hear an approaching terror radius for 4/6/8 seconds

• A nearby locker will open and slam shut, creating a Loud Noise notification

Survivors that succeed Great Skill Checks will not trigger these effects.

Static Charge

Teachable Ghoul Perk

Kicking a generator will cause it to be automatically damaged again for 5% repair progress after 8 seconds. The second application of damage will not cause the generator to begin regressing on its own.

Static Charge has a cooldown of 30/25/20 seconds.

Hex: Dry Winds

Teachable Ghoul Perk

A hex that draws its power from the relentless sands.

When Survivors are injured, they are affected by the Hindered and Exhausted status effects for 16/20/24 seconds.

The hex effects persist until its hex totem is cleansed.

Deadly Attraction

Teachable Ghoul Perk

Whenever healthy Survivors are within 4/6/8 meters of each other, their auras are revealed to you for 4 seconds.

Deadly Attraction has a cooldown of 12 seconds.

Hex: Full Moon

Teachable Rake Perk

A hex that strengthens your connection to the moon.

While this hex persists, survivors in your terror radius are highlighted in white when in your line of sight.

When this hex is cleansed or blessed, all Survivors are incapacitated for 12/18/24 seconds.

When a Survivor is sacrificed to the Entity, and a Dull Totem is available, this Hex will be rekindled.

Hex: New Moon

Teachable Rake Perk

A hex that strikes the fear of the dark into those around it.

While this hex persists, survivors outside your terror radius are shrouded in darkness, obscuring vision further than 36/30/24 meters from them.

When this hex is cleansed or blessed, the effects linger for 12 seconds and all survivors are hindered for 12 seconds but gain a 10% increased generator repair and healing speed.

When a Survivor is killed by your hands, and a Dull Totem is available, this Hex is rekindled.

Animal Insticts

Teachable Rake Perk

When injuring or downing a survivor, Animal Instincts activates. While active, the nearest Healthy Survivor's aura is revealed to you for 8/10/12 seconds.

Animal Instincts will deactivate when that Survivor is injured.

Contagious Malaise

Teachable Revenant Perk

Your sway over the minds of others causes weakness to spread like a disease. 

Survivors share Exhaustion to other Survivors within 8 metres, afflicting them all with the Exhaustion status effect for 30/40/50% of the duration from the original Survivor.

Alone In The Dark

Teachable Revenant Perk

You project a sense of overwhelming dread to Survivors. When hooking a Survivor, the furthest injured Survivor from you will scream, revealing their location and is affected by the Broken status effect for 30 seconds if there are no other Survivors within 32/24/16 metres.

Bleed For Me

Teachable Revenant Perk

You take great joy from injuring your favorite prey.

You become obsessed with one Survivor.

Whenever the Obsession loses a health state by any means, the Generator with the most Progression sparks, instantly losing 10/15/20 % of its Progression and starts to regress. Whenever the Obsession is healed and no longer injured, all Survivors currently repairing Generators are faced with a difficult skill check. Succeeding will grant that Generator 6/8/10% repair progress. Failing that skill check does nothing.

If the Obsession dies, the Generator with the most Progression sparks, instantly gaining 25% of its Progression.


General Killer Perk

Something about seeing those eyes... brings great dread.

Survivors that witness you within 16 metres will scream, revealing their location to you and interrupting any actions.

Ommetaphobia has a cooldown of 32/28/24 seconds for each Survivor.


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    AssortedSorting Member Posts: 949

    Marvelous Engineering

    Overpowered. To many uses for a single perk slot.


    Reword to " It's a quite life out here. I prefer it that way"

    Durable Generator: Restoration

    An Obsession Mechanic for Survivor objectives. I'd recommend using similar terminology to make the mechanic more transferrable between roles, from a user experience standpoint

    I'd also make this more of an effect while interacting with the obsession object. Not as a reward for completing it early. Leaves room for a Perk that can transfer this "Obsession"

    Trip Wire

    Instead of a Stun, reveal the Killers Aura for a duration.

    Bull Rush

    I've suggested as much before, but arguably no one likes being put into a position of uncontrollability, especially the role where it's implied you're in control.

    probably remove this.


    Sure. Make the pullup also cause a notification so it can more easily be balanced with loop layouts.

    Durable GenL TaN

    No perma trial buffs. Make it something like Grunts of pain are reduced completely when repairing and for a duration after (on a focused Objective)


    Remove the early entity block. It's a do or die. You dont get to cut it short.

    Weathered and Ruggadized

    Until Hinder becomes a staple debuff for Killers, I'd say no.


    Make a Med-kit spawn at the Totem, if all else, will need to consider the edge case in which a Surv already has an item

    Hard Reset

    remove perma buff.

    A skill-check being applied to all others is a bit unintuitive for soloQ. Consolidate the effect to the same Gen. The tell for a Killer is a Survivor that keeps going back to the same gen. How could you make that beneficial for an "Obsessions' Objective"?


    Easier to code if effects are applied on an action completion.

    Boon: Ghost in the machine

    Passive gen repair: No. It's a gimmick, and if ever made effective: uninteractive.

    Passive Gen regression protection: sure. Sounds should alert the Killer to a nearby Gen. (If not a permutation on the gen spark to alert the Killer that something is off)

    Shrine of Blood

    This seems OP in SWF and a pain in the arse SoloQ. Try not to include free health states with no input required.

    Durable Gen -Lightbringer

    So how does this stack if all Gens have this marked?

    Anyway, no passive buffs on Objective completion.

    -------------------Killer Perks-------------------------

    Sins of the many

    Unobservable for the majority and for the majority also a pain in the ass to derive. And when it does work feels like total ass, given that there is no solo counterplay.


    Remove the penalty for survivors when the obsession is Killed. The Obsession instead has reduced repair/healing speed for every Injured Survivor.

    Hex: Deed to the Land

    Block Vaults outside of the Hooked Survivor at a range of 48/40/32m

    No Cleanse effect, but isn't shown as a Curse until a Survivor is Hooked.

    Obsessed with you

    I don't like how this is more or less reliant on the Nemesis Perk (In name)

    Dark Web

    Only inside Terror Radius. I actually see this one being a potential Perk introduced as is.

    Hex: Always on Edge

    Remove skill-check condition. Make it occur periodically for any Survivor not in chase.

    Skill-check successes are normal.

    Static Charge -> Double Tap

    A Perk that reoccurs a Regression Event could be a possibility.

    Hex: Dry Winds

    Just make it so that Exhaustion does not decay while this Hex is active. Makes it useful against all Exhaustion Perks apart from just DH. Hexes being active from the start are a discussion for another thread.

    Deadly Attraction

    Kinda a dupe of a Nurse's Calling, with additional powercreep. Don't think it's necessary.

    Hex: Full Moon

    The seed for a Hex that must build up before activation is here. I don't think the effects are worth it though.

    Hex New Moon

    Dupe of the Dredge Nightfall. Scrap it.

    Animal Instincts

    Deactivation condition is pointless. On Down makes it a snowball Perk. Restraint it to On Injure, and make it Killer Instinct on nearest Survivor.

    Contagious Malaise

    No. Shisse for SoloQ. Also spreading Survivors is detrimental for Killer.

    Alone in the Dark

    All Survivors with no other Survivors nearby scream. No Broken Status.

    Bleed for Me

    Passive on Injure. Make it active on injur akin to Pop.


    Only for Survivors in an active chase. (To combat corner campers)