Crossover Chapter Concept: Psycho Break

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The contents of this discussion contain the ideas of the Chapter Concept: Psycho Break (Name can be changed)

A Crossover Chapter idea, which the contents include the characters 'The Keeper' Nicknamed "The Combination", and 'Sebastian Castellanos' from The Evil Within series.

The Keeper is a strategic killer with an arsenal. Having a total of 3 Abilities to his disposal, able to cycle through all 3 (using the Secondary Power button, and being able to use them using the regular Use Power button), at the cost of a cooldown between each. The Keeper’s 3 Abilities under his power are described below:

1. Barbed Wire Mines(Trap)

A trap similar to the bear-traps from The Trapper, thrown underhand and able to trap the survivor by having the trap initiate and releasing the barbed wire around the survivor’s foot, coiled tight, in which survivors may also attempt to free themself. Add-ons may include lethality, stealth, and amount of mines carried/restock speed. The avoidability of the mines is moderate, since they emit a bright red light at the top, along with the trap being able to be disarmed. However, this trap may be harder to avoid if placed in locations that are unpredictable, such as vault locations, pallet locations, etc. Barbed-Wire Mines are also limited to a certain number, so the killer must go to a locker in order to replenish more.

2. Meat Sack (Secondary Weapon)

The Meat Sack will feature as a secondary way to attack survivors, having The Keeper swing it above himself before charging forward and swinging it infront of him. There are two variants of this attack: a quick-charge, where the sack is spun once before hitting the survivor, putting the survivor into the Deep-Wound state, or the Full-Charge variant, which will take longer to initiate due to having to be spun three times, but will put the survivor into the Dying state. The downside to this attack method is that it can collide with its surroundings like walls and such, similar to Hillbillys’ & LeatherFaces’ Chainsaw, but is rather unavoidable in a close-ended chase. This ability can also preform Break actions on Pallets, if the Full-charge variant is used.

3. Safe Teleportation(Transport)

The Keeper is able to transport around the map using this special ability. Once initiated, the keeper will de-manifest from his current safe and teleport to the selected safe. The avoidability of this ability is Moderate, since survivors will get a visual and audio (but not directional) cue once The Keeper is manifesting into that selected safe, and that survivors will be able to see the killer before the killer sees them, similar to how the Demogorgon’s upside down power. Add-ons may have survivors within a certain distance of the selected safe suffer from various status effects, make the process of transporting to that safe Faster, or displaying a random safe manifesting a illusional killer, similar to The Nightmare’s addon.

As well as the Survivor, Sebastian Castellanos, who is a adept survivor from previous circumstances. 

Although the unique perks of the killer and survivor go undecided in this concept, the outfits are well decided.

For The Keeper, his Head, Body, and Hammer are able to be customized, and there can be color palettes representing bosses from The Evil Within series, such as a Beige body & Tan head palette for The Sadist, a yellowed-white Body & dark-grey head palette for the Laura boss, Etc.

And for Sebastian, who can have his Trench Coat variant, and Alternate Characters, such as Joseph Oda or Juli Kidman, if managed

And last, but not least, the Killer’s Mori.

As seen from the series, The Keeper can have 1 of 2 chosen animations as a mori. The first being him knocking a survivor down with his hammer as they try to stand back up, followed by him looking down at them as a eerie string arises, then to turn his hammer around and ram the sharp end into their face, then push them off in some way.

The second mori choice is The Keeper grabbing the survivor by the throat as they fully stand up, slam them on the ground, and smash the hammer into their skull twice, before standing back up. 

Footage of these references for the Mori(s) concept can be found on The Evil Within wiki site, under the Death Animation category.

Any concept in these provided sections may be modified or changed, if not suited for the specific measurements.

^ Edit notice:

It seems I’ve forgotten the Map concept! The various areas of which the map for the chapter concept chosen could be picked from may include the Beacon mental hospital, or anywhere other location from Krimson City, or from The Evil Within series that is suitable for a open or close-ended map.

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