[PC] - Flipping between characters during bloodweb loading breaks UI

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Step 1 : Open the bloodweb on any character

Step 2 : Complete the bloodweb and prompt a new web to generate

Step 3 : Quickly, before the level number appears, use the arrow-buttons along the bottom of the screen to swap to the next sequential character, then back to the original one you had just leveled.

Step 4 : Attempt to buy items on the bloodweb. You will now notice that one or two may purchase, but subsequent UI items will not prompt a hover response.

At this point, the menu UI has broken. Clicking will do nothing, including for the UI buttons along the left to swap between your bloodweb and loadout, etc... This can be temporarily fixed by using the same arrow keys along the bottom to swap between characters, however it appears to only "fix" the issue for one or two clicks, after which point the UI does not respond to mouse or keyboard input any further. The only way to properly fix this is to entirely re-launch the application.

I have a clip I recorded of this, which you may see here.

I would like to emphasize that this is not 100% reproducible, and may take several attempts to get the timing correct. Notably, for me, I know the bug has occurred if the sound of a bloodweb item filling (the 'sloshing/squishing' sound) plays on a constant loop. This sound can be heard at 6-7 seconds in my video clip.

Please let me know if there is any more info I can provide.

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  • glSlushie
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    I attempted to recreate this, following the same steps, and I was able to receive the same error, it didn't let me purchase anymore nodes in the bloodweb afterwards. Re-launching the game did fix this error.